Bernard’s beheading open slap in Najib’s face as well as expression of utter contempt for the Asia-Pacific leaders gathering in Manila for APEC Summit

Malaysians mourn and grieve with the family of Bernard Then over the heinous and dastardly killing of their loved one by Abu Sayyaf terrorists who beheaded him after holding him hostage for six months following his kidnap at a restaurant in Sandakan on May 15.

The beheading of the Sarawakian on the day the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak arrives in the Philippines capital for a two-day Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Summit is not only an open slap in the face of the Malaysian Prime Minister, but a show of utter contempt for the Asia-Pacific leaders gathered in Manila for the APEC Summit.

With the backdrop of the senseless massacre by Islamic State (IS) suicide bombers and gunmen in Paris last Friday, leaving 129 dead and 350 injured, Bernard’s execution is a reminder that South East Asia, in particular Sabah, remains a very dangerous place and terrorism a grave threat to modern societies and human civilisations.

Najib should place Bernard’s barbarous and uncivilised execution on the agenda of APEC Summit for what human progress and APEC co-operation could APEC leaders be talking about in Manila when they could not even ensure Bernard’s safety and life.

Malaysian Parliament, for its part, should observe a minute of silence and outrage at the start of its meeting today and ensure that there is an urgent debate on the heinous and dastardly killing of Bernard by the Abu Sayyaf terrorists, where the Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein should inform the nation of the government’s response to the Abu Sayyaf terrorists on their latest outrage in Bernard’s execution.

Parliament should hold an urgent debate on Bernard’s beheading, which should be held by tomorrow, when a Parliamentary Select Committee on IS and terrorism should be set up so that the government could share information with all MPs regardless of party, to ensure a national consensus on the threats of IS and terrorism whether from Abu Sayyaf or other terrorist organisations.

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