Call on Sarawak voters to support DAP and Pakatan Harapan candidates as an appreciation for the life-long struggle of Wong Ho Leng and Karpal Singh for their commitment and sacrifices for a democratic and better Sarawak and Malaysia

Today is the second anniversary of the passing of DAP National Chairman, MP for Bukit Gelugor and life-long champion for democracy and human rights in Malaysia, Karpal Singh.

In another two months, we will sadly mark the second anniversary of the passing of another great Malaysian son who had also dedicated his life to promote democracy and human rights in Sarawak and Malaysia, as well as the constitutional rights of Sarawakians to autonomy in accordance with the Malaysia Agreement 1963 – Richard Wong Ho Leng, DAP Sarawak State Chairman and State Assemblymen for Bukit Assek.

This year marks the 38th anniversary of the formation of DAP in Sarawak and the 50th anniversary of the founding of the DAP in 1966.

For half a century, DAP leaders who have passed the test of time have proven that we are a breed of political leaders who are in politics not because of wealth, position or glory but because of our political convictions and ideals, even when we are subject to trials and tribulations like detention without trial, selective prosecution and persecution, protracted character-assassination in the mainstream media, etc.

Malaysiakini has just reported that DAP candidates will be facing at least half a dozen Chinese business tycoons and family members of wealthy timber merchants in Sarawak who will be Barisan Nasional candidates in the 11th Sarawak state general elections on May 7.

If general elections is a battle of money power, DAP will lose hands-down and we will not have survived half a century of political struggle to become the party of choice of Malaysians in the urban areas in Malaysia, whether Sarawak, Sabah or Peninsular Malaysia.

If the 11th Sarawak state general elections on May 7 is going to be decided by money power, it will be a disaster for Sarawak DAP, for DAP and Pakatan Harapan stand to lose in both our defensive and offensive strategies – in the case of DAP, defend the 12 seats we won in the 2011 Sarawak state general elections, or taking the offensive, making a political breakthrough by winning seats in the Dayak rural areas.

As I had said, if politics is about money power, DAP would have been wiped out from the Malaysian and Sarawak political landscape long ago, as the DAP and DAP leaders do not have money to compete with the financial juggernaut of the Barisan Nasiona/UMNO machinery.

Karpal Singh and Wong Ho Leng dedicated their lives not to making a fortune for themselves or to acquire titles or position, but to serve the people and country.

The 11th Sarawak state general elections will be an opportune occasion for Sarawak voters, on behalf of Malaysian voters, to record their appreciation for the sacrifices and the life struggle of Wong Ho Leng and Karpal by giving unstinting support to DAP and Pakatan Harapan on May 7 – as an encouragement to political leaders to dedicate their political life to principle and the people’s rights and interests and not for self-gain, whether in amassing personal fortune, position or glory.

The 11th Sarawak state general election is not an easy electoral battle for the Opposition, whether DAP or Pakatan Harapan because the Sarawak BN will be led by Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem, who has established himself as a very popular Chief Minister who believes that he could cut the DAP, PKR and Pakatan Harapan down to size on May 7.

In any event, Adenan’s re-election as Sarawak Chief Minister as head of the Sarawak BN state government after the Sarawak state general election is unchallenged, and the only question is whether Adenan could win the 11th Sarawak general election with two-thirds majority in the Sarawak State Assembly – i.e. with at least 55 State Assembly seats.

Pakatan Harapan has agreed to a one-to-one electoral contest against Barisan Nasional in the Sarawak state general election. Even with this Pakatan Harapan electoral understanding of one-to-one contest against the BN, it is going to be virtually an impossible mission to deny Adenan two-thirds majority in the State Assejbly on May 7, as Pakatan Harapan will have to win at least 28 state assembly seats.

The chances of denying the BN two-thirds State Assembly majority will be completely lost if the Pakatan Harapan electoral pact of one-to-one contest against Barisan Nasional is violated, as we will be destroying a win-win formula for a lose-lose formula.

When I was in Maduri yesterday morning, I urged Marudi voters to vote for the PKR candidate as the seat will be contested by PKR. DAP leaders, members and supporters will not undermine the chances of Pakatan Harapan candidates in any constituency, for we want Pakatan Harapan to win.

Similarly in the Mulu state assembly constituency, one of the 12 new seats in this election, which will be contested by DAP, all Pakatan Harapan leaders, members and supporters must be united with one single-minded purpose to achieve victory.

If this is the spirit which is shown by all leaders, members and supporters of Pakatan Harapan regardless of whether the candidate is from DAP, PKR or Parti Amanah, we can still hope to achieve the political miracle of denying Adenan two-thirds State Assembly majority.

Otherwise, we can forget about denying Adenan two-thirds State Assembly two-thirds majority.

In which case, what is it that we are trying to achieve in Sarawak on May 7?

(Speech at the opening of the Sarikei DAP election centre on Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 2 pm)

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