Seven of the 13 seats carved out of the 12 State Assembly constituencies won by DAP in last general election are in “danger list” for the May 7 poll

This is the mid-point of the 12-day 11th Sarawak State General Election, and the four-prong strategy of the Sarawak Barisan Nasional campaign must not be underestimated as seven of the 13 seats carved out of the 12 State Assembly seats won by the DAP in the last general elections are in the “danger list” for the May 7 poll.

The four-prong strategy of the Sarawak Barisan Nasional election offensive are:

1. The Adenan effect.
2. The Najib effect.
3. Politics of Money.
4. Politics of Fear and Intimidation.

The Sarawak DAP strategy in the 11th Sarawak State General Elections are two-fold:

(I) to defend and win the 13 State Assembly seats carved out of the 12 DAP seats won in the last general elections; and to achieve a breakthrough by winning a few of the Dayak-dominated seats in the other 18 constituencies contested by the DAP;

(2) to prepare Sarawak DAP for a major plan to win the Sarawak State Government in the 12th Sarawak State General Election in 2021 if the DAP succeeds in demonstrating that it is not only capable of defending its state assembly seats in the urban areas in Kuching, Sibu, Sarikei, Bintangor, Bintulu and Miri but also to get support outside the urban areas like Tasik Biru, Mambong, Serian, Simanggang, Pakan, Mulu and Murum.

It would be a major setback if the DAP makes a breakthrough in the rural areas but suffers setback in the urban areas, by losing several of the 13 seats which had been carved out of the 12 DAP State Assembly seats.

Seven of these 13 seats are in the “danger list” in the mid-point of the campaign, and there is an urgent need for DAP supporters and voters to give fully mobilise and support Sarawak DAP’s five-year plan, together with other like-minded Sarawakians, to aim for Sarawak State power in the 12th Sarawak State General Elections in 2021.

In Batu Kitang, for instance, although the DAP candidate, Abdul Aziz Isa, is in the lead, there is the danger of the Barisan Nasional candidate slip in to grab victory because of split Opposition votes.

The challenge is whether the DAP election campaign machinery could reach out to all the Opposition voters of Batu Lintang to impress on them on the importannce of uniting their votes behind the DAP candidate and not to split their votes to allow the Barisan Nasional candidate to slip in.

Similarly, there should be a general mobilisation of support to ensure that the DAP can defend all the 13 seats carved out of the 12 DAP State assembly constituencies won in the last general election, to pave the way for the major DAP Sarawak plan for the 12th Sarawak general election to aim for Sarawak state power with a breakthrough by winning several Dayak-dominated seats on May 7.

(Media Conference Statement at the Meradong Operations Centre on Saturday, 30th April 2016 at 12 noon)

  1. #1 by boh-liao on Saturday, 30 April 2016 - 8:23 pm

    WHO cares if DAP or PKR wins or not
    Both r killing each other, while BN wins
    They fooled d voters n deserve 2 b terminated

  2. #2 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 30 April 2016 - 9:05 pm

    Actually, I do not get the Najib effect in Sarawak. He gets booed by 80% of Peninsula voter, he comes across sleazy, slimy and creepy even if he is Santa Claus dishing out goodies left and right..

  3. #3 by drngsc on Sunday, 1 May 2016 - 12:10 am

    Yes, we were fighting against great odds. All the 4 factors that you enumerated is not new. We were used to the unfairness ( bordering on criminality ), bribery, and lies. I suppose under the Najib effect, you also mean that not only is he bribing with money and positions but he is also bring in a whole team of ministers to bribe as well. Together with that, Najis has also instructed Adenan to bar bar and bar. Having said all that, we also shot ourselves in the foot with the PKR fiasco. How did we get into an agreement with some untrustworthy people? Have we not learned from the Selangor fiasco? Will we see a repeat of being snaked at GE 14? I am really quite upset. We spend so much time and effort and we got snaked, by “friends”. Tony is right. We have to move on. But it sure leaves a very bitter taste. We screwed up. However, on a more positive note, all the 4 factors can be neutralised. 1. With the Team Adenan is no different from team Peh Moh. They had 50 years. 2. Team Najis is a team of crooks and they have stolen RM 50 billion maybe more, which results in GST for survival. I am sure that you ll can elaborate. 3. Cash is KING. Take the money and vote for voice to check corruption. Corruption of money ( coffers ), corruption of education – schools with religious teachers from peninsular, corruption of lan, timber and contracts ( the team of tycoons in his team Adenan ). etc etc etc.4. Intimidation – banning and barring for no good reason. Non of the people barred had criminal records. If fact they are yang berhormat. What more, the barring is arbitrary ” ….if she ask politely, I will consider”? Anyway, I think you get the idea. Many of the candidates have bad track records. I know Sim Kui Hian well. He is my colleague and a slim ball when face with decision making.
    I wish you all all the best. I know that you are all working very hard to achieve the target. But we sure shot ourselves in the foot. I had to apologise to many supporters.
    God bless. All the best. 7 days to go. We are all praying and hoping.

  4. #4 by boh-liao on Sunday, 1 May 2016 - 10:53 am

    From previous records, Sarawakians r easily n readily fooled by BN
    For a few $$ here n there during erection time
    They fully deserve 2 suffer under d corrupt BN gomen
    Just like d entire nation

    Is Pakatan-ruled state any better?
    Front page, today, of Sunday Star: Secret in the hills.
    30ha hillslope close 2 d Teluk Bahang dam kena stripped n r@ped
    So m@ssive n glaringly obvious r@pe of d land
    Did LGE know abt dis?
    YES, salah; NO, also salah.
    So, WHO is or r behind dis stripping n r@ping?
    Corruption at high level ala UmnoB/BN’s style?

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