Karpal Singh in memoriam

@limkitsiang tweets :

11:32 am – 17 Apr 2015
Although 8,000 km away in Cairo, thoughts are on Karpal on 1st anniversary when a light was snuffed out on his sudden departure.

11:37 am – 17 Apr 2015
Karpal a towering Malaysian – leaving a void in public life which cannot be filled. Always an inspiration 2all 2walk tall 4justice n freedom

11:42 am – 17 Apr 2015
Msia in vortex of great uncertainties – Karpal’s example of uncompromising in principles but visionary in exploring new vistas remain guide.

11:45 am – 17 Apr 2015
Best tribute 2Karpal 2continue the path blazoned by Tiger of Jelutong – a Malaysia which is beacon of hope where all Msians can feel proud.
11:51 am – 17 Apr 2015
One Karpal has been laid to rest but let a multitude of Karpals rise up, not just Jagdip Gobind Ramkarpal Sangeet 4cause of justice/freedom

12:03 pm – 17 Apr 2015
Not only DAP but all Malaysians are proud of Karpal’s contributions achievements – Karpal’s legacy 2DAP n Msia. We are all Karpal Singh!

12:09 pm – 17 Apr 2015
Karpal never allowed political clowns/pygmies 2deflect him from his political purpose. We must all be Karpal 2b strong 2face new challenges.

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 18 April 2015 - 12:44 pm

    Karpal Singh was so many things but it will likely be he will be remembered for his opposition to Islamic state and Hudud.

    This country still has no grasp of its role in what is essentially the forefront of the “clash of civilization” – the issue of Islamic statism. The world is grappling with the fundamental issues and especially in the West who has had to confront the issue are breaking new grounds of understanding and debate and we, despite the fact we have long experience and knowledge and our very existence and future depends on it, are mere followers of trends and debate rather than participants.

    Karpal should have time and given the opportunity to participate in the debate on world stage – he would have made us proud. But alas, he leaves us right when not only when we still needed him, the world could use his intellect and insight.

    Yes, the man was a giant but the burden remain on us to live up to his legacy..

  2. #2 by cemerlang on Thursday, 23 April 2015 - 2:27 am

    No one is indispensable. When your Creator thinks that you have done the work that He has given, then it is time to go home. Even if the people around need him. The people might think he has so much to do but his Creator thinks he has done what needed to be done. The rest the next strong person will take over. If you keep on hoping on him alone, the next strong person will remain a weak person. And when you fight, you must know what you are fighting. No simply throwing your fist around. It is one thing to say you are not afraid. It is another to know what you are fighting.

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