2015, year that never was for Malaysia

– Rizal Rozhan
The Malaysian Insider
21 August 2015

To be honest, as a student of international relations, and a fan of international affairs, 2015 was supposed to be a benchmark year for Malaysia. A year to prove that Malaysia can strut her stuff in the global plane.

Once more, like 2014 (we were anticipating Visit Malaysia year to boost our tourism, yet we were marred with a series of unfortunate events), this year is turning out to be a disaster as well.

Even worse than 2014.

Because this time, the problems which beset Malaysia are not those caused externally. This time, we brought ourselves to the chopping board.

Our ringgit problem because of a lack of investors’ confidence, which stems from political instability and mismanagement of funds.

When we are supposed to be internationally applauded for showing positive movements in Asean, as the Asean Chair.

When we are supposed to be pushing for a just and fair closure for flight MH17 victims and family members by mustering all we can for the United Nations Security Council to reverse Russia’s veto for an MH17 tribunal.

When all blood, sweat and tears of lobbying for a Security Council non-permanent seat for 2015-2016 were expected to bring Malaysia’s name to the fore of global security.

Instead, being Asean’s chair stands for galas and more galas. Economic, security, community, political, foreign ministers’ galas and more galas. Nothing on the ground.

Instead, our prime minister failed to lobby his international counterparts to reverse Russia’s veto.

He was preoccupied with problems in Malaysia. Uncharacteristically, if we were to compare him with the man who was lauded by the media last year for his secret diplomacy to secure access to the Ukrainian crash site. But he failed to uphold justice for victims of MH17.

Instead, our PM once again seemed distracted by the persistent calls on to resign over the RM 2.6 billion “donations” in his personal account.

This time, by diverting the population’s attention to LGBTIQ issues. By solemnly swearing that Malaysia will never ever defend the rights of these people.

What happened to a people-centric Asean? When all the galas are all but filling of the top 1% elites’ stomach to the brim.

What happened to being a UNSC member? When our prime minister fills the hearts of our people with hatred and prejudice towards a group of people needing recognition and at least a sense of being human? UNSC member, but never a human rights defender.

These are just to name a few of the mishaps, mismanagement, and mystery surrounding Malaysia in 2015. For all we know, Malaysia is finally global news. For all the wrong reasons.

I used to be a believer in our government. All that trust is now gone, for all I can see is those in power grabbing to whatever they can, just to stay in power.

Thus, August 29 and 30 are the dates. Mark those dates, go to the ground and say “enough is enough”.

Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Be prepared. Paint the town yellow!

Because I believe in the power of the people. All the best fellow Malaysians! – August 21, 2015.

  1. #1 by TheWrathOfGrapes on Sunday, 23 August 2015 - 10:15 am

    To quote Queen Elizabeth, 2015 is Malaysia’s Annus Horribilis.

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