An open letter to Datuk Kayveas

— Tan Zhong Yan
The Malaysian Insider
Jun 18, 2012

JUNE 18 — Dear Datuk Kayveas,

I, as part of a younger generation of Malaysians and a participant of Bersih 3.0, am totally disappointed with your statement which states that 99 per cent of those who went for the sit-in demonstration did not know why they were there and that they were paid. Your statement is not only absurd and irresponsible but also insulting.

If the people do not know the purpose of the sit-in demonstration, why would they want to waste their time? Were they there to get a taste of the tear gas, water cannons and how it feels to be beaten up by the police?

I would like to tell you that I was there; neither because my parents asked me to (in fact, I am the one who asked my dad to tag along) nor because I was paid. I was there because I was aware of the fact that elections in Malaysia are not clean, free or fair. I was there because I fully understand that we need clean, free and fair elections. Only clean, free and fair elections will guarantee a better future. Only clean, free and fair elections will make Malaysia a true democracy.

And if I, as a youth with normal intelligence, am able to understand this, I truly believe that at least 99 per cent of all Malaysians will be able to understand this as well. Therefore, I believe at least 99 per cent of those who went to the rally do understand the purpose of the demonstration.

You say that 99 per cent of those tens of thousands who went to the rally do not understand why they were there and they were there because of money, and if what you say were true, then perhaps we should blame the government and the Malaysian education system for producing such a stupid and ignorant bunch of citizens.

Therefore, I, as a Malaysian, would like to demand that you apologise sincerely to all Malaysians, specifically to the participants of Bersih 3.0 for your absurd, irresponsible and insulting statement.

You have insulted the intelligence of the people for saying that they did not know what they were doing. You have insulted the people for saying that they were there because they were paid. I would like to tell you that we, the ordinary citizens of Malaysia, are not like those kataks in politics who can be bought with money nor are we prostitutes who will betray ourselves just for money.

So, please stop insulting us!

Tan Zhong Yan

  1. #1 by k1980 on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 6:56 am

    //99 per cent of those tens of thousands who went to the rally do not understand why they were there and they were there because of money//

    For you info, lathok K, 99.9% of the unmo supreeme council does not want to allocate any seat to the loser PPP for the upcoming 13GE.

  2. #2 by undertaker888 on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 7:49 am

    Kay-bo is an idiot. Probably he is still in PPP for the money and being paid to do so.

    Probably their kind need to be paid to do something all this while. That’s the reason he said we are being paid as well.

    PPP= Pay!Pay!Pay!
    PPP= Pre-Paid Party

  3. #3 by drngsc on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 8:10 am

    This Karvyeas guy is part of the problem. His own position is ( if he has any ), is gone with clean, free and fair elections. So his comments are those of self preservation. I do not know why Malaysia Insider bother to interview him. Ayooh. Ayooh.

    We must change the tenant at Putrajaya. GE 13 is coming. If no significant electoral reforms, first to Bersih 4.0, then to GE 13, then to Putrajaya.

    Change we must. Change we can. Change we will, through a clean free and fair election.

  4. #4 by SENGLANG on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 8:16 am

    This was a master piece from BN leader. It was not really shocking after a further though and digest what this so call BN minister comment. We have to understand to Bn every thing they do they do it with money but worst they did not use thier own money but the tax payers’ money. It was not surprises when they see such a huge assembly of people they can only justify and believe that those people are being paid just as what they did in all their assembly of people such as the recent himpunan jutaan in Putra Jaya, where thye have use the tax payer money to fund it in the name of BN.

    So folk please forgive this minister because he is very much part of the corrupted organ in BN. To them they only use money to mobilise people nothing they know best to do.

  5. #5 by limkamput on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 8:59 am

    Who is this …? I wonder why the news portal and even this blog would want to waste space and time to cover this piece of sh!t. You know what; I have always wished that whenever sh!t like were vomited from his mouth, we the readers, be it here or elsewhere, should give him zero comments, just to show it to him that no one read his sh!t.

  6. #6 by Godfather on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 9:46 am

    Don’t worry, Kayveas. For making this comment, a senatorship is guaranteed.

  7. #7 by monsterball on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 9:51 am

    Kayveas is unreliable and cannot be trusted.
    He has no guts.
    Trace his past record.
    In BN..his party is least respected by UMNO b politicians…and Najib….yet he stick to BN.

  8. #8 by Winston on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 9:52 am

    The coming GE has driven many, if not most, in UMNO/BN M-A-D!
    They are doing all sorts of crazy things and then accused the PR of doing them.
    No sane person will bother with what these crazies say.
    Soon their waywardness will catch up with them.
    That’s why they are being driven to madness.
    Be that as it may, Malaysians must have the steely resolve to kick them out in the next GE.
    Not only that, make sure that your resolve is shared by as many people as possible.

  9. #9 by SENGLANG on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 9:56 am

    We do not really need to concern about what this guy has to say. To BN leaders everything to them is using money worst they are using the people own money.

  10. #10 by waterfrontcoolie on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 10:26 am

    I cannot but need to comment outside this topic. It is the Star’s report on the greenhorn Chua’s son. He ‘challenged’ LGE to stay out of Penang for the next election! Indeed he should come to Penang to challenge LGE if he is worth his salt as a Deputy Minister! As a bankrupt little politician from a bankrupt Party, he certainly has run out of any topic of significant to talk about. This just reflects what a dire situation the Party is in. MCA just refuses to address issues which have impact on the future of the nation; keeping harping on what post DAP would be given. In today’s scenario, every significant job costing millions is under the PM’s office so what is so great with MOT, MOH etc? nothing! Just prepare to go to jail if they need to sacrifice people like LLS, TKS etc. Just ask anyone having to deal with MOT today and MCA is guaranteed to force them to jump over the fence!

  11. #11 by yhsiew on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 10:33 am

    Datuk Kayveas is a true blue BN sycophant!

  12. #12 by Godfather on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 10:45 am

    Regime change will definitely happen when 99 pct of Bersih supporters walk for free while 99 pct of UMNO supporters need to be paid to attend their rally.

  13. #13 by Jong on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 11:39 am

    It’s not about ‘who’s who’ in Bersih 3.0 Rally, he couldn’t care less. He just wants attention and to get noticed by Najis for the nominiation list. That’s how desperate and low he’s prepared to go.

    Remember he fought ‘tooth and nail’ with Gerakan’s Tan Lian Hoe over Taiping parliamentary seat?
    BN ultimately gave in to him but Taiping electorates rejected outright, C4’d him and gave their votes to DAP’s Nga Kor Ming!

    Wait till Tee-Murugiah reappears, so let’s sit down and watch the show!

  14. #14 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 11:54 am

    Taiping does not want PPP.
    MCA does not want Kayveas.
    MIC hates PPP.
    Gerakan asks Kayveas to go away.

    Now who wants Kayveas?
    Kayveas, do u want Nielsen to conduct a national poll?

    Aiya, don’t waste time & don’t waste money. If, Kayveas, you want to know? Nobody wants Kayveas or PPP, not even Nik Sapeia who is only taking Kayveas & PPP for a joyride as long as it gives him some air to breathe.

    Goodbye PPP. Goodbye Kayveas, GE 13.

  15. #15 by Loh on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 12:20 pm

    The founder brothers of PPP wanted to stop UMNO excess. PPP has now been hijacked to serve as running dog for UMNO.

  16. #16 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 12:21 pm

    Those visitors here who are from the old school will know the meaning of “Holland water cap” (translated literally from cantonese). Obviously this monkey is hoping to earn a few of those “Holland water caps” (on his shoulder) from jibby the jib.

    99% of those who participated do not know what they were doing, the monkey said. Oh boy, it surely sounds more like he is 99% wrong. In fact I believe that he is 99.99% wrong! He is only 0.01% right for I am sure amongst the 300,000 crowd there are some curious tourist and some homeless people. And the rest, the remaining 99.99%, came with the objective of rallying for fair and free election.

    No point reasoning with the monkey. People, a certain monkey said we are stupid and do not know what we are doing. Let us show him we know precisely what we want. We do it in GE13.

  17. #17 by bumiborn on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 1:41 pm

    This (credit to undertaker888’s creative and fitting revelation) Pre-Paid Party’s Kayveas is damn insulting. I go there on my own for clean and fair election! I don’t prostitute like him lah. He should apologize to all hundreds thousand at Bersih 3.0 world wide!!!

  18. #18 by donplaypuks on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 2:28 pm

    This man’s comments are stupid beyond belief.

    How mant Bersih 3.0 attendees did he interview to conclude 99% of them did not know why they were there?

    It shows the sub-standard candidates BUMNO/BN had and have in the Cabinet!!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  19. #19 by ShiokGuy on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 2:54 pm

    ignore him lah… election is coming PPP need to make some noise.. What is PPP anyway..

    He is the 100%-99% = 1% = _ _ _ _t, Please fill in the blank ladies and gentlemen.

    Shiok Guy

  20. #20 by Dap man on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 3:32 pm

    Kaveas sounds stupid as his looks.
    One has to be a real nincompoop to even think of such a preposterous assumption.
    Even BN supporters will bot believe him.
    No wonder he is president of a dead party preparing for its burial.

  21. #21 by Loh on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 3:59 pm

    ///Why is Greece in trouble?

    Greece was living beyond its means even before it joined the euro. After it adopted the single currency, public spending soared.

    Public sector wages, for example, rose 50% between 1999 and 2007 – far faster than in other eurozone countries.

    And while money flowed out of the government’s coffers, its income was hit by widespread tax evasion. So, after years of overspending, its budget deficit – the difference between spending and income – spiralled out of control.

    When the global financial downturn hit, therefore, Greece was ill-prepared to cope.///–

    Malaysia is the Asian version of Greece. Greece has more than 1 million foreign workers with a 15 million population. There are 4 million foreign workers in Malaysia, or 15%.

    More than 40% of Malaysia government revenue are from Petronas. If Petronas met the fate of BP in America, God save Putrajaya.

    Greece cheated with its economic statistics. Malaysia lies with statistics, same same.

  22. #22 by SENGLANG on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 5:12 pm

    Kayveas’s comment is simply laughable. It is just for the fun and for the sake of commenting. But coming out from a minister dose carry weight no matter how stupid is the comments are. BN leaders have never learn or they just refuse to accept what is the real situation since 308 GE. This stupid and simply baseless comments from a minister was not new in BN. People like Liow and Wee also made many stupid comments. For Liow he has at least the comment made about Tung Shih and the water canon incident, and off course the recent WWW5 show. Wee was caught on the Xiao Chung assembly where he claim some one if assaulting him.

    All these comments come from heavy weight but may just short of lies These are the qualities of the ministers we have today.

  23. #23 by rockdaboat on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 - 5:54 pm

    Let’s forget about this dumb AXX.

    Who doesn’t know that election is near and he needs some cheap political mileage so that Ajib Gor may give him a seat to contest.

    However, with such stupid comments, I think he may lose his deposits this time, ha ha ha.

  24. #24 by sheriff singh on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 - 1:32 am

    Is he high on something ?

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