‘Janji Ditepati’ Public hearings in Sabah successful kickoff in Kota Kinabalu

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Sep 03, 7:16pm
In KotaKinabalu 4kickoff of Sabah DAP “Janji Ditepati” 1st round of Public Hearings 2hear public views whether Sabahans agree with BN theme

Sep 03, 8:40pm
Congrats SabahDAP 4organising “Janji Ditepati” Public Hearing State tour as “substitute” 4RCI on 49yrs of Sabah in Msia proposed by DAP b4

Sep 03, 8:45pm
TanSri Simon Sipaun, whom I had proposed as RCI Chmn, speaking. He said Sabah is now Darul PTI as ilegals have long outnumbered Sabahans

Sep 03, 8:50pm
Simon speak abt poverty in when this shld not happen as Sabah very rich state with oil n other resources. Estimate poverty rate >30% inSabah

Sep 03, 8:55pm
Simon talk abt curse of corruption. Msian shd enjoy full value of every RM spent by govt which is only possible if there is no corruption.

Sep 03, 9:01pm
I asked Y total silence abt RCI on illegal immigrants in Sabah past 3weeks after Najib’s speech? Extra proof lack of RCIII bona fides

Sep 03, 9:10pm
RCIII in Sabah given 6mths 2complete report but from date of formal appointment of RCI members. Scandalous no apptmnts made after 3weeks!

Sep 03, 9:15pm
Already Najib joke of world – took 6mths 2decide on RCIII TOR. Maybe longer if not pressured further by WilfredBamburing’s defection from BN

Sep 03, 9:21pm
Clearly 13GE will be over b4 RCIII completes report. Most striking example “Janji Ditepati” is empty Umno/BN slogan. Many other instances

Sep 03, 9:27pm
I expressed disappointment Najib in his visit 2Sabah last weekend made no announcement abt upward revision of 5% oil royalty 2states

Sep 03, 9:35pm
Dr Chong Eng Leong acknowledged Sabah PTI “expert” tore apart 8terms of reference of RCIII as not addressing real problem of PTI in Sabah

Sep 03, 9:48pm
Speakers inc Sabah PAS chief Hj Aminudin Aling citing instances in KotaBelud of “Janji Tidak Ditepati” n Denis of Angkatan Perubahan Sabah

Sep 04, 8:11am
Day2 of SabahDAP’s “Janji Ditepati” Public Hearings in Sabah. Successful kickoff in KK last nite – next stops today Ranau n Donggongon

Sep 04, 8:28am
Day3 of “Janji Ditepati” Public Hearing in Sabah will be held in Tenom n Keningau 2morrow. Day4 on Thursday will be @ Lahad Datu then Tawau

  1. #1 by Godfather on Tuesday, 4 September 2012 - 12:12 pm

    Their only defence is that the statistics are wrong. They are asking PEMANDU to go in and cook the statistics in such a way that no state in Bolehland has over 5 pct poverty rate.

  2. #2 by Godfather on Tuesday, 4 September 2012 - 12:15 pm

    Yes, the RCI announced by Najib was nothing more than a stop-gap measure, and is something that they don’t really intend to carry out. Hence the silence, the “hope that people will forget” principle. These so-called leaders are evil for they seek to hoodwink the rakyat in any manner that they deem fit. Even in broad daylight.

  3. #3 by Godfather on Tuesday, 4 September 2012 - 1:01 pm

    Why did Steve Shim allowed himself to be “caught” in this charade ? Any individual with enough between their ears would realise that they are being made use of to perpetuate the lies and reluctance of BN to proceed with the RCI. I don’t think BN can afford another “I can’t remember” performance from people like Mamakthir.

  4. #4 by yhsiew on Tuesday, 4 September 2012 - 11:39 pm

    The public hearings could have been done before National Day so as to debunk Najib’s National Day theme, “Janji Ditepati”.

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