‘Duduk means sit, Bantah means protest’, so let’s ‘Jom Duduk Bantah, Malaysians’

— May Chee Chook Ying
The Malaysian Insider
Apr 05, 2012

APRIL 5 — I must apologise for such a weird title for my write-up this time. I’m doing it for the benefit of some upstart whose tweet went like this: “…jumping like Monkeys in d street not going to solve anything in Malaysia….we r not Planet of the Apes. Be civilized Pakatan #Bersih3…”

Our Twitter friend above, firstly, has a very poor command of the national language. Go, take some tuition, it helps to understand the national language better for some politician wannabe like you.

Secondly, for calling your paymasters “Monkeys”, you ought to be sacked!

Thirdly, what have you solved, so far?

I used to think that Gerakan were notches above the MCA. They were the lean ones, you see. Till today, I feel kind of sorry for Koh Tsu Koon. Still believe he’s a good man, may not be the right man for the job, nevertheless, don’t see any evil in him. (Will keep you in my prayers, KTK.)

Looks like the GE13 will be the dirtiest yet. If what we hear is true, the incumbent government is pulling no stops to be voted in. That means the plundering will not stop. Neither will we see an independent judiciary, MACC, and what-nots. Justice will not see the light of day for many. The education system will go to the pits. Idiots will use the name of the Almighty in vain. The poor will become poorer, the thieves will become richer. We will die because with 1 Care, we will be robbed blind and not have the means to seek proper treatment. We can’t help our neighbour without being accused of proselytising! Murderers, thieves and criminals can still roam free! Malaysia will go bankrupt in no time! I’d better stop before I throw up!

Don’t think our young friend mentioned above can solve the problems listed. So, no use going to him! Panels come and go to give their two-sen’s worth on the reforms the nation should undertake for the good of all. Precious time, honest efforts and loads of goodwill to make Malaysia a better place and what does this government do? Window-dressed, then canned them!

What does this tell you about our present government? It cares for you? It wants the best for our nation? It’s honest? It’s democratic? Malaysia, a democracy?

Those of you who have enough of the above, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who think your hard-earned money should be in better hands, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who want to profess your religion freely, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!”. Those of you who can’t stand the sight of policemen pulling cars over to the side, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who think you or your children can be educated better, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who have insubordinate political servants, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who want a stop to senseless killings, muggings, burglaries, robberies, etc, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who think that you have to pay tolls like forever, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who are paying through your nose to educate your children, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” Those of you who can talk like there’s no tomorrow, finding fault with everything, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!”

What’s more important, those of you who are truly Malaysians who do not have it in you to see your fellows Malaysia sit alone in protest, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” It does not matter which side of the political divide you favour, you just have to be true, blue-blooded Malaysia, “Jom, Duduk Bantah!”. You only have to care for your country and want the best for her. It’s about time you walked with your fellow Malaysians. You will see for yourself how united we can be for the love of our country and fellowmen when you are here, at “Duduk Bantah”. You will see that those whom you were taught to fear will take the fall for you even before you trip, here at “Duduk Bantah”. You will see how brave and courageous our fellow Malaysians can be, irrespective of creed and colour, here at “Duduk Bantah”. You will see how in our diversity, we truly become united as one, here at “Duduk Bantah”. We can truly say we are proud to be Malaysians, here at “Duduk Bantah”. Believe me, you will not regret this, we will have a picnic, here at “Duduk Bantah”!

Last but not least, dear Gerakan. I still think you are notches above the MCA. However, lately, some of you have been behaving strangely, unlike what you have been noted for in the past. You used to walk the talk. You were lean but not mean! Be what you were known for, courageous and hardworking. Show your love for your country. Don’t turn a blind eye to what some of your “sleeping-partners” have been up to. Don’t go down in history for having been party to those who were hell-bent on destroying our beloved country. You know you are better than them. So, let’s “Jom, Duduk Bantah!” See, you guys there!

  1. #1 by k1980 on Friday, 6 April 2012 - 7:51 am

    //dear Gerakan, I still think you are notches above the MCA.//

    You are joking.
    Gerakan = mca
    Have you heard any Gerakan member raising any protest against the NFC, TBH, Kugan, Al-Tantooya?
    Both waiting to be buried for good in the 13GE

  2. #2 by k1980 on Friday, 6 April 2012 - 7:53 am

    The only difference between Gerakan and mca is that the former’s boss has not yet been videotaped in a hotel room doing the big naughty to his “personal friend”

  3. #3 by undertaker888 on Friday, 6 April 2012 - 8:03 am

    Also the difference between gerakan and mca is that the former leader of gerakan got a durian named after him. Boh-hood Koon. Mca are prostitutes and nothing else.

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