PTPTN/Unisel farce

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Jun 07, 11:06pm
Utter shame UMNO/BN leaders victimising Unisel students with PTPTN freeze S’gor stands firm, Unisel 2liquidate assets

Jun 07, 11:08pm
Let all voters in Selangor n Msia punish Umno/BN in 13GE 4such petty vindictive bullying tactics sacrificing Unisel students 4selfish ends

Jun 07, 11:12pm
PTPTN/Unisel latest example UMNO/BN must be voted out of power in Putrajaya in 13GE – lost moral right/legitimacy 2continue as govt

Jun 07, 11:22pm
After slashing PTPTN loans 4Unisel students? How irresponsible! Gov’t mulls second round of RM500 handout (Mkini)

Jun 07, 11:27pm
No one in Cabinet 2speak up 4Unisel students n condemn criminal breach of trust in halting PTPTN loans?Will Saifuddin Abdullah take a stand?

Jun 07, 11:39pm
13GE not in July. All Msians must use extra months available 2spread msg – UMNO/BN govt cruel/vindictive/irresponsible shown by PTPTN/Unisel

Jun 07, 11:46pm
All UMNO/BN leaders/politicians who played the fool with educational rights of our children -PTPTN/Unisel case- must be taught severe lesson

Jun 08, 12:06am
Umno/BN govt too long in power – forgotten meaning of TRUST Another S’gor college risks PTPTN loan freeze?(Mkini) Kuis?

Jun 08, 12:11am
When a govt treats public funds as if grandfather’s money, discriminating agnst young generation eg Unisel, time 2end its mandate to govern

Jun 08, 12:42am
Both DPM Muhyiddin/Higher Education Minister Khaled shd publicly apologise 4PTPTN loan freeze 4Unisel students. PM Najib shd declare stand

Jun 08, 12:46am
Let student/youth power explode on social media 2denounce dirty politics of PTPTN loan freeze 4Unisel students & demand retraction/apology

Jun 08, 12:51pm
PTPTN freeze a public breach of trust, Kit Siang tells PM – by Shazwan Mustafa Kamal (TMI)

Jun 08, 12:54pm
PTPTN/Unisel: “It is cbt. Public funds r meant 4interests of public not politicking” Lim told reporters in Parliament.

Jun 08, 12:59pm
PTPTN/Unisel: Najib shd intervene/end “politics of intimidation/bullying” – “shelf life” of UMN/BN as govt “well past”

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