Open Invitation to Najib to make a joint appearance at Bersih 4 rally where the Prime Minister can hold face-to-face dialogue with Bersih 4 organisers and principal supporters on the state of democracy in Malaysia

I will like to follow up on my suggestion yesterday that the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak should take the unusual and unorthodox initiative of co-operating with the Bersih 4 organisers to turn the Bersih 4 overnight rally on August 29/30 into a Human Rights Carnival or Festival, where the human rights of freedom of expression and assembly of Malaysians are celebrated rather than suppressed, which will make it an unique event and milestone in the 58th Merdeka Day Celebrations – not only in Malaysia but globally.

I wish to issue an Open Invitation to Najib to make a joint appearance at Bersih 4 rally where the Prime Minister can hold face-to-face dialogue with Bersih 4 organisers and principal supporters on the state of democracy in Malaysia.

The Prime Minister can be assured of full security and courtesy, as the police as well Bersih 4 organisers and principal supporters will ensure that the Prime Minister is not only safe but accorded the full courtesies and politeness which Malaysians show to their leaders and officials.

The Prime Minister’s dialogue with Bersih 4 organisers and principal supporters can be an historic occasion for Najib to do what he had failed to do in almost two months – to “tell all” about RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal accounts in AmBank in March 2013 just before the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of the 13th General Election, where the money came from, where the money have gone to, including the beneficiaries from the pay-outs from Najib’s personal accounts, how much each received, what is the balance of the funds remaining after all the pay-outs and the whereabouts of this remainder balance in the account.

Najib should know by now that there is no way to make the RM2.6 billion issue disappear into thin air, that in fact, over time, the issue can only loom ever larger to dominate the Najib record of good governance, integrity and anti-corruption with another major scandal – the 1MDB scandal.

The scandal of the RM2.6 billion in Najib’s accounts must be nipped without ado, if the Najib premiership is not going to be drowned in the waters of the RM2.6 billion and 1MDB scandal.

There is no better occasion to confront this demon in Najib’s premiership than for him to come clean and undergo an exorcism through a frank and no-holds-barred dialogue with Bersih 4 organisers and principal supporters on the state of democracy more than six years as the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 23 August 2015 - 12:45 pm

    I say to those who are hesitating or unenthusiastic to go to Bersih. There is no reason not to go..The only problem with Bersih is that there is a bigger distraction of the Najib-Mahathir fight, the gang war within UMNO.

    For most of us, we are not part of the bloodsport between Najib-Mahathir, we are spectator.. Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua who the original instigator of the problem of 1MDB that started the bloodsport that is happening, are merely side players in the specatcle now – and they are trying their darnest not to be.. The rest of us are completely just spectator, we don’t matter.

    So, by going to Bersih, at least you will be part of it the end-game in the end. So go ahead, be part of the end result, claim your scalps or you will not be able to later on..

  2. #2 by Sryn on Sunday, 23 August 2015 - 1:50 pm

    All of Malaysia hails Cleanliness.

    Every Malaysian matter.
    There is no such thing as a mere spectator. No one can force anyone to watch what we don’t want to see. All the arguments, threats, fear-mongering tactics and propaganda to release chaos and control people’s minds and thus, actions will not and cannot work if just one person walks away from something insightly, perhaps “kurang ajar.”

    We’ve all been through this- make a right decision from our hearts to the dismay, jeers and threats from so-called peers and friends who become more anxious and fearful as they lose their negative influence on you.

    Whenever we find courage to do the right thing, we are never disappointed.

    Malaysia continue to see people, even youths from all walks of life who seem oblivious to the simple self-responsibility to clean up after themselves: leaving junk, food and drink packages on tables, littering streets with tissue, plastic bags, old slippers and so on, but more Malaysians are now picking up after themselves, forming new groups with more positive peers and finding the courage within to walk away, knowing clearly, nothing and no one who is trying to weigh you down with threats and fear tactics, is worth giving any attention to.

    There is so much positive potential and outcomes waiting to be welcome into our lives, if only we would choose to do our own part for a cleaner world. Let’s go Bersih!

  3. #3 by Sryn on Monday, 24 August 2015 - 11:02 am

    Hi. I want everyone who sees this,
    to see how together, we can make a difference.

    The State government of Negeri Sembilan is attempting to seize the historical establishment of the Negeri Sembilan Chinese Recreation Club (N.S.C.R.C.) premises just years after seizing the NSCRC’s sports field next to the building under the so-called reason that “they” needed the land to expand the Seremban train station’s facilities. To this day, this reason has not materialised even though
    the NSCRC handed over the land, legally bought and beautifully maintained until the handover. After the handover of the NSCRC’s land, it was left vacant and unattended for years up until they recently expanded the MPS’s fields, and tried to plant new grass, over a few months until it was left once more, unattended and unmaintained.

    This brings the whole of Malaysia to the urgent need to question these forms of “requests” since the land was initially requested for the public transportation benefit- where is it?

    I, for one, my siblings and peers, grew up spending a lot of after school hours at NSCRC. Oftentimes, I would bring my friends along, regardless of their race, and at the time, no one even bothered if they were Malay and Indian, it was a place established on NS’s Chinese community’s support- our money, effort and hearts, for our communities, and everyone with good intentions were openly welcome to share in the use of every facility the establishment offered.

    We would read, practice our badminton serves prior to playing for our state (Yes, I played badminton and ping pong for Negeri Sembilan, ran, jumped and played volleyball for my school’s respective teams). Later, our children would swimming in addition to the list of recreational and community building activities at the Club.

    Since it is now clear that the initial reason given to seize that piece of historic land from the Malaysian Negeri Sembilan Chinese community is a blatant lie, isn’t it about time the state government did the right thing and restored its ownership to its rightful owners- the Negeri Sembilan Chinese community?
    It’s the only right thing to do.

    Instead, the State government seems to be totally oblivious and unrepentant. They seem to take the whole matter incredibly lightly. Not only are they ungrateful for the NSCRC’s generosity, compassion and good intentions
    in handing over their historic grounds, they are now asking for the entire building, established on the hard-earned money of multiple generations, including my grandfather. What do you think, is the reason now?

    Perhaps more importantly, why choose to be twice burned by a fire that seems never to be shy?

    Dearest Malaysians,
    It is high time we re-valued ourselves and let others confirm the change.

  4. #4 by Tantech on Monday, 24 August 2015 - 10:06 pm

    YB LKS, the statement by Najib lately make me think someone must correct him. Since implementing GST in April, till now there is no words from him what GST would be used for. Therefore many suspected they could jumbled up to use generally, including salaries of civil servants. Or the money is to pay for debts. From this you know he has no plan at all, just because treasury is running, GST was introduced.

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