A. Samad Said

Jalan bersama Waibi Kit Siang
di Pasir Tumboh di suatu petang
cepat terimbas papan dan paku,
palang jendela dan ensel pintu.

Petang sejarah langit yang lusuh
waktu unggas menghindari ribut,
gema guruh di ufuk nan jauh
mengerdip kisah banjir yang kalut.

Di Pasir Tumboh letih dan mengah
mereka julang panji maruah
sementara pondok dipulihkan
watikah qalbu pun dimasyurkan.

Rakyat menjulang panji negara
sesasa hasrat seakrab hati
rumah gantian comel dan mesra
tekun, tenang mereka baiki.

Jalan di sisi saudara Kit Siang
menjengah sejarah Pasir Tumboh
obor cecita makin benderang
memulai impian yang utuh.

Ikhlas dikibar panji negara,
tulus dibisik idaman bangsa,
Impian Kelantan pun bermula
setasik rindu, selaut cinta.

  1. #1 by drngsc on Monday, 29 June 2015 - 12:40 am

    Too deep for me.

    Please help us to understand the need of the kampong Malays and how we can reach out to them and allay their fears
    How can we be their brothers?
    Please help

  2. #2 by Bigjoe on Monday, 29 June 2015 - 8:45 am

    We must look at these Malays are the true Malays we knew when this nation first started, not the perversion that it is now. It is not that the Malays do not know that what is being politicized in their society is not who they were or maybe still don’t want to be.

    But the truth is as a race they were far behind educationally, skillwise and economic wise and culturally not equipped for radical change – and so they gravitated to entitlement and political power for change including the use of their religion. An entire culture and system was built up based on entitlement and political power for change that has become an addiction for many..

    We must remember that its addiction they battle when they decide not conform to the politicized culture and system. Its not just simple politicization or ideology. It really is addiction and with increasing role of religion, dangerous and the state of religo-discourse in the global context, its a monumental tasks they have before them – maybe bigger than what they faced before they started on road of entitlement and politics for change.

    What we know is addiction is UNSUSTAINABLE in the long run and plurality, diversity and liberal ideas is INEVITABLE and keep marching. As they battle addictions, these principles keep on marching also and its pointless to force the change, it makes the discourse even worst. The idea must be to build foundations to cope with challenges first. Without a solid unshakeable foundation, without clear idea based on empirical evidence, they will only falter if they march too quickly.

    Lets take these good starts and build build build. Then the glorious ideas will be real lasting and realized.

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