Emergency MCA GA to decide whether MCA should make public apology for producing MCA President /Deputy President charged for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal?

The assertion by the MCA President Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek that there was no reason to apologise for the two top MCA leaders who were Transport Ministers, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy as whatever happened was the personal conduct of the leaders concerned and his strident denial that “MCA is a cheating party” have raised eyebrows nation-wide, even in Barisan Nasional parties including his own MCA!

Firstly, let me clarify that I had not asked Chua as MCA President to apologise over Ling and Chan on the ground that they were guilty of “grand corruption” as their trials have not even started – and I go along with the legal maxim that a person is innocent unless found guilty by the courts.

I had however asked Chua whether as MCA President he would apologise to Umno, Barisan Nasional and all Malaysians for producing a MCA President and MCA Deputy President who are charged in court for corruption in the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone scandal based on Chua’s own comments as published by the Star on Tuesday (1.3.11), viz:

Dr Chua said anyone who had committed an offence in the eyes of the Attorney-General’s Chamber should face the music.

“This shows that the Government is fair because it doesn’t just go after the small fish but also the big fish,” he said.

Since Chua as MCA President fully supported the Attorney-General’s prosecution of the two top MCA leaders for corruption in the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal, isn’t his next logical and responsible action (regardless of the outcome of the trials) should be to make a national apology for a MCA President and MCA Deputy President being charged for corruption in the PKFZ scandal when they were Transport Ministers?

Chua yesterday made another three more contributions to Malaysia’s lexicon of Political “Quotable Quotes”. On Monday, Chua had said that the charges against Chan will not affect the MCA.

Chua’s three new “Quotable Quotes” contributions are:

• MCA is not a cheating party.

• Corruption charges against Ling and Chan concerned their personal conduct.

• No need to apologise.

Let me comment on Chua’s latest three “Quotable Quotes”.

Firstly, on Chan’s assertion that MCA is not “a cheating party”: the MCA President is not the most qualified person to give such an answer, which should come from the Malaysian Chinese whom the MCA claims to represent as well as the Malaysian people.

Secondly, on the pathetic attempt to dissociate Ling and Chan from MCA for their corruption charges by claiming that they concerned their “personal conduct”, the simple retort from ordinary Malaysians is whether Ling and Chan would have become Transport Ministers in their “personal capacities”!

Thirdly, is Chua speaking for himself or is he speaking on behalf of the entire MCA Central Committee that there is no need for an official MCA apology for producing a President and a Deputy President who have been charged for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal – when no personalities from the other Barisan Nasional parties have been charged?

I do not think Chua can really speak on behalf of all MCA leaders and all levels of the MCA membership when he made the infamous quotes of “Charges against Chan will not affect MCA”, “Charges against Ling and Chan are their personal conduct” and “No Need to Apologise”, as I believe there are still many MCA members of honour and integrity in their rank-and-file.

If Datuk Ong Tee Keat is still MCA President, for instance, I think he would tender such a national apology on behalf of MCA to Umno, Barisan Nasional and the Malaysian public if asked to do so without qualification whatsoever.

May be, Chua should convene an emergency MCA General Assembly to allow the MCA delegates to decide whether MCA should tender a public and national apology to Malaysians for producing a MCA President and Deputy President who betrayed public trust and are charged for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal!

  1. #1 by k1980 on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 3:40 pm

    Malaysian Cheaters’ Association boss CSL says no need to apologise. (He also did not aplologise to parents for corrupting the minds of their children with his hotel room dvd)

    Yeah, need not apologise but need to be responsible for producing the 2 cheats Ah Choy and Ah Sick.

    So when PR forms the federal govt, it must auction off all the properties of mca and its members to recover the RM12.5 billion of public money.

  2. #2 by dagen on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 3:59 pm

    Soilek called in aid the “personal vs official” distinction to get out of the scenario. Yeah, the charge was related to the two in their personal capacity. So was the adultery and sexual (mis)adventure.

    He wont be able to get out. He is stuck. Real deep.

  3. #3 by donng55 on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 4:07 pm

    MCA’s current acrid mess was years in the making:

    Close to two decades of LingLeongSik’s quixotic political mantra of medio tutissimus ibis, in the middle shall you walk the safest.

    Five years of Ong Ka Ting’s dogmatic political motto of aurea serenitas, silence is golden;

    One and a half solid years of Ong Tee Keat’s lone-ranger battle cry and internecine intestine wars among party leaderships;

    And now Chua Soi Lek, one who prostituted hischastity with a majuscule ‘C’ and now best known by no other title than ‘the Gentleman in the motel’.

    Four generations of imbecile party leaderships — enough is enough!

  4. #4 by yhsiew on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 4:40 pm

    Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy had both, in the past, represented MCA in dealing with the people of Malaysia. Even though the two of them no longer hold any position in MCA, Chua Soi Lek as president of MCA is under obligation to apologize to the people of Malaysia. In brief, MCA owes the Malaysian people an explanation.

  5. #5 by jus legitimum on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 4:44 pm

    Just think of it,MCA is real dead now because its leaders are fraught with scandals be it sex or corruption.From CSL himself now to LLS and CKC.One of its past presidents went to jail in Singapore because of the Pan Electric fiasco in the 80’s.How can the Chinese community place their faith and hope on MCA when their leaders stink like skunks?

  6. #6 by tak tahan on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 5:34 pm

    Mocking Chinese Association has been mocking and cheating chinese for 54 years.Why is it hard for csl to issue one simple official apology to make up the wrongdoing by none other than mca members?CSL will never learn though considering his riped age and position would have told him what’s right and wrong.He is exposing his true colour day after day by condoning everything which raises people’s eyebrow including his infamous sex scandal.What a shame to be associated as the same race as him.

  7. #7 by sotong on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 6:20 pm

    When ” Chua ” said MCA is not a cheating party…..just believe him!

  8. #8 by boh-liao on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 6:29 pm

    CSL, d incumbent MCA president of moral decay fame, is so so grateful 2 UmnoB 4 not charging him starring in a tiger show
    Think Indonesia: What happened 2 d stars of celebrity sex video scandal
    Anyway, d Tun n Tan Sri just joined a long list of titled corrupt look-innocent crooks
    Their eventual lock up will b 4 their own personal safety lor, just a sojourn lah

  9. #9 by dagen on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 6:42 pm

    Now this is more news worthy. Not some useless party like mca.

    ///PETALING JAYA: The Mass Rail Transit (MRT) system may end up costing more than RM51 billion, going by a report prepared by Oxford professor Bent Flyvbjerg.

    It may also see only half of its desired ridership of 40,000 passengers per hour per direction (PPHPD).

    In a press statement quoting from Flyvbjerg’s report, DAP publicity chief Tony Pua said today that the MRT project was a “disaster waiting to happen”.

    According to Flyvbjerg, 58 rail-based mega-projects in 20 countries had an average cost overrun of 44.7%.

    (The MRT’s initial estimated budget was RM36 billion.)

    Flyvbjerg’s report says that promoters of massive transit projects tend to underestimate costs and overestimate benefits in order to secure much-needed funding.

    Pua accused private companies such as Gamuda-MMC of spinning success stories only to have government agencies falling for them “hook, line and sinker”.

    He said these companies were “rushing to ensure that the project gets funded and started in the shortest possible time, without proper independent checks, audit and competition”.

    Flyvbjerg’s report, entitled “Survival of the unfittest: Why the worst infrastructure gets built and what we can do about it”, looks at 258 mega-projects, including 33 for bridges and tunnels, and 167 for roads.

    It says 90% of mega-infrastructure projects are doomed to have cost overruns and that cost estimates do not improve over time.

    “Cost overruns in the order of 50% in real terms are common for major infrastructure, and overruns above 100% are not uncommon,” says the report.

    It adds that these problems would eventually result in waste of resources, delays, destabilised project management and much bigger problems than anticipated.

    It also says that according to a study involving 25 rail-based mega-projects in 14 countries, the passenger traffic was 51.4% lower than originally forecast.

    “This is equivalent to an average overestimate in rail passenger forecasts of no less than 105.6%.”

    It notes that 84% of rail passenger forecasts have been wrong by more than 20%, and that nine out of 10 rail projects have overestimated traffic.

    Malaysian’s Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has predicted that the MRT will serve up to 40,000 PPHPD.

    However, the Association for the Improvement of Mass Transit (Transit) has rubbished this claim. It said that as the MRT would buy only 58 train sets, it would have a maximum capacity for only 24,000 PPHPD.

    Transit chairman Muhammad Zulkarnain Hamzah told FMT recently that Bus Rapid Transit services had a potential of over 30,000 PPHPD at only a fraction of the MRT’s cost.

    In his statement, Pua warned that the MRT project might end up like the STAR-LRT, Putra-LRT and KL Monorail projects, which are now absorbed into the public-owned Prasarana.

    He noted that Prasarana, forced into taking over these companies, was now in debt to the tune of RM9 billion.

    Pua questioned the “distinct lack” of public consultation over the country’s largest mega-project to date.

    “Despite the fact that the project was only put up for feedback last month, SPAD and Prasarana (the project owner) have already awarded the project to a Gamuda-MMC joint venture as the ‘project delivery partner’,” he said.

    He called the MRT initiative a “rush job”.///

    If the PKFZ facilities are any indication then our MRT project costs would balloon by (wot?) 5(?) maybe 6 times.

    And that would take us something like over a hundred billion to finish the project.

    By then lam par tua liao.

  10. #10 by ReformMalaysia on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 7:43 pm

    Wow ,,,, two past UMNO presidents(cum Prime ministers) being cheated by the past MCA president and deputy president?

    so that is what UMNO can offer to Malaysians…. one after another of their presidents being cheated by their subordinates? Is it the case of a “Pak Pandir” succeeded by a “Pak Kaduk” as presidents of UMNO and prime minister of Malaysia?…..

    Next…..will Najib be cheated too from another “big shot; from MCA?

    just wait and see….

  11. #11 by sheriff singh on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 7:55 pm

    I wonder why there is this rush to get the MRT project off quickly.

    There must be something to gain, as usual.

  12. #12 by Loh on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 7:55 pm

    MCA is not an association for Chinese, it should be an association for its members, like a secret society. There is no unity in the association when the one time head and deputy got whacked by UMNO, MCA could not even show displeasure such as to disassociate with UMNO, like threatening to leave the government, or voice its opposition, since the corrupt practices could not have been handled by MCA members alone. That is how MCA and UMNO were sharing power, to cheat the rakyat. And yet the 12.5 billion ringgit corruption scandal has not implicated even one UMNO member. If UMNO members were saint, then there would not be collapsed buildings soon after they were completed. Yet Chua Soi Lek absolved UMNO in saying that the Attorney General was correct to pick up the persons to face music, and that the suspects have their personal conduct to answer for. Had Chua Soi Lek no question about MCA’s partner in crime, and why does the AG not pick up the companions of LLS and CKC who obviously worked the schemes to cheat the government, the hard cash rather than the letter of approval.

  13. #13 by ReformMalaysia on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 8:31 pm


    Next…..will Najib be cheated too by another “big shot; from MCA?

    just wait and see….

  14. #14 by monsterball on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 8:46 pm

    Chua Soi Lek flip flopping…side tracking…bragging….shadow dancing . wind blowing ..whether..right or left by UMNO B…uttering the most ridiculous statements and comments…as he knows..the grave for MCA party is dugged in 12th GE..and so he will talk any nonsensical things ..to keep MCA alive in his own ways.
    Never heard any past MCA Presidents talk like that…so unbelievably stupidly …wth a touch of arrogance like a donkey kong….performing with no brain.
    In any case…Chua Soi Lek..is a doctor and exposed naked…doing what he does best for the whole world to see…and feeling no shame….and still in politics..still thinking how great he is.
    Taking our pity for his stupid sex act..as a sign of approval for him to dance like Bow Jangle ..to win votes for his party?
    LKS have responded towards his nonsense and put forth his views.
    You can expect Dr.Chua to ignore and keep talking like he did in the future…..hoping to confuse voters and swing votes to MCA….copying Najib.

  15. #15 by sukumar on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 10:39 pm

    For those who are in high places and earning decent pay and yet want to corruption to earn more and save for future generations of their own , our goverment must stripe off their citizenship and make them a non citizen. All thier properties earned after their employment must be taken away.
    Whatever properties which is in their families members names also must be frozen. The families citizenship must also be withdrawn. Then maybe , this couls instill some fear in them.
    Nobody must be spared.
    Here we are hoping for some good deeds by them to the rakyat but up there they are cheating the government.

  16. #16 by tak tahan on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 11:14 pm

    CSL has enough too much of disgruntled feeling to offer any one more apology since he has been made to kneel down two hourly to Mrs Chua at bed ever since his frolicking scene has become in the limelight.Don’t press too hard on this incredible Hulk soi lek to explode yo.Could be the very nasty one deed from him than his predecessors.

  17. #17 by tak tahan on Thursday, 3 March 2011 - 11:31 pm

    A hungy man(without Angela Yam seng) is an angry man.Be careful yo.He will do anthing by hook or by crook,for instance,learning chinese tai chi to juggle facts and figures to outdo Professor Mantis Khoon’s art.

  18. #18 by chakde on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 12:30 am

  19. #19 by Cinapek on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 12:41 am

    It was reported that MACC senior enforcement officer Azian Omar testified on Monday to the RCI that Abu Kassim had warned her against covering up the truth when he came to the Selangor MACC office, shortly after Teoh’s body was found.

    Maybe she should explain why and how Abu Kassim was involved because at that time Ahmad Said was still the MACC Commissioner. Was Abu Kassim trying to score brownie points or this lady officer was trying to burnish Abu Kassim’s image as an upright person while at the same time make MACC look good in being transparent?

  20. #20 by yhsiew on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 1:05 am

    Sweeping problems under the carpet has long been BN’s way of managing affairs. Hence one should not be surprised by Chua’s inaction over making a public apology. MCA is going to pay a heavy price for its arrogance and defiance come GE13.

  21. #21 by boh-liao on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 3:46 am

    UmnoB/BN n their poodles r baring their dirtiest tricks during d two ongoing by elections – How can we expect them 2 govern our nation properly, fairly n with honor when they r so proud of thier dirty tactics, some of which r beyond d rule of law

  22. #22 by boh-liao on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 4:02 am

    A few more days n it will b 308 again – anything 2 cheer abt?
    Results of d 2 imminent buy erections?
    More BN MPs n ADUNs cross Rivers Styx, Acheron, Phlegethon, Cocytus n Lethe in2 Hades?

  23. #23 by undertaker888 on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 8:00 am

    what do we expect from Moral-less Chinese A$$hole-ciation?they steal, yet no need to apologize. they cheat on their wife, no need to apologize. they sell our rights away, no need to apologize. it’s a no shame association, just like the bigger thief umno. stealing is their NEP rights. laziness is their ketuanan rights.

  24. #24 by Godfather on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 8:03 am

    What do you really expect Chua Soiled Lek to do ? Apologise for a succession of MCA leaders for being stupid, for selling their souls to UMNO for a pittance, and when the sh!t hits the fan, for being made as scapegoats ?

    Yes, these clowns won’t be found guilty as the majority here knows, but by being willing actors in UMNO’s scam to defraud the public, these clowns will be spat upon by the public for years to come. I guess they are thick-skinned enough not to worry too much about it.

  25. #25 by undertaker888 on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 8:08 am

    d@mmit. this moderation is too much.

  26. #26 by undertaker888 on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 8:11 am

    Moral-less Chinese AS$$hole-ciation

  27. #27 by cemerlang on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 9:48 am

    Give back the money with interest.

  28. #28 by Taikohtai on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 9:55 am

    Ah Chua,
    No worries if MCA does not want to apologise or confess MCA is a cheating party or that you worship Ah Ling and Ah Choy (who both lived up to their penile names pronounced in Hakka). In fact I think all thinking Chinese will assist you in wiping off these problems and more. They will obliterate your party next GE and without a party, all your MCA problems will vanish too. Smart play eh?

  29. #29 by monsterball on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 10:26 am

    Don’t give up “undertaker888”
    I get moderated so many times too.
    I like your 8.11a.m. descriptions.

  30. #30 by k1980 on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 11:02 am

    Can any lawyers out there answer this scenario? —-

    Dollah, a bank manager was “deceived” by one of his bank officers, Ah Choy, into signing away RM12.5 billion of the bank’s money. Can Dollah escape punishment when Ah Choy is charged in court?

    By the way, the bank manager Dollah has failed his stastics paper in university and is not an econs grad. Ah Choy also knows nuts about econs. How both of them get to work in the bank boggles the mind.

  31. #31 by Taxidriver on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 11:20 am

    As LLS and CKA are from the MCA and were MPs elected by Malaysians ( Chinese, Malays, Indians and other races ), and since they are charged for corruption and already guilty in the eyes of the current president,CSL, Malaysians have every right to demand an apology from the party; more so those who have been embarrassed by their conduct-the Chinese community and MCA members. For CSL not to do so would be showing arrogance for which the backlash by Malaysian voters is unvoidable in the 13th GE.

    To CSL I say to him in teochew dialect ( CSL is a teochew ) : Beh Hua si kiao kiao liao

  32. #32 by hairu_321 on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 11:28 am

    Well to ask CSL for an apology is like requesting a tonne of gold drop from the sky. practically impossible. as a layman on the street, what bothers me is not apology but in the manner the charges are being brought to the court. I can clearly say this is a cosmetic charges in order to blind our chinese brothers into thinking that BN is committed to fight graft. But having to say that I m 100% sure that our chinese brothers are not stupid to fall for that kind of trick. Now Malaysian are much more educated and we can read between the line. What Malaysian really want is civil liberty, rule of law and a leader that voted by the people and for the people.

  33. #33 by dagen on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 12:57 pm

    Dr mamak claimed in his blog that malays are not immigrants. So what are they? Orang asli? They are the natives of this land? I didnt know that. And at the same time they are superior to the natives? My. My. This is so confusing.

    And he also said that … well … Err anyway, hmmm … Oh. Whatever. What he said next was even more confusing than the point above. I cannot even start to elaborate it here.


    Celaka. Betul. If a so-called “race” cannot be unconfusingly pinned down with words it is not a race. That is my thinking.

  34. #34 by dagen on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 1:13 pm

    To answer k1980’s question.

    If dollah was really deceived by ah choy then of course dollah is in the clear. This ought to be quite plain. Because you see, the loss suffered by the bank was not caused by dollah but by ah choy’s deceiving act.

    But the “you see” point can be tricky. Dollah was in overall charge of the bank. He is responsible for the system – the entire set-up. He is responsible for hiring and firing staffs. He is also reponsible for all operations and processes within the bank. That is why he is chief and all others are subs.

    Ah choy of course has practised deception. He must have done so within the system itself (assuming he did, for argument sake). That means the system is flawed, somehow – maybe wrong personnels, lack of supervision, poor control etc etc. In which case the entire issue will then come back to haunt dollah, the chief.

    Dollah’s only argument in defence, to my mind, will be limited to (1) he has done all that he reasonably could; or somewhat related to the first issue, (2) ah choy was too ingenious with his methods.

    The point is dollah cannot throw up his hands and say, “its him ah choy”. “Nothing to do with me”.

  35. #35 by baochingtian on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 1:45 pm

    CSL is getting worse by the day, getting horny and desperate ???
    Hw come CKC was so relaxed with 1 million bail? Is this the tip of the the bulk that has been swallowed ?

  36. #36 by k1980 on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 2:06 pm

    Hw come CKC was so relaxed with 1 million bail?

    After paying the bail, he still has RM12,500 million – RM1 million = RM12,499 million.

  37. #37 by Loh on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 3:02 pm

    dagen :
    Dr mamak claimed in his blog that malays are not immigrants. So what are they? Orang asli? They are the natives of this land? I didnt know that. And at the same time they are superior to the natives? My. My. This is so confusing.

    Malays may not be immigrants but Mamakthir certainly is because his grandfather, a Malayali came from Kerela, India. So by Mamak’s admission, he should not be Malay. At least even if he wishes to claim to be Malay, he should not be entitled to the benefit given under 153. NEP is against the constitution, and we cannot stop people cheat.
    And he also said that … well … Err anyway, hmmm … Oh. Whatever. What he said next was even more confusing than the point above. I cannot even start to elaborate it here.
    Celaka. Betul. If a so-called “race” cannot be unconfusingly pinned down with words it is not a race. That is my thinking.

  38. #38 by tak tahan on Friday, 4 March 2011 - 4:48 pm

    Hai Cinapek,every senior macc dogs know very well of any corruption cases cause he will be the chief beneficiary of those once moved up to the top rank.Including PM of the day.Remember how i met the ex-top mad dog even though at that time i did not know who he was?I should’ve captured something wonderful to share the news.Soon i may bound to say hello to Abu Kassim in one of the occasion.Or go n visit some of the listed companys’s super elite club(open to public) and take the chance to have giggle photo snapped with the dogs.

  39. #39 by monsterball on Saturday, 5 March 2011 - 10:43 pm

    When ex Aussie PM called him half breed…Mahathir said he was greatly insulted and called boycott this or that from Australia.
    He started the formula to steal with no fear ad so UMNO B call him a hero..the best of the best..as all can steal and take bribes with no fear.
    A man who encouraged corruptions cannot be a true Muslim.
    His 22 years as President of UMNO B confirms UMNO B is not a true Muslim party….yet play the role how much they love Allah.
    UMNO B becomes the biggest hypocritical and corrupted political party.
    Mahathir is the Devil reincarnated….and UMNO B is a devilish political party.

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