The Policies of Pakatan Rakyat

The Policies of Pakatan Rakyat that was unanimously adopted today at the 1st Pakatan Rakyat Convention at Auditorium MBSA, Shah Alam.

The Policies of Pakatan Rakyat

  1. Transparent and Genuine Democracy

    1. Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law
    2. Separation of Powers
    3. A Clean, Free and Fair Electoral System
  2. Driving a High Performance, Sustainable and Equitable Economy

    1. High-Performance Economy
    2. Democratic and Transparent Economy
    3. Decentralisation and the Empowerment of the State Economic Management
    4. Affirmative Action Policies based on Need
    5. Labour
    6. Social Safety Net
    7. Housing
    8. Infrastructure and Public Facilities
    9. Environment
    10. Sustainable Growth and Green Development
  3. Social Justice and Human Development

    1. Unity and Social Justice
    2. Religion
    3. Education
    4. Women and the Family
    5. Youth
    6. Security
    7. Healthcare
    8. Culture
  4. Federal-State Relationship and Foreign Policy

    1. The Federal System
    2. Sabah and Sarawak
    3. Foreign Policy


Pakatan Rakyat hereby put forward a policy agenda to lead the people and this nation out of the current worsening crisis.

The people’s development agenda has been derailed due to a narrow understanding of race, divisive hate politics and authoritarianism. The recessive economy caused by the loss of moral conscience, the greed of corruption and archaic policies are causing Malaysia to be left behind compared to other vibrant economies in the region.

The unjust economy is all the more apparent in the widening gap between the rich and the poor, between the urban and the rural population, and between the Peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak.

The rising crime rate threatens lives and property because the police force has been used for narrow political ends. The integrity and independence of the judiciary continues to be damaged by political interference and business interests.

After half a century of sovereign independence, Malaysia should have matured. This should have been realised when the people from various races, breaking down narrow and obsolete mindset, and manifest a new spirit to reject the perversion of power, the spread of corruption, the plunder of the nation’s wealth and the repression of the people’s rights.

In appreciating the people’s aspirations, Pakatan Rakyat therefore declares our commitment to fully internalise and carry out an agenda of new politics by mobilizing the people’s power from the various races, religions and cultures as one force.

Further, we have confidence; we can change our policy framework from narrow racial approach to principles based on religious faiths, humanism, ethical and human rights, and equality before the law regardless of status, race or group. The policies that are derived from adherence to the Constitution and universal principles of justice will safeguard the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, which in turn will guarantee that the human rights and dignity of the people will continuously be defended and upheld.

Pakatan Rakyat is confident that the Malaysian economy can be driven at a faster pace through a market based economy that is humane, leading towards a more holistic human development. Economic policies should make Malaysia competitive, maintain a healthy investment climate, implement progressive taxation, but firm in its desire to realise justice through the equitable economic distribution especially for the poor and marginalised.

Pakatan Rakyat rejects policies that allow for corruption and other financial crimes and abuse of power. In order to ensure sustainable growth, oppressive policies that had only enriched the few should be replaced with a policy that ensures that the poor are assisted regardless of race.

As such, we invite the Malaysian people to create a new consensus that is founded on principles of justice for all and Constitutionalism. This is the agenda that must be done if we are to regain the nation’s respect, freedom and dignity. Only by providing justice for all can the people live prosperously and in unity.

  1. Transparent and Genuine Democracy

    1. Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law

      The Federal Constitution is the manifestation of the aspirations and hopes of the independent Malaysian people. Within it, the fundamental rights of every citizen including rights to religion, language, citizenship and culture are fully guaranteed. Therefore, Pakatan Rakyat commits to uphold the spirit and provisions of the Federal Constitution.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Defend the Federal Constitution, Islam as the religion of the Federation while other religions can be practiced peacefully anywhere in the country and protecting the special position of the Malays and the indigenous peoples anywhere including Sabah and Sarawak, and the legitimate interests of other races in accordance to Article 153.

      2. Defend the role and responsibility of the institution of Constitutional Monarchy.

      3. Uphold the use of Bahasa Melayu in accordance to Article 152 of the Constitution and promote Bahasa Melayu as the regional lingua franca, while protecting and strengthening the use of mother tongue languages for all races.

      4. Abolish the Internal Security Act and other laws that allow for detention without trial while simultaneously propose that all existing emergency declarations are rescinded.

      5. Abolish or amend all other oppressive laws and regulations that are repressive and contravene fundamental rights.

      6. Guarantee the spirit of Federalism and a just relationship between the Federation and states especially Sabah and Sarawak.

    2. Separation of Powers

      The effectiveness of the democratic system is dependent on the proper implementation of separation of powers. The integrity of a government is dependent on the independence, credibility and legitimacy of its institutions that have been entrusted to ensure checks and balances between the branches of the executive, judicial and legislative.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Restore the integrity of the judicial system and guarantee transparency and full independence of the Judicial Appointment Commission.

      2. Restructure the workings in Parliament to make it more transparent, democratic and able to perform its role to check and balance.

      3. Guarantee the direct accountability to Parliament of bodies such as the Election Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, Human Rights Commission, Petronas, Khazanah and others.

      4. Ensure that the appointment of positions such as the Inspector General of Police, the Attorney General, the Anti-Corruption Commissioner and the Auditor General requires the approval of Parliament.

      5. Create a National Ombudsman Department.

      6. Strengthen local government democracy and democratically enhance the competency and effectiveness of the delivery system and guarantee transparency at all levels.

      7. Free all media, amend the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, enact a Freedom of Information Act and ensure Internet freedom.

      8. Enhance the performance of public service sector and ensure the welfare of its members. Ensure that the institution remains independent and able to perform its responsibilities competently.

      9. Empower and enhance civil society. Increase the participation of people through dialogues and consultations.

    3. A Clean, Free and Fair Electoral System

      The tarnished electoral system must be restored of its integrity. The sovereign power of the people to choose the country’s leadership must be defended from any defects that allows for manipulation. Therefore it is important for us to review all the relevant electoral laws.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Enable all citizens age 18 and above to vote via automatic registration.

      2. Eliminate all weaknesses in the electoral system by cleaning the electoral roll; abolish postal votes for voters within the country, ensure all citizens outside the country can vote; and introduce the use of indelible ink.

      3. Ensure the media provides political parties fair and just space, reasonable campaign period and a clean and free election process.

      4. Re-delineate constituencies to mirror the principle of One Citizen, One Vote in order to guarantee a more fair and just representation.

      5. Grant political parties campaign expenditures based on the percentages of votes in general elections.

      6. Enact more effective laws to punish candidates or political parties that are involved in corruption or vote-buying practices.

  2. Driving a High Performance, Sustainable and Equitable Economy

    Pakatan Rakyat is determined to create a national economy with high performance and sustainable growth. To ensure national competitiveness, it is critical that effective distribution of national resources and wealth in key and strategic fields or sectors of the economy.

    Stimulating local investment and generating strong domestic demand as well as attracting continuous foreign direct investments will foster an economy that is progressive and resilient.

    Pakatan Rakyat is committed to create a ‘People’s Economy’ to ensure prosperity and wealth generated will be reaped by people of all classes. Whilst reducing the gap between rich and poor, as well as overcoming the disparity of development between regions, as a consequence of mismanagement that failed to prioritise the interests of the majority.

    1. High-Performance Economy

      The basis of a high-performance economy is a workforce that is knowledge-based, competent and highly-skilled. Pakatan Rakyat will provide all necessary investment to produce a high-productivity workforce in order to boost high-added value in national economic activities.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Guarantee opportunities of higher education and training based on competency are provided in all service, manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

      2. Ensure every worker who wants to improve his or her skills is given an opportunity to obtain continuous training to enhance productivity.

      3. Encourage citizens who are professionals and skilled living overseas to return home by creating a professional and attractive work environment.

    2. Democratic and Transparent Economy

      Pakatan Rakyat is committed to implement policies to ensure management of the economy is free from corruption, abuse of power and cronyism in order to enhance accountability, transparency and good governance.

      Corrupt practices and abuse of power has dissipated national wealth and prevented sustainable economic growth and weakened national competitiveness.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Reform the tender system so that it becomes open, fair, transparent, and gives the best value for the people’s money.

      2. Reject privatisation which burdens the people. Re-negotiate unfair concessions and contracts that profitted cronies, including IPPs, highway tolls and water infrastructure.

      3. Implement a progressive taxation system and reject any taxes that burden the people. This includes putting a stop to the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) until the people and the country are ready for it.

    3. Decentralisation and the Empowerment of State Economic Management

      In keeping with the spirit of federalism to improve the government’s delivery system, effectiveness and efficient expenditure, the implementation of extensive development and economic policies will be needed to be devolved to the state governments according to respective priorities.

      Decentralisation can motivate structural change in the economic framework to boost efficiency and productivity due to greater effectiveness in expenditure, besides higher multiplier effects for government expenditure in the national economy.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Implement grants for development and equalisation based on a formula of total population, poverty rate, development area, cost, human development and gross revenue per capita indices that will ensure that the poorer states are not left behind.

      2. Redistribute economic and administrative power and the implementation of infrastructure works to the state governments, for example an equitable negotiation rights in ascertaining public transportation design and network.

      3. Generate a more balanced geographical development, thereby creating productive secondary cities nationwide in order to reduce development centralisation in the Klang Valley.

      4. Prioritising policies that generate high and long term growth, based on an economic understanding where the state governments are in a better position to determine and implement socio-economic strategies.

    4. Affirmative Action Policies Based on Need

      Pakatan Rakyat recognises that all Malaysians are entitled to assistance based on need regardless of background. Pakatan Rakyat is determined to make the national economy people-centred, so that the national wealth can be enjoyed equitably by all.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Ensure equitable economic assistance and distribution to all based on need.

      2. Assist marginalised groups from all races.

      3. Provide cash assistance directly to target groups to end hardcore poverty.

      4. Provide education scholarships based on need and merit.

      5. Ensure social mobility by guaranteeing more equitable and equal economic opportunity for all.

      6. Use the savings from leakages and wastage and the fight against corruption as additional resources for programmes to eradicate poverty.

    5. Labour

      Labour is the foundation to the continuous prosperity of the nation. Pakatan Rakyat will guarantee that all Malaysian workers will be treated justly and further ensure their welfare and prosperity be preserved.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Introduce minimum wage for all Malaysian workers.

      2. Defend workers’ rights to form trade unions according to their needs and choice; and ensure that they are given the same rights and protection in accordance with international standards.

      3. Introduce an Equal Opportunity Act to ensure that work opportunities are open to all.

      4. Support entrepreneurs and businessmen of Small and Medium Enterprises by providing access to loans, adequate infrastructure and further reduce bureaucracy.

      5. Facilitate assistance to fishermen and farmers to drive increased productivity.

      6. Re-structure an integrated foreign workers policy and reduce national dependence on foreign labour.

      7. Provide support system to groups involved in the informal economic sector such as small businesses, hawkers, farmers and those who are self employed.

    6. Social Safety Net

      All Malaysians are entitled to enjoy life with dignity at all times. Those who have lost their income, the elderly, the disabled and low-income groups must be protected and also given the opportunity to enjoy the economic benefits of development.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Strengthen the Employees’ Provident Fund system and introduce a pension scheme for private sector employees.

      2. Set up a National Retrenchment Fund to provide temporary financial support to those who have lost their jobs, subsidy for on-the-job training and retraining of workers

      3. Extend the retirement age to 60 years in order to provide opportunities to those who wish to continue contributing to society.

    7. Housing

      Housing is a basic human need. In reality, a large number of Malaysians could not, without assistance, afford their own housing especially those from the lower and middle income.

      Therefore Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Set up a Perbadanan Perumahan with the mandate to increase the number of affordable housing and achieving the goal of One Family, One House.

      2. Overcome the problems concerning ‘squatters / urban settlers’ as far as possible through in situ housing development and/or land sharing and through low interest loans to assist the squatters/urban settlers to purchase their own houses.

      3. Coordinate a negotiation system between ‘squatters / urban settlers’, developers and the authorities to achieve a win-win solution for matters concerning housing and land;

      4. Providing assistance to upgrade low-cost houses and Projek Perumahan Rakyat in order to meet the increased number of household occupants;

      5. Invest in public amenities in the apartment surroundings to ensure a balanced and healthy environment.

      6. Encourage transparency and competition in the financial sector in order to make housing loans more accessible and affordable.

      7. Cooperate with state governments to safeguard housing policy and ensure that affordable housing is provided for those in need.

    8. Infrastructure and Public Facilities

      Providing and maintaining good public infrastructure is the government’s responsibility. The implementation should not burden the people or merely profit certain cronies. Good public infrastructure and facilities can increase the people’s disposable income and their productivity.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Guarantee clean water and electricity at reasonable rates to every family in Malaysia.

      2. Review and re-negotiate all highway toll agreements and study the possibility of purchasing back the PLUS highway with the objective to eliminate tolls in 7 years.

      3. Improve the efficiency of the public transport system through the establishment of the Commission of Public Transport which comprises of government and community representatives.

      4. Introduce a half fare scheme for elderly citizens, the disabled, students and retirees for all types of public transport.

      5. Re-assess the granting of taxi permit to large companies and prioritise individual entrepreneurs and their associations.

      6. Provide efficient broadband internet service for free in order to reduce the digital divide.

    9. Environment

      Our environment is a national treasure that must be preserved for the sustainability of the future generations. Facing crisis of climate change, Pakatan Rakyat resolves to:

      1. Entrench the practice of recycling as part of our culture by providing the necessary infrastructure and a comprehensive system.

      2. Ensure all logging activities and deforestation are carried out in a controlled and sustainable manner.

      3. Build the foundation and technological expertise to enable a smooth transition to the use of alternative energy resources.

      4. Restrict the development at hill slopes and hazardous areas.

      5. Reduce carbon emission rate to conform with international standards and increase the ability of the ecological system to absorb carbon.

    10. Sustainable Growth and Green Development

      Pakatan Rakyat is determined to make the green economy as the core of a new era of equitable and sustainable prosperity for Malaysia. The provision of infrastructure and development of new industries in line with the transition to a green economy will become an engine for dynamic economic growth.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Introduce modern, comprehensive and appropriate infrastructure for a low carbon economy, including a world-class, integrated public transport system and a comprehensive recycling programme.

      2. Develop industries based on green technology such as manufacturing solar panels and hydrogen cell fuels.

      3. Lead the development of alternative energy systems and renewable energy in the Asian region.

      4. Strengthen the agriculture sector with the latest methods and technology to ensure that the national food supply is secured.

  3. Social Justice and Human Development

    1. Unity and Social Justice

      Pakatan Rakyat resolves to foster understanding and unity among the people based on the principle of preserving our common interests. National unity must reflect a genuine solidarity, understanding and togetherness between the races, cultures and religions. Pakatan Rakyat promises to rebuild a united multiracial society, where different races can live in peace and harmony.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Focus on efforts to mend the deteriorated relationships between the races and religions.

      2. Consolidate the efforts of all stakeholders in order to restore the good will, mutual respect and trust which have long been practiced by the multi-racial and multi-religious people of Malaysia.

      3. Enact a Race Relations Act to safeguard unity and harmony of the people and to eliminate discrimination between the races.

      4. Generate support from every level of the society so that it can hold fast to all the principles and norms that should be upheld by an open society.

      5. Strive to eliminate the practice of racial politics through various means including education, mass media, dialogues and consultations.

      6. Cultivate a Malaysian culture based on moral values and excellence that is accepted by all races. This will require an open attitude towards cultural diversity that is practiced by the various races and ethnic groups in Malaysia. Pakatan Rakyat will do this whilst taking consideration the country’s history and evolution.

      7. Improve the welfare of Orang Asli, Orang Asal and other minority groups in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak besides defending their fundamental, economic and social rights.

    2. Religion

      Religion and other beliefs practiced by Malaysians should form the basis of unity that is founded on good universal values. Malaysians have almost fallen into the boiling pot of discord and tension that was caused by manipulation of religious differences. This should not happen in a genuinely democratic Malaysia, with Islam occupying a special position whilst the rights of other religions are guaranteed.

      Pakatan Rakyat vows to:

      1. Defend the position of Islam as the religion of the Federation and guarantee freedom of religion for every Malaysian.

      2. Organise dialogues and consultations between cultures and religion in order to strengthen the understanding between them.

      3. Set up a comprehensive mechanism to provide just resolution to cases which involve the overlap of civil and Syariah laws, including a Royal Commission to deeply study all the relevant issues.

      4. Strengthen the management of Islamic institutions such as Baitul Mal and Tabung Haji to ensure that they are administered effectively and efficiently to achieve their objectives.

      5. Ensure suitable areas for places of worship and burial grounds for all religions.

    3. Education

      Education should be aimed at creating a person who is balanced spiritually, physically and intellectually. Through the national education system, Pakatan Rakyat resolves to provide a system of education that is competent, high quality and guarantees equal opportunity to the people.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Make the national school system as the foundation of the nation’s education system. Ensure the equitable support and funding to religious schools, Chinese and Tamil national schools, mission schools and vocational schools in a concerted effort to increase the standard of national education.

      2. Balance the emphasis from an examination-oriented system to a learning system based on critical and analytical thinking in search for the truth.

      3. Ensure that every eligible student will have an opportunity to be placed in public institutions of higher learning regardless of their backgrounds.

      4. Amend the University and University Colleges Act 1974 in order to create a conducive climate that guarantees academic freedom and university autonomy which increases the quality of education comparable with developed countries.

      5. Ensure the appointment of vice chancellors, rectors, and other high ranking academic officials are based on qualification and approval of the Senate Council.

      6. Improve the quality and facilities of disadvantaged schools in the interior parts of Sabah and Sarawak;

      7. Increase the quality of teachers’ education at every school level and increase the number of trained teachers based on demand.

      8. Provide a high level of training opportunities for teachers and lecturers so that their knowledge and professional expertise are up to date.

      9. Re-examine the teachers’ service scheme and increase incentives for those who teach in the rural areas.

      10. Provide scholarships based on merit and other financial aid based on need with priority given to poor students from the rural and interior areas.

      11. Emphasise the importance of students mastering various languages including English, Arabic and Mandarin as leading languages in the world and also other mother tongues.

      12. Provide places and training for those who drop out of school.

      13. Widen the scope of the National Accreditation Board to monitor and propose the recognition of certificates, diplomas and degrees both local and international which fulfill the acceptable academic standards including the UEC certificate and Diploma Muadalah (twinning).

    4. Women

      Pakatan Rakyat believes that policies which reflect respect, recognition and understanding of the status of women and their potential can ensure the future wellbeing of the nation. This comes from the fact that women constitute half of the national population; hence their participation in the national development process must not be neglected.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Enact an Act to ensure women obtain just treatment in all fields.

      2. Emphasise to increase the Women Workforce to 60% within 10 years compared to 46% in the past 20 years.

      3. Provide 30% women representation in all political and government leadership levels.

      4. Combat domestic violence by institutionalising heavier punishment for offenders and ensure the effectiveness of crisis centres in every hospital and police station.

      5. Ensure the creation of support systems and assistance such as childcare centres and others for mothers working in the government and private sectors.

      6. Provide aid to ease the family burden of poor and needy single mothers.

      7. Take into account gender perspective when drafting the national budget and policies.

      8. Introduce gender sensitisation programmes into the school curriculum.

      9. Recognise the role of homemakers in strengthening the family institution and their contribution to national and community development.

    5. Youth

      The future and prosperity of a nation rests on their youths as the succeeding generation. Hence, it is important that youths are given adequate space and support so that they can fulfill their roles in the future.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Ensure opportunity, equality and fairness for youths from all communities to realise their self potential.

      2. Ensure that no youth will end his education without the opportunity to obtain adequate vocational qualification or training to contribute towards a high-skilled national economy.

      3. Recognise the important role and contribution of youths through the frank dialogues with youth movements, especially on important issues concerning their lives and the national future.

    6. Security

      There is an increase of crime and sense of insecurity in the country when Malaysians should be entitled to feel safe and free from constant criminal threats. Pakatan Rakyat is determined that the police is better managed, trained and supervised in order to make them more focused on their primary responsibility to ensure that every area and all Malaysians are secure and safe.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Make the police independent and professional and revert to their original mission of crime prevention and ensuring public safety.

      2. Review the deployment of the police personnel so that there is adequate workforce assigned to combat crime.

      3. Provide the police with the latest equipment and training in the effort to combat crime.

      4. Implement all recommendations of the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Police, including IPCMC and the improvement of the welfare of police personnel who have contributed to the country.

      5. Improve the working conditions of the police force especially at the lower levels in order to improve performance and morale.

      6. Strengthen the role of communities in combating and preventing crime through community programmes.

      7. Handle strategically and effectively the social problems that are the root cause of crime.

    7. Healthcare

      Every Malaysian is entitled to enjoy the best public healthcare at an affordable cost. Therefore, public healthcare services should be strengthened, thereby ensuring good healthcare for the people.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Establish a National Healthcare Commission with the aim of improving the quality of public sector healthcare to a standard comparable with private sector healthcare.

      2. Ensure a public healthcare service that is efficient, extensive and of high quality to all Malaysians, at an affordable rate.

      3. Increase incentive schemes for medical staff at public hospitals.

      4. Monitor stringently all healthcare fascilities that have been privatised to protect the public interest.

    8. Culture

      Diversity is a fact of the national socio-culture, an expression of the plurality of our society comprised of major ethnic groups, clans and territories.

      As such Pakatan Rakyat takes the responsibility of cultivating and enhancing the potential of this diversity whilst rejecting any form of hegemony of one culture in preference to other cultures. This approach is in line with the original spirit of Merdeka and needs to be expanded into a New Cultural Consensus (Muafakat Kebudayaan Baru), moving on from the National Cultural Policy of 1971.

      The three main challenges are:

      1. Ensure the freedom of expression and artistic creation through all media.

      2. The right to conduct performance or art-cultural shows without restrictions – with the realisation that each artist has responsibility to himself/herself and society.

      3. The ties with our traditional cultural roots should be strengthened whilst remaining open to accept elements of other cultures from any race, continent and belief that display universal traits.

  4. Federal-State Relationship and Foreign Policy

    1. The Federal System

      The rights of states to make decisions according to their own requirement on development strategy must be respected. The foundation of this right is an adequate financial allocation to states that is based on their contribution to the Federation and the people’s needs.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Guarantee to the state governments, a royalty of 20% from petroleum income with an aim to eradicate poverty.

      2. Return part of the tax collection from each state based on an equitable distribution.

      3. Increase the capitation grants for states.

    2. Sabah and Sarawak

      The spirit of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 will form the foundation for a just relationship between the Federation and Sabah & Sarawak. By restoring the balance of power that has been concentrated with the central government, Pakatan Rakyat promises to make a fair and open assessment of the principal issues that are preventing political and socio-economic progress in both states in East Malaysia.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Guarantee Sabah and Sarawak’s wealth are enjoyed fully by their people by the provision of 20% royalty from their petroleum income.

      2. Set up a Royal Commission to find the best resolution of the immigrant issue.

      3. Guarantee the Native Customary Land Rights are not violated by any party.

      4. Stop immediately the oppression against those living in the interior areas caused by unethical economic activities.

    3. Foreign Policy

      Malaysia’s leadership among nation-states of the world must be enhanced. It is our aim frame a foreign policy based on the universal principles of justice, resolution through negotiations and inter-civilisational dialogues for security, peace and prosperity.

      Pakatan Rakyat will:

      1. Protect national interests by becoming a responsible member of the world by respecting fundamental rights, democratic principles and upholding understandings, agreements, declarations and international law, in line with principles of justice.

      2. Active in leading inter-civilisational dialogues.

      3. Strengthen diplomatic and international trade cooperation with regional partners especially ASEAN members.

      4. Further strengthen Malaysia’s role in international organisations.

  1. #1 by Lee HS on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 1:17 am

    This is a masterpiece fro Malaysia promulgated by PR. Hopefully this will brings Malaysia back to its glory.

  2. #2 by frankyapp on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 2:35 am

    Wow wow wow,it’s very pretty impressive policies by Pakatan Rakyat. Frankly I won’t ask for any thing more except,there’s hardly any free medical for the middle and low income earners.Fair or affortable charges could be anything which might be beyong the poor rakyat’s income.Oh yeap,also,there’s nothing about bringing the costs of daily basic needs(food products) of the rakyat in Sabah and Sarawak and P.Malaysia on the same level.Hey why no guarantee citizenship for genuine Sabahans and Sarawakians who are unfortunately do not process an original birth certificates..There are thousands of applicants still waiting for approval by the Federal government presently and a substantial number have been waiting already for nearly a decade. Over all it’s a great policies ,it needs patroitic political strong will power to carry them all out.Now it’s just the talk.I think we ought to give PR a chance in the 13th GE to prove to us the rakyat that they (PR) can turn talk to walk (action). In a nut shell, they mean what they say.

  3. #3 by -ec- on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 4:41 am

    where is the policy on race based quota system?

    where is the policy on inter-party conflict resolution?

  4. #4 by boh-liao on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 7:19 am

    Wah, defend this n that, abolish this n that
    Restore, restructure, guarantee, create, amend, free, improve, stop this n that
    So many changes, too much freedom 2 choose
    Kepala pusing lah, sure ppl can handle all this ah
    Some more, no chance 2 gasak corrupt $$ based on race politics, how can life go on?
    Got sense ah? Can or not? Takut oh

  5. #5 by boh-liao on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 7:30 am

    R d three strange political bedfellows/animals sincere in working together 4 1M’sia?
    Frame this document properly
    Next day, which may not be too far fr today, when they stab/hentam each other
    N call each other names that shock even d deads
    We can then all hv a good larf over it n say, PR, yuck!
    Or can they prove us all wrong that d sun can indeed rise fr d west?

  6. #6 by k1980 on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 7:55 am

    1malaysia? Now unmo demands that it replaces Ah Koon be replaced as Penang BN chief and the CM post. Will Ah Koon join Parti Cinta Malaysia ( Malaysian Love Party) with Chua Ah Lek and Angela Yam?

  7. #7 by Godfather on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 11:07 am

    A.yam has been kept in a closet overseas so that she could not be called as a witness to a sexual crime. It’s a crime if the perpetrator quits MCA and joins the opposition. It’s not a crime otherwise. This is the justice system in Bolehland.

  8. #8 by chai on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 11:41 am

    this is very good policy! cheerrr PR! hope will implement smoothly and toward putrajaya. we will waiting up coming election to kick out BN

  9. #9 by Dipoh Bous on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 12:10 pm

    Goog morning my beloved Malaysian ( I mean ALL Malaysians).

    Since this is Sunday ( it’s a holiday for me), I just read through the PR’s policies ( the printed lines, I mean).

    There are quite a few things I’d like further explanation but I leave that to other days.

    Right now, I just want to enjoy my warm beer with great music ( alone of course…)

  10. #10 by voice on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 1:11 pm

    PCM more like Party Communist Malaysia for me

  11. #11 by Shatter on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 1:14 pm


    A historical MOMENT in the HISTORY!

  12. #12 by frankyapp on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 1:57 pm

    That’s the problem with malaysian politicians,forming new party to remain as top leaders. Never ever thought about contributing to country except thinking of themselves.Politicians should change their selfish attitude to something good for the future of the country first. All these politicians who are now forming party cinta malaysia for what,other than for themselves,I dare say it’s hardly nothing.If these fallout guys are sincere,they either should join PR or other BN component party.I think PCM is a tool of Umno,just to split the votes like always the case in Sabah and Sarawak where Umno/Bn purposely planted a couple of mosquito party to hit and run away some crucial votes meant for the opposition. Just like in Sabah the SAPP and LDP are traps set up by Umno/Bn especially to split the chinese majority votes in the urban areas to prevent DAP/PR victory.SAPP left BN simply to make way for Yong to return to state/parliament . Once done,SAPP would return to BN. If Yong is sincere,he should have joined PR.Similarly these PCM guys and some indian guys and,if they think country first,they should have joined the opposition.I’m pretty sure they know that a two political party system is the best for Malaysia should we want to see democray survive and freedom for all irespective of race,religion and culture.But what a shame,they choose not.

  13. #13 by undertaker888 on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 2:27 pm

    yay! PR will have my family votes for the next 2 terms.

  14. #14 by frankyapp on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 2:36 pm

    There’s a conspiracy between Umno/Bn and LDP/SAPP to prevent DAP victory for PR in the chinese majority urban contituencies in Sabah,Now Umno is hatching another plot in the kadazan/dusun/murut majority areas between Jeffrey kitingan to prevent PKR or DAP to win for PR in the 13 GE. Politically speaking this’s Umno/Bn good strategy to win in the next GE. At the same time.I hope PR must do something to rise up the voters in order to make a strong counter push on its opponent by a convining KO .Yeap an absolute victory is necessary to discourage any future conspiracy.

  15. #15 by limkamput on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 4:21 pm

    This Ham Chee Pen fellow now wants to be chairman of BN for Penang. Under his watch, a navy ship, while docked during peace time caught fire and was burnt beyond repair. I can’t imagine that ship is at war in the high sea. Now a fighter jet engine has gone missing. Hey, Idris, do you have any NRA or KPI for ministers that should be sacked each year. Sometimes I wonder why a capable person like you is wasting your talent doing all these nonsensical things.

    Idris, you mentioned about how you came to know about railcars not maintained and therefore not operational as if it is a great discovery. Hey, what nonsense is this? Do we not have managers and CEOs with big fat salaries that are supposed to take of things like this? So they need you to tell them huh, those railcars need to be repaired, and if there is no budget, they have to get the budget. Look, Idris, it is that simple; if they really think you are good and capable, why appoint you KPI minister? Why not appoint you minister of Home Affair or Transport Minister or Finance Minister. Let’s not be humble about it. I always think I can be a very good Finance Minster. So you should good enough to be any of the above.

  16. #16 by -ec- on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 6:41 pm

    the case of missing and illegal selling of the fighter jet engine should be investigated as an act of treason. how could this be possibly happened? if these people can today sell a fighter jet engine that protect the country, these people can sell anything, putting dangers to the country and our lives.

    there are obvious weakness in the defense ministry. lost of engines, lost of explosive c4, fire at the warehouse, fire in the submarine.

    a royal panel must be set up to take full investigation of the entire defense ministry. how could cases of such happened risking the country?

    there must not be the acts of low level staffs. some big fish must be involved.

  17. #17 by tenaciousB on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 6:58 pm

    Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi arrogance lately is intolerable ! Cane someone pull up his credentials, something not right with his title Dr. – he’s only a business graduate from UM.

  18. #18 by Jong on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 7:02 pm

    Congrats to Pakatan Rakyat on your 1st PR Convention and the adoption of ‘Policies for Pakatan Rakyat’! A right step forward!

    Let’s hope Pakatan Rakyat will walk the talk and Malaysians be convinced but how about Hasan Ali(PAS) and Zulkifli Noordin(PKR)?

  19. #19 by waterfrontcoolie on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 7:27 pm

    Now the Program is scheduled, please pick ALL your Candidates CAREFULLY for GE13 and you may still be able to deliver!!

  20. #20 by ekompute on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 7:29 pm

    Sounds like a good policy. Just hope that it doesn’t end up like a piece of decoration on the wall, just like the Mission Statement of many companies, worst still the Barisan Manifesto of 2004 that brought BN to a landslide victory that left Abdullah Badawi in Cloud 9 until the next general election.

    I am in the process of translating this article into Malay so that Malays who are not conversant with English can also read this article and have a better understanding of today’s Malaysia, rather than reading BN’s propaganda. I will also put a link to Wikipedia bahasa Melayu so that more members of the public can be made aware of this article.

    (Many thanks. The Bahasa Malaysia version is available as the English copy is a translation. Admin)

  21. #21 by yhsiew on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 7:31 pm

    With the launch of such ambitious goals, PR should come up with a slogan to outshine Najib’s 1Malaysia. 1New Malaysia or 1Malaysia Baru will be suitable.

    Although sloganeering won’t mean a thing without genuine effort to meet the goals set, yet from the psychology point of view, sloganeering does motivate people to look forward for a brighter tomorrow.

    1New Malaysia will certainly eclipse Najib’s 1Malaysia.

  22. #22 by storm62 on Sunday, 20 December 2009 - 8:01 pm

    commenter #15, someone with the nick ahbengkia have copy and pasted your comment at susan’s blog using your backside as his face….ha ha ha

    here the link :

  23. #23 by ekompute on Monday, 21 December 2009 - 4:26 am

    yhsiew :
    With the launch of such ambitious goals, PR should come up with a slogan to outshine Najib’s 1Malaysia. 1New Malaysia or 1Malaysia Baru will be suitable.

    1New Malaysia will certainly eclipse Najib’s 1Malaysia.

    Actually 1Malaysia is LKS’s “Malaysian Malaysia” paraphrased. LKS has been singing that tune for umpteen years, so it is not something new, as reflected by 1New Malaysia.

    But truth be said, “Malaysian Malaysia” will not go down well with the Malays. Many of them still believe that a “Malay Malaysia” will allow them to sit tight and reap the fruits of the non-Malays in Malaysia, like what UMNO can promise them.

  24. #24 by Dipoh Bous on Monday, 21 December 2009 - 10:20 am

    Syabas PR. Your policies sound TOO GOOD. When something sounds too good, will it be possible to implement it?

    The part that really attracts my attention is the one that touches on religion [ article 3(B.i) ] which says….
    (i) Defend the position of Islam as the
    religion of the federation and
    guarantee freedom of religion for
    every Malaysian.

    My question is….

    “Does it mean that EVERY Malaysian will be free to choose a religion of his/her choice?”

    If PR could do that, I believe more inter-marriages among muslims and non-muslims will take place. At present, if one (non-muslim) marries a muslim one has to embrace Islam. That was the reason why I was not married to a muslim women before! You see, while other Malaysians are free to choose any religion of their choice, our muslim friends do not have that freedom.

    I wonder how PR is going to achieve that. Perhaps PAS and keADILan have finally become ‘democratic’ as Pakatan Rakyat should be? :)

  25. #25 by Godfather on Monday, 21 December 2009 - 10:45 am

    “….provide scholarships based on merit….and on need…..”

    Yesterday, Telekom took out a full page ad in the mainstream papers listing out the scholarship/study loan defaulters. The total number of defaulters were at 178. Non-Malays number 14 or 8 pct of the defaulters, which means that the Malay defaulters were at 92 pct.

    Every year, we have this huge hoo-ha over the JPA scholarships, about how unfair the distribution was, etc. Now, the Telekom breakdown above shows another glaring injustice which has gone unnoticed – how opaque the GLCs have been in awarding loans and scholarships as an extension of government policy. Will Telekom or Tenaga or Sime Darby tell us what the racial breakdown is for their scholarship awards ? Will they be transparent ?

  26. #26 by Dipoh Bous on Monday, 21 December 2009 - 1:21 pm

    …. I am still waiting for the response to the comment that I wrote above (#24).

    ….if I can’t get the answer from the PR’s top guns ( as I predicted ) I will have to swallow the bitter truth that all those wonderfully drafted policies are just another heap of worthless papers ( ink included ) which should be TONGSAMPAHKAN !

    …dear me, I am beginning to consider my earlier stand of not voting in the coming GE.

  27. #27 by ekompute on Monday, 21 December 2009 - 8:38 pm

    #20 (Many thanks. The Bahasa Malaysia version is available as the English copy is a translation. Admin)

    Hahaha, seems like I am reinventing the wheel. Anyway, more websites means greater exposure of PR’s policy.

    Admin, if you read this, can you give me the link to the original Malay text so that I can compare my translation with the original?

    Seems like quite a mouthful to translate, what more to implement those policies. I would be happy if PR can implement 30% of those things.

  28. #28 by Loh on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 - 12:47 am

    The policy still talks about ensuring the welfare of a particular race. So, the same problems will appear later, in perhaps different form.

    Malaysia would have been a developed country if not because the government had to balance racial interest, and to play god in the process. Then unfortunately for the country, somebody pretended to be a member of the protected race. He championed the interest of that race against others and succeeded into polarising the country never seen before in the nation’s history. The NEWMalay champion is still uttering racist comments, though he had no Malay-blood, to champion Malay cause.

    The founding fathers of the three races agreed that 15 years was needed to ensure a level playing field for Malays. They crafted the definition of Malays in the constitution meant for a temporary use. 54 years after the special assistance provided to the Malays, the justification has now been changed from needs to justification of the country of origin of the ancestors. This should stop.

    UMNO will not stop harping on race issues. As the alternate government having seen the ills of race politics, Pakatan Rakyat should work towards abolishing any mention of race as a basis for assistance. It is communism that talks about the collective welfare of a class of people. It is communism to talk about the collective welfare of people classified by race or religion.

  29. #29 by ekompute on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 - 6:45 am

    “Then unfortunately for the country, somebody pretended to be a member of the protected race. ” — Loh

    LMAO, an Indian fighting to protect the Malay race. But truth be said, he has forsaken his grandfather’s roots long ago.

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