Malaysia’s future will be fuller of promise if only Najib could practise in the country the principles and values of moderation that he preaches at international forums

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday delivered another “fantastic” speech abroad, stating his belief that many of the world’s current problems can be solved if society subscribed to the whole concept of moderation.

He said if the society and governments used moderation in their actions and policies, then the country would have a much more just, fair and inclusive society.

He said moderation was based on certain principles and sound values, like justice, sense of fairness, and choosing dialogue over confrontation, and negotiation over conflict.

One can easily imagine a national sigh at such a report with the overwhelming reaction from Malaysians the quite unanimous one that the country’s future will be fuller of promise if only Najib could practise in the nation the principles and values of moderation that he preaches at international forums.

If the Najib administration had stayed true to the principles and sound values of moderation in governing the country like justice, sense of fairness, and choosing dialogue over confrontation, and negotiation over conflict, Malaysia will not today be at the critical crossroads some five months after the 13th general elections, struggling to achieve a Malaysian Dream with all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or region as equal national stakeholders at a time of unprecedented racial and religious politicking and polarisation, with the well of public discourse continuously poisoned by language of hatred, intolerance and unethical resort to lies and falsehoods.

In the past five months, Najib had repeatedly backtracked from the message of moderation, but there could be no greater betrayal of the mission of moderation than his distortion of the results of the 13th general elections, describing it as a “Chinese tsunami” and allowing irresponsible and dishonest UMNO political propagandists to launch a campaign of Chinese-bashing.

The 13th general elections results were no Chinese grab for Malay political power or rejection of Malay/Chinese/Indian/Kadazan/Iban political co-operation in Malaysia.

In fact, it was a resounding triumph for the cause of moderation in Malaysia, as it was a robust testimony that Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region were prepared to come together in a new political compact based on the moderate principles and values of unity, harmony, justice, freedom, accountability, transparency and integrity rejecting greed, corruption, cronyism and abuses of power but camouflaged in extremist and intolerant politics of race and religion.

The 50th Malaysia Day this year should be the occasion for Najib to demonstrate his commitment to the message and mission of moderation in Malaysia, uniting Malaysians not only of diverse ethnicities and religions but of regions.

Instead, his announcement of the RM31 billion Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Plan two days before 50th Malaysia Day seriously dented his moderate credentials whether for his 1Malaysia policy as well as his claim to be a Prime Minister for all Malaysians.

The BEE Plan was a double betrayal – of his 1Malaysia Policy to create a Malaysia where every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as a Malaysian first and by race, religion, geographic region or socio-economic background second as well as his New Economic Model (NEM) which promised a needs-and-merit based transformation of the affirmative programme to uplift the quality of life of the low-income 40% of the households – the overwhelming majority of whom would be the Malays and bumiputeras in Sarawak and Sabah.

In his current overseas tour during a speech in San Francisco, Najib vowed to make corruption a part of Malaysia’s past and not its future.

But the recent survey by global management consultancy Ernest & Young in its latest report, Asia-Pacific Fraud Survey Report Series 2013, that Malaysia is perceived as the second most corrupt country in the region after Indonesia and that more than one in three company executives feel that corruption is not only rampant but on the rise as well in Malaysia is a powerful testimony that far realising Najib’s San Francisco wishes, corruption in Malaysia is becoming even more entrenched for the future instead of becoming a matter of the past!

The latest repudiation of Najib’s moderate credentials is the backtracking of his pledges made two years ago to abolish detention-without-trial laws with the new Prevention of Crime Act amendments, which are at the same time major assaults on the rule of law and the doctrine of separation of powers to provide judicial check on executive abuses and excesses of power.

What is the use of Najib continuing to make “fantastic” speeches about the principles and values of moderation in international forums when he is stripping himself one after another of all his pledges and commitments of a moderation programme in his own country?

  1. #1 by sheriff singh on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 2:32 pm

    ‘ … if only Najib could practise in the nation the principles and values of moderation that he preaches at international forums. ..’.

    Doesn’t any foreign reporter ever query him why he is two-tongued, con-man, snake-oil seller ?

    • #2 by cemerlang on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 9:22 pm

      Any reporter whether under orders or not, will know that asking questions is amount to making something happen after asking any questions. Would the stakeholders want that something to happen ?

  2. #3 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 2:36 pm

    “Fantastic speech”????

    Frstly, this whole fake moderation speeches routines are old. Mahathir did it for over twenty years and while the words he used were less trendy, he was cutting new grounds with his simple twisted dishonest words.

    Malaysia “fuller of promise”?? Seriously, we are going to STILL even just sway to fakeness of Najib’s fluff words? Right now Najib is more concern about keeping his own future in tact than anyone elses much less all Malaysia..

    Lets move on and forget anything that comes out of the mouth of a fake and phoney..We must act because they will wake up to realize they need to do much more than just fake it. They will resort to much much worst if we don’t.

    • #4 by cemerlang on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 9:23 pm

      Reassurance because Malaysia does need the money

  3. #5 by Di Shi Jiu on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 2:54 pm

    Mr Lim,

    Najib knows that it is all about perception when he speaks to an international forum.

    As long as he can maintain that facade of accord and aplomb, all will be well for him.

    Little do international watchers know that the policies which profess to benefit all Malaysians are heavily skewed in application.

    • #6 by cemerlang on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 9:25 pm

      Perception helps little if you are thinking of investing more than a million in another faraway land

  4. #7 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 3:22 pm

    “….oozing charm from every pore, he oiled his way across the floor….”
    – Professor Henry Higgins, Pigmalion.

  5. #8 by DAP man on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 3:42 pm

    What can we expect from a forked-tongued lizard? He is a man with no modicum of shame or principles. He is a compulsive liar and charlatan.
    He can lie with a straight face.

  6. #9 by yhsiew on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 3:53 pm

    If Najib thinks that he can fool the people at the international forum with his moderation speech, he is all wrong. Everything will come to light when people at the international forum read the report on “Politics in Malaysia – The ruling party returns to its old habits of race-based handouts” published in the widely-read magazine, “The Economist”.

  7. #10 by yhsiew on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 4:11 pm

  8. #11 by tak tahan on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 5:29 pm

    Najib,why are still those katak Ibrahim,priest Zulkifli,china murtad Ridhuan Tee and the likes feel sooO free to utter seditious and racial statements as and when they like.Also don’t forget the Buntutsan jamban paper ! Moderation,betul kah ? Hahahahaha

  9. #12 by john on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 7:27 pm

    Ah Cheat Kok is just a felony, liar and no spine ‘joker -rather a shiok sendiri ‘ , scum-bag in the context of being the Pee M ( in order to safeguard himself ). Asked him whether Altantuya gruesome murder is the moderation ( as till now, still no motive established ) he meant in his tokok speech. SO THICK-SKIN, to talk nonsense and all in falsehood, pariaaaaah.

  10. #13 by bumiborn on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 7:40 pm

    Thick skin, shameless. Cakap tak serupa bikin punya orang!

  11. #14 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 7:45 pm

    Hopeless Hypocrite.
    Lousy Liar.
    Pissy Philanderer.
    Cruel Cheat.
    Teruk Thief.
    Moonlight Murderer.
    Fickle Fiend.
    Devil-in-disguise Dracula.
    Presidential Pirate.
    Rascal Robber.
    Buffoon Burglar.

    Choose 1, 2 or more, or All of the Above.

  12. #16 by Winston on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 9:35 pm

    Do Malaysians really think that these rogues can change?
    Whatever put this idea into their heads?
    Just because he said some soothing words in the midst of spewing out all sorts of racist and religious remarks?
    And in the meantime, they are taking the country to the cleaners??

    • #17 by cemerlang on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 10:31 am

      The history of sweatshop laundry in the states and most were run by immigrants

  13. #18 by tak tahan on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 10:45 pm

    Najib must have eaten too much NFC cow hide,hence become the best shameless actor of the year.Hoi Sohaimi,pick this dude in your next shooting-Jamban Putera part 2.Instead of screening the peeing scene which sadly bombed in the part 1,for the part 2,make him squat in the Jamban Putera with cctv where it would end up to be your best ever creative hit movie. Yes,do it !

  14. #19 by tuahpekkong on Saturday, 28 September 2013 - 11:29 pm

    Doesn’t he also believe that many of our country’s problems can be solved if the society subscribes to the concept of moderation? Why talk to the world about moderation but allow extremism to rear its ugly head in the country? Sheer hypocrisy!

  15. #20 by sheriff singh on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 12:00 am

    We have too many crazies from UMNO running this country. We are doomed.

  16. #21 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 2:50 am

    Its ever easier to talk of principles like moderation than to practise or live up to them. Especially here where reward and punishment system is skewed in favour of hypocrites and against the honest and true. People learn it pays to be hypocritical and to engage in double talk; it’s a route to high office, power and riches; that to be honest reaps no reward, much worse to fight for principles one is punished and suffers. With this kind of skewed reward and punishment system firmly in place the ethical standards amongst more and more people deteriorate as they lean realistically what it takes to survive well in such a society in which the straight amongst us are barred or pushed down, and scoundrels and double talkers ascend to run the show. The pertinent question is whether under such conditions there is any future – and not whether “future will be fuller of promise”.

  17. #22 by Noble House on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 5:45 am

    The irony this is for leaders of the Malaysian government to tell the world the exact opposite of what, you might say, that have little or no connection with realities on the ground.

    In a true sense of the word, that is, if you have an ear dead to the grossest of cliches.

  18. #23 by boh-liao on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 7:02 am

    As usual, racist AhCheatKor keeps talking cock, leadership by example, which explains Y Malaysia is ranked as among d most corrupt nations in Asia

  19. #24 by cinaindiamelayubersatu on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 11:12 am

    Anak najib is coming
    Is coming is coming
    Anak najib is coming
    Untuk sapu malaysia

  20. #25 by Godfather on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 11:15 am

    Future fuller of promise ? What have you been smoking ? The last 30 years have shown that UMNO prefers to be fuller of $ in their bank accounts. Witness the families of UMNO ministers now openly buying high end properties, and owning listed companies.

  21. #26 by sheriff singh on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 12:17 pm

    Whether at home or abroad, he does not walk his talk but only tokoks all the time.

    The problem is, no member of the press or others, has succeeded in challenging and disproving him by providing evidence of all his b-s, his insincerity and exposing this snake-oil seller. So he continues with his charade as a ‘moderator’, a ‘transformer’ of sorts and sells more snake-oil to the gullibles.

  22. #27 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 3:37 pm

    LOL. He talks about moderation in NY/UN and here at home, one the muftis of his party says that the govt should make all Sabahan natives Malay..Honestly Iran Nuclear plans sound less hatefull..

  23. #28 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Sunday, 29 September 2013 - 3:42 pm

    Hoi Najib: Siapa ni?

    “Malaysian PM ignoring the minorities.”

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