The elephant in the room

Khairie Hisyam Aliman
Malay Mail Online
July 27, 2015

JULY 27 — On Sunday, Barisan Nasional strategic communications director Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan published a 26-point comment on his Facebook page on the suspension of The Edge and the scandal around 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

In that posting Datuk Abdul Rahman, also the federal housing minister, makes a long argument for the suspension and other things. You can read it here.

But the heart of the current scandal remains simple.

As BN’s strategic communications director Datuk Abdul Rahman would surely be strategically well aware of the best and most strategic question to strategically answer in order to strategically kill most of the speculation going around on the current scandal, which has evolved beyond just 1MDB.

Did RM2.6 billion in money, not units, make its way to personal bank accounts belonging to the prime minister as alleged by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)?



That’s all we need to know first and foremost. We don’t need yet to hear about what the money was or was not used for, if the transfer happened. Nor do we need yet to hear about whether there was personal gain involved, if the transfer happened. Just yes or no for starters.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the prime minister to know the answer with absolute certainty. Hell, even I would notice and be alarmed if RM2,600 were to mysteriously show up in my bank account, what more billions of ringgit from overseas?

So the minister can strategically ask the prime minister, who can strategically send a one-word SMS to answer the question. And then the minister can strategically and immediately relay the answer to anxiously waiting Malaysians.

If the alleged transfer never happened, the WSJ would come grovelling for forgiveness I’m sure. And I’m sure Malaysians would then rally behind the prime minister in droves against such a malicious lie, if indeed a lie it was. Maybe we can even then sue the financial newspaper for RM42 billion in damages, which resolves 1MDB’s debt conundrum immediately.

It’s a good thing Twitter and Facebook allows immediate responses these days, isn’t it?

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