Adenan does not have to fear, as neither Chieng Jen nor Baru Bian will be the Sarawak Chief Minister on May 7th

Tan Sri Adenan Satem does not have to fear, as neither the DAP Sarawak Chairman Chong Chieng Jen nor the PKR Sarawak Chairman Baru Bian will be next Sarawak Chief Minister on Polling Day on May 7.

Only one person will be the Sarawak Chief Minister on May 7 – Adenan Satem.

The Gerakan Youth chief said yesterday that Chieng Jen or Baru Bian might be the next Sarawak Chief Minister.

May be the Gerakan Youth Chief, who is undoubtedly the chief political ignoramus among the Barisan Nasional leaders and members, is the only person in the country who believes in such garbage, but I wonder whether Tan Sri Adenan is not a bit influenced by him as causing Adenan to talk as if he might not be the Sarawak Chief Minister on May 7.

Adenan should have more confidence in himself, especially as I have honestly and sincerely said that his position as Sarawak Chief Minister on May 7 is utterly secure and completely unshakeable.

In fact, I would say that Adenan’s position as the Sarawak Chief Minister for the next five years is even more secure than Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s position as Prime Minister of Malaysia until the 14th Parliamentary General Elections in 2018.

The Sri Aman parliamentary seat is the 115th parliamentary constituency I am visiting since my six-month suspension from Parliament in October last year for demanding that Najib must not continue to avoid and evade responsibility and accountability for his twin mega scandals.

When I was suspended from Parliament, we were talking about RM2.6 billion donation and RM42 billion 1MDB twin mega scandals, but in a matter of six short months, we are now talking about RM4.2 billion “donation” scandal and RM50 billion 1MDB scandal.

This means a shocking escalation of 62% in Najib’s “donation” scandal and an increase of 19% in the 1MDB scandal in a matter of half a year while the two basic questions have continued to elude public accounting for the past six years – Where the billions of ringgit came from and where the billions of ringgit have gone to!

I am utterly shocked by two statements on the 1MDB scandal made by Sarawak Barisan Nasional leaders in the Sarawak state general election.

The first was the statement by the Sarawak Chief Minister, Adenan Satem that the 1MDB has no relevance to Sarawak and should not be an issue in the Sarawak state general election on May 7.

This is most shocking – imagine a global financial scandal which is continuing to shock the world capitals including Washington, London, Berne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canberra but Barisan Nasional leaders want Sarawakians as well as Malaysians to disregard it as it is none of their business.

Are we to accept and believe that the RM50 billion 1MDB and RM4.2 billion “donation” twin mega scandals are only concerns of Americans, Swiss, Britishers, Australians, Singaporeans or people of Abu Dhabi but of no concern to the people of Sarawak and Malaysia.

Let the voters of Sarawak vote on May 7 whether they agree or not!

But even more shocking is the second statement on 1MDB by the BN candidate for Dudong and MP for several terms Tiong Thai King who said something which is completely “out of this world” – blaming the Opposition for the 1MDB scandal.

DAP MP for Sibu, Oscar Ling, hit the nail on the head when he said it was ridiculous for Tiong to blame the opposition for the 1MDB scandal by failing to keep the government in check, reminding Ting he was serving Lanang MP from 2009 to 2013, the first four years when the 1MDB committed its worst scam involving tens of billions of ringgit against the people of Malaysia.

Is Tiong therefore claiming responsibility for the 1MDB global scandal, since he was Lanang MP from 2009 to 2013?

Can Ting explain why he dared not ask Najib to assume responsibility and accountability for the 1MDB scandal when the Prime Minister had visited Sarawak over 50 times before the present Sarawak elections?

If Ting dared not ask Najib about the 1MDB scandal a single time despite the Prime Minister’s over 50 visits to Sarawak, will Ting be more than a yes-man in the Sarawak State Assembly if he is voted as Assemblyman on May 7?

(Speech at DAP Sarawak State general election ceramah at Kampong Tingkak in Simanggang on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 12 noon)

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