Major takes off from PAS and lands in New Hope

By Susan Loone
Jul 16, 2015

Major Zaidi Ahmad, who was expelled from the Royal Malaysian Air Force over the GE13 indelible ink issue, said he joined Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) because PAS has diverted from its principles.

Zaidi, who joined the party only this year, after the military court discharged him from his duties in February, said PAS has become “backward” in its struggles.

“I’ve been a supporter of PAS since I was a young boy in Sungai Petani, so were my parents.

“But when I went to the recent party’s muktamar in Selangor in early June, I saw how the party has diverted from its principles,” he told Malaysiakini, when met after the launch of GHB’s pro-tem committee by its state chief Mujahid Yusof Rawa in Butterworth today.

Zaidi, who is a member of GHB’s 35-member pro-tem committee in Penang, said PAS only wants to promote certain groups and not inclusive anymore.

He said all factions – ulama or progressives – need to work together in PAS but the recent muktamar put an end to that.

PAS has become backward

In the recent election for PAS new central leadership, Zaidi said he had thrown his support behind Ahmad Awang, also an ulama who contested but lost to president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Hadi’s pro-ulama faction managed to defeat 18 progressive leaders including Mujahid and former PAS deputy chief Mohamed Sabu.

Zaidi said PAS also diverted from its principles when delegates at the muktamar decided to sever ties with DAP.

“The party is no longer inclusive of all groups and has become backward,” he added.

The decision by PAS delegates was later supported by its syura council.

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