Election Warning Shot Sounded: Is the Opposition Prepared?

Koon Yew Yin
7th Dec 2016

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. There were two photos which came out in the media during the last few days which are worth at least two thousand words if not many more .

The first shows UMNO President sitting side by side with Dato Seri Awang Hadi, President of PAS. Although they were together at a rally to condemn the violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar support, the picture of Najib and top Umno leaders sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Barisan’s long time enemy shows clearly that the union of PAS and UMNO is only a matter of time. Not only that but the two parties are working secretly as well as openly together in their joint attempt to kill off the Malay and Islamic opposition.

This marriage of PAS and UMNO is no ordinary marriage. It is meant purely for both Najib’s and Hadi’s personal advantage. Both leaders have been guilty of the worst possible mistakes and scandals – Najib on 1MDB and Hadi with hudud. Both leaders, in the recent past, have shown that they could not give a damn about the plight of the Rohingyas. However, this time round, they have – in typical hypocritical fashion – decided that it was important for these two who have never shown any love for each other in the past to shower each other with hugs and kisses.

Both, also hope that by getting and staying in bed together for what may turn out to be more than a one night’s stand and which is now propagandized by the official media and Harakah as for the greater glory of Islam – that they can make Malays and Muslims forget all the problems that they have been responsible for, and the mess that they have created – Najib who is making Malaysians suffer from unprecedented corruption and power abuse; and Hadi in Kelantan who is making a basket case of the state and engaging in fanning religious division and disunity in the country.

The second picture shows an unprecedented gathering of the opposition leaders at the DAP National Convention lately. Included in the photo line up were the DAP’s leaders together with Dr. Mahathir of Parti Pribumi, Mat Sabu from Amanah and Wan Azizah from PKR. The presence of Dr. Mahathir especially in the photo has given hope to Malaysians that the old warrior can be the cement that can glue the opposition parties together in what may be the last chance for us to get rid of the chains of Najib and Barisan rule.

I am optimistic that, with the first picture, Malay Muslims will see through the mutual political hypocrisy and bankruptcy of Najib and Hadi. This will include UMNO and PAS loyalists who have kept quiet during the UMNO and PAS meetings but who are disgusted with their present leadership and will be looking for real change in the next election.

I am also optimistic that with the second picture, the Malaysian electorate will realize that the opposition is finally getting its act together and will go into the next polls as a united front.

The key to winning the next election is work, more work and even more work at the grassroots level starting from now.

All the opposition parties must put their differences aside and begin the constituency work right now. They must get the young party members to start going out into Felda constituencies. They must target the constituencies of UMNO and other BN top leaders. They must bring along videos and pamphlets showing the PM’s responsibility in 1MBD and how he has distributed millions to his UMNO cronies. They must show excerpts from UMNO’s recent elections in which Zahid claims that Najib has been chosen by Allah; Sharizat claiming that Najib is the best President that UMNO ever had. Even the most simple UMNO member will cringe at and reject this shameless display of boot-licking by the President’s men and their complete failure to attend to the many issues facing the Malay and Malaysian communities.

The opposition must strike now while the iron is hot. Get the best young presenters to do facebook, instantgram and you tubes presentations in the various languages, especially Bahasa. Get the key middle-level and grassroots leaders to begin campaigning now with these materials.
The media battle must begin now and all the necessary resources must be put into it, asap!

The laundry list of Najib and BN inflicted corrupt practices and abuse of power is a long one. The list of problems and suffering faced by Felda settlers and other kampung folk is also long.

There’s no need to wait for more. Focus on these two lists and have Dr. Mahathir, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and other Malay leaders lead the charge and I am sure that we will see a change in government.

Remember time and tide wait for no man or party. And that the nation cannot afford another round of Najib and BN rule.

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