Don’t turn cash aid matter into a religious issue

By Thomas Lee

More than 40 Muslim senior citizens have returned cash aid from the Penang state government due to suspicion and uneasiness over the sources of the funding.

Bernama quoted an imam from Pulau Mertajam, Saidin Chik, 72, as saying that he decided to return the money as he learned that it was from non-halal activities.

“I received a RM100 aid sometime this year, but I heard over television and read in the newspapers that the money was from gambling activities. We have been praying everyday and suddenly we get a cash aid from non-halal sources and spent it. What is going to happen to our prayers?” he said.

Saidin told reporters this after handing over the money to Penang Umno secretary Azhar Ibrahim on Wednesday 29 September 2010.

According to Azhar, who is also the Penaga state assembly member, the Muslim recipients suffered mental anguish and emotional distress after knowing that they had received cash aid from non-halal sources, and are terrified at the thought of spending the money.

Azhar said more Muslim senior citizens are expected to hand over the money to the Umno Youth to return it to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The Umno Youth had earlier claimed that the state government was using a contribution from the Penang Turf Club to fund its hardcore poor eradication programme.

The Penang state government has acknowledged receiving RM500,000 from the Penang Turf Club, but said the money would be used to help poor non-Muslims.

Certainly, due respect must be given to our Muslim friends whose religious conscience does not permit them to accept money originated from non-halal source, but the unwitting and inadvertent incident should not exploited into a religious and political issue.

Guan Eng should not be lambasted for something which he probably assumed is proper and harmless, since over the years, the Barisan Nasional federal government has been using tax monies from the gambling corporations and haram businesses like pubs and non-halal restaurants which serve alcoholic drinks, and also from workers in haram professions such as pork sellers, to fund government and public projects.

Now that we know that it is forbidden (haram) for our Muslim citizens to accept and use monies derived from non-halal sources, then the federal government should rectify the matter, and have a special separate account for all tax monies collected from the haram sources such as Sports Toto, Magnum, the Genting casino, the pubs, and the entertainment joints and restaurants selling alcoholic drinks. These monies must never ever be used in anything associated with Islam, or in projects which may involve the Muslims.

No, I am not being cynical, just respecting the religious conscience of my Muslim brothers and sisters. Their right to practise their faith without impediment and hindrance must surely be upheld and given the utmost due respect.

Even in my own Christian faith, there are some followers who will not eat food that had been used in a worship ceremony of another religion. Although many of us who are more open and liberal do not feel restrained by our conscience on such matters, we do respect the wish and aspiration of the others who believe in the abstinence.

As for the tax monies collected from the haram sources, the federal government could use them for the building of Chinese and Tamil schools, temples, churches, cemeteries, or even scholarships for the non-Muslim students.

The totally unpremeditated “mistake” of the Penang state government should not be exploited by Umno to undermine the good and people-friendly scheme of helping the poor and needy of the state. Perhaps, Guan Eng should reoffer the cash aid to our Muslim brothers and sisters from a more acceptable source, such as rentals from Komtar or other state buildings.

Let us look at the positive side of this incident, and learn from it. Don’t aggravate the situation to turn it into a religious issue, like holding demonstrations against Guan Eng. I know Guan Eng personally for many years and firmly believe that he is a very good man with a good heart, with no malice or spite toward anybody, especially the Penangites of all races and religions under his tender care. And he is definitely not anti-Islam or anti-anybody, only anti-corruption and anti-discrimination.

Don’t exacerbate and exploit this cash aid matter, which any sane person will know and understand, has been done without any ill-intent.

  1. #1 by k1980 on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 12:54 pm

    //More than 40 Muslim senior citizens have returned cash aid from the Penang state govt…//

    For each RM100 returned, unmo pays them RM110…. RM10 for the opportunity to make cheap publicity.

    The question I would like to ask jibbi is: “Why can Penang award RM100 in appreciation to its senior citizens but the other states can’t do so? And Penang is not receiving any wang ehsan from that hutt

  2. #2 by k1980 on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 12:58 pm

    All civil servants should return at least 20% of their monthly salaries because it comes from non-halal activities such as Sports Toto, Magnum, the Genting casino, the licences for dogs, the abattoirs, the stalls selling pork, the pubs, and the entertainment joints and restaurants selling alcoholic drinks.

  3. #3 by HJ Angus on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 1:51 pm

  4. #4 by Taxidriver on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 2:34 pm

    UMNOB leaders can tell the ordinary Muslim Malays not to accept wang haram but they themselves are tempted to steal billions of such money. The RM 100 given to them by UMNOB to be returned to the Penang State Government is from haram source, stolen from the rakyat. The pak ciks and mak ciks should also reject the RM 100 from UMNOB. They must use money from their own savings to please Allah.

    UMNOB leaders should return all their stolen haram money to the rakyat first before preaching Islam to other Malay muslims. The pak ciks and mak ciks should do according to what the Quaran teaches: To repay good with good. They should not allow themselves to be manipulated by despicable politicians for small gains, because Allah looks into the hearts. With both palms HE will cover HIS ears and all your prostrating and prayers will not be heard.

  5. #5 by k1980 on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 2:40 pm

    //the Muslim recipients suffered mental anguish and emotional distress after knowing that they had received cash aid from non-halal sources, and are terrified at the thought of spending the money.//

    Many American products are owned by Jews and by importing them into Malaysia, unmo is directly supporting the zionists. By exporting goods to America, we are receiving cash from non-halal sources, so please return all those money to those Jews. They will be most happy to use that money to build up their arsenals in the middle east.

  6. #6 by Taxidriver on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 3:51 pm

    Hee, hee, hee wang haram
    curi banyak-banyak dan simpan
    Berlumuran minyak babi taklah hairan
    Janji babi kita tak makan

  7. #7 by megaman on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 4:42 pm

    The solution is very simple and I would love to see it implemented.

    Make it law that all government agencies, banks and businesses are to maintain two separate sets of accounting books, one for halal sources and another for non-halal sources.

    All businesses and government agencies must classify incomes in terms of halal or non-halal.
    Only monies from halal sources can be used to pay halal operations or Muslim staff. If the business do not have enough halal monies, they can borrow from Islamic banks to pay but they can only pay back these loans using again, monies from halal income sources.

    Cash from halal sources can be utilized for any types of development and purposes except for the following situations:

    a) Halal money cannot be invested by Muslims in non-halal businesses and operations. It is haram for Muslims to do so anyway.

    b) Halal money can be invested by non-Muslims in non-halal operations or businesses like buying liquor, gambling or investing in non-halal businesses like Genting or Penang Turf club but this would render the halal money non-halal.

    c) Non-halal monies can be used by non-Muslims as they see fit unless the businesses they wish to transact with demands halal money, then of which the non-Muslims need to provide proof of halalness for the money they wish to use. The businesses may choose not to serve them should they have doubts of the halal status.

    d) If in cases where the halal and non-halal money cannot be clearly demarcated, then the entire transaction or operation would have to marked as non-halal. Muslims interacting with these entities would have to be informed of this.
    For e.g., if halal and non-halal monies are used to buy raw material for a product, the entire product would have to be marked as non-halal because it would be difficult to identify which part of the product are built using non-halal money.

    At the end of the day, it would be interesting to see how much halal money is left in circulation and perhaps this is also a good thing i.e. can promote more halal businesses.

  8. #8 by Taxidriver on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 4:56 pm

    //Looks like we should be having 2 sets of currency? -HJ Angus.

    Brilliant idea! Besides helping to solve the wang haram issue, it can also solve other wang-related problems.

    2 sets of currency of different colors. On the currency notes meant for Malays they must write clearly the words: Hanya boleh di pakai oleh orang Melayu sahaja. Have a small picture of a cow-head after the wordings. As for currency notes meant for non-Malays, there must also state clearly in writing. Put a small picture of a pig head for these ones.

    If implemented, the Chinese will not steal from the Malays; the Malays will not steal from the Chinese. UMNOB leaders cannot steal money and bring out to foreign countries as the authorities there will straight away know it is stolen money.

    HJ Angus, if your idea is implemented, there will less crime and corruption cases. Taxidriver support 100%

  9. #9 by TheWrathOfGrapes on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 5:14 pm

    Duh – money is fungible.

    The bulk of the government revenue from taxes are from non-halal sources – lottery, gambling (Genting), wine, beer, liquor, tobacco, hotels, bars, etc.

    So, that means Muslims should not get any handouts from the government.

  10. #10 by tunglang on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 5:17 pm

    Can Muslims who have shares or receive incomes directly or indirectly from non-halal businesses like Genting Casino, Turf Clubs, Sports Toto, Magnum, etc, etc please return all monies received so far unknowingly as non-halal?

    And use these monies usefully to help build more education institutions, build more hostels for UTAR, Kampar, invest in more computers for all primary schools, etc, etc.

    This will be a great honest gesture from our truly pious Muslims. May God bless you a hundred folds.

  11. #11 by Jeffrey on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 5:32 pm

    The issue is of whether Muslim can receive such monies traceable to Penang Turf Club (haraam activity) raises further question whether an Islamic administration can tax and collect in the first place profits from non halal if not downright haraam economic activities of Sports Toto, Magnum, the Genting casino or even banks earning riba/interest or restaurants eateries serving pork, pubs serving alcohol!

  12. #12 by Godfather on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 5:36 pm

    You get the money from the state government and you return it to UMNO ? It shows the mentality of those who are queasy about getting aid. I say to hell with it, just take the money back and give it to those who WANT it.

  13. #13 by Godfather on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 5:40 pm

    We are an Islamic state, says UMNO (and PAS). So we build infrastructure with funds from gambling, service tax from haram pubs and restaurants, interest income from bank deposits. Next time, don’t drive on our highways, don’t switch on the electricity and don’t use piped water. Stay under the rambutan tree, light candles (make sure they are not made in China) and use well water.

  14. #14 by Loh on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 5:45 pm

    We respect Muslims who refuse to touch haram or non-halal money. So to Saidin Chik of all the funds used, so long as one cent is from non-hahal source, his 100 ringgit would consist of one cent of tainted money, and he must be quite right to return that money.

    UMNO thinks that because Malays are not so rich, they would be willing to accept any handouts. Saidin Chik has now proven UMNO wrong. Muslims prefer to work the honest means to live their honest living. Muslims are not jealous of wealth enjoyed by others, as Razak NEP and Mamakthir wants the world to believe. In fact they suggested that May 13 happened because of jealousy felt by Malays. So, to Muslims honour is more important than wealth earned by taking advantage of others. AP scheme made some Malays fabulously rich. Their wealth came from unfair transfer of funds from the ordinary Malaysians who pay more for their cars. That was taking advantage of others, and is corruption in religious sense. Thus wealth earned through AP is non-halal. Mamakthir said that AP scheme was for the implementation of NEP. So NEP generates non-halal money for well connected Malays. Mamakthir’s son is known to get thousands of APs annually. So his billions ringgit in wealth are tainted with non-halal money. When are Mamakthir’s sons returning the billions ringgit of non-halal money to non-Malay charities, since Malays and Muslims should not touch them?

  15. #15 by boh-liao on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 5:51 pm

    Collecting tax fr workers in haram
    1M’sia shld ban income tax

  16. #16 by Jeffrey on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 6:08 pm

    These are important questions – the tax base of an administration that calls itself islamic, whether its a duty of such a state to ensure that the earning upon which taxes are imposed – for the state’s use – must be non haram. If it is so far not, then does it not also confirm we’re at best a hybrid titling more on the side of a defacto secular state?

  17. #17 by Cinapek on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 6:12 pm

    Yep, someone gave each one of those 40 gullible guys RM200 haram money, ask them to keep RM100 and take part in a prearranged press conference to “return” the other RM100 and say what they are told to say.

  18. #18 by Cinapek on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 6:22 pm

    I wonder. There are endless numbers of Malay leaders from TDM down who continue to whine that Malays are economically worse off than the non Malays.

    I wonder how in the world they will progress if they were to follow this “halal/haram” money policy strictly? Strictly speaking they should not trade or buy and sell anything with the non Malays because the non Malays’ money could be from haram sources directly or indirectly. Can a Chinese butcher selling pork buy a car from a Malay car distributor? Or would a Malay restaurant sell food to an Indian who works at the racecourse since his salary is paid by the racecourse money?

  19. #19 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 6:54 pm

    Knowing UMNO, it is not the least bit surprising UMNO is stoking the flames here and creating a hullabaloo out of a molehill.

    UMNO has run out of issues and their battery is flat, so you get all these whining noises and groans.

    The recipients should accept the CM’s explanation and so be satisfied. Any sin would then fall on the CM, not on the muslim recipient or so I think. It’s like when a muslim accidentally imbibe some non-halal drink unknowingly, his sin is not imputed to him.

    Azhar is just a rebel without a cause, a whiner whose political demise is nigh, an envious, ungrateful and shameless goon.

    I know CM LGE would not be distracted from his noble aims and endeavours to care for Penangites. May Almighy God strengthen him and give him the grace to soldier on notwithstanding so many nitwits clamouring for attention.

  20. #20 by cemerlang on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 7:23 pm

    The Hadis says jangan menolak sedekah. The Melayu say jangan menolak rezeki. Am I wrong ?

  21. #21 by boh-liao on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 8:05 pm

    So pathetic UmnoBputras twisted facts n frightened Muslim senior citizens
    Yet they never asked Baginda 2 return RM500 million haram money stolen during d purchase of Scorpene submarines
    N many more UmnoBputras who hoarded millions of corruption duit

    Let d tak halal duit b returned 2 d treasury 2 b used on nonMuslims

  22. #22 by cemerlang on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 8:26 pm

    Students missing from religious classes. Get Jabatan Islam Malaysia to chop the halal logo on Malaysian cash notes and coins !!!

  23. #23 by Thor on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 8:39 pm

    You give them RM10,000 each and I can bet that they’ll never return a single cent even if it’s haram.

  24. #24 by yhsiew on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 9:29 pm

    I bet over 90% of those who returned cash aid to the Penang government are BN supporters.

    Can someone please make sure the money returned reaches the Penang government.

  25. #25 by ReformMalaysia on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 10:23 pm

    and how about funds used by the government to build mosques? Some of the source of revenue are derived from non halal activities… and there is no separate account used to segregate revenues from halal or non-halal economic activities… taxes from Genting casino, Berjaya sportstoto, Magnum, Da ma Chai, government taxes on import of alcohol drinks

    So what is the status of the mosque? Do you want to return the mosque to the government (even at Federal level) and use your own fund to build a new one?

    Azhar Ibrahim should answer that!

  26. #26 by assamlaksa on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 11:16 pm

    since the federal fund is not segregated between Halal and non-Halal, the whole fund is now non-Halal, should the Muslims stop using infrastructures and amenities build using federal fund and receiving aids/payments funded by federal fund such as scholarships, civil servant salaries, electricity rebate?

  27. #27 by IbnAbdHalim on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 11:18 pm

    Did they return the same RM100 note(s) they received or the equivalent ? Kalau mau kasi balik sila pulangkan the very same notes they received. Substitute tak main la. Apa itu hari punya RM100 belum belanjakah? Saya fikir sudah jadi tahilah. Bodoh punya UMNO.

  28. #28 by Loh on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 11:30 pm

    Taib Mahmud, the CM of Sarawak said that Chinese should just accept to be ‘discriminated’ because when those in special position became well to do they bring business to Chinese. He thinks that only Chinese could do business and not the bumiputras, and worse, all Chinese are businessmen.

    Not all Chinese are entrepreneurs, and so even if the well to do bumiputras bring business to the Chinese businessmen, the Chinese who are not in the business suffer and they are not compensated. Besides the same argument can be said about bumiputras entrepreneurs too who benefit from business brought to them by Chinese. Why can there be no distinction between the treatment of races by government, and make all Malaysians equal, and help those who need help rather than enrich those who are of the correct race? Taib Mahmud remark reflects his thinking that race and economic functions are fixed, and NEP was all but a joke.

    Taib Mahmud must have been inspired by the rationale of having for Article 153 in the constitution; some Chinese were rich, and so those classified as Chinese were rich, or the rich Chinese would have somehow transferred their wealth to the poor Chinese. Further some Malays were poor and more Malays live in rural areas, and so all Malays were poor. Thus, instead of helping the poor the constitution decided that Agong should look after the interest of Malays over non-Malays. That includes providing assistance to the families of the Prime Ministers and the Mentri Besar who were at least by their appointment more capable in looking after their families than other citizens.

    Bumiputras still want to be placed in the special position for receing government handouts because they have made government protection and assistance from cradle to grave their culture. Since Bumiputras do not have to take care of their offspring, as the political parties have taken over their duties, they would not be bothered to toughen themselves, and hence would remain dependant of the government for generations to come.

    Sarawakians do not consider themselves Bumiputras first and Sarawakian second. Taib Mahmud after having been CM for decades chooses now to call attention to their different racial origin. Is Taib Mahmud, like Mamakthir, playing race politics in Sarawak? Mamakthir pretends to be Malay and be a member of the majority race in Peninsular Malaysia, Taib Mahmud is Bidayu. He can’t be called Malay in Sarawak. Is Taib Mahmud thinking of inviting UMNO into Sarawak to change the definition of Malay in Sarawak so that he could be one of them?

  29. #29 by Loh on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 11:33 pm

    IbnAbdHalim :
    Did they return the same RM100 note(s) they received or the equivalent ? Kalau mau kasi balik sila pulangkan the very same notes they received. Substitute tak main la. Apa itu hari punya RM100 belum belanjakah? Saya fikir sudah jadi tahilah. Bodoh punya UMNO.

    Yes, no point returning a non-halal note when the halal piece has entered the body system.

    • #30 by otl on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 2:18 pm

      If you agree that is non-halal, you must return even you spend it. The person who take it do not know that is non-halal that time.

      Don’t make this an issue, please.

  30. #31 by gofortruth on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 11:33 pm

    If you feel Allah is not please with you taking the money, any money in fact if it does not please Allah, simply quietly return the money to the giver. Sincerely thank the giver for the kind intention. This way, Allah will surely answer your prayer. But if you return the money & create a big huha, it will surely anger Allah even more and you may end up being cursed by Allah. No?
    Malaysia is realy ONE a BIG international joke!

  31. #32 by tuahpekkong on Friday, 1 October 2010 - 11:50 pm

    UMNO Penang is trying desperately to tarnish Lim Guan Eng’s image. They have a hidden agenda. Hasn’t non halal money been used on them for the past 50 years (since the inception of the social welfare lottery, now called the Da Ma Cai)? Why only raise the issue now? Sheer hypocrisy! Their antics won’t work. If these people are sincere, our country will be free from corruption.

  32. #33 by Comrade on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 12:28 am

    Getting desperate each day
    Trying out yet another way
    To tarnish Lim Guan Eng’s image
    To gain political mileage

    UMNO’s actions will continue
    Lo and behold
    Something new
    Will unfold

  33. #34 by baochingtian on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 12:34 am

    ““I received a RM100 aid sometime this year, but I heard over television and read in the newspapers that the money was from gambling activities. …” Old man was trying to tell the world that the tv and msm of bolehland is working without brain or ada otak tak mahu pakai betul betul. Hulubalang bukan, tapi pasti huru hara, the way this is going ..

  34. #35 by dawsheng on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 5:05 am

    FYI, If you haven’t know how Islam is prostituted by UMNO.

  35. #36 by dawsheng on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 5:15 am

    It’s better to wrap yourself with explosives and blow yourself up than to stoop so low as to pretend to be oblivious of the fact that the spoon that feeds you actually came from those who makan babi.

  36. #37 by cemerlang on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 7:35 am

    He is a Melanau and was once upon a time not a Muslim. Along the way, the word power means so much. Malaysian ringgit is the most halalest when it first came out from the factory that make cash notes and coins. And the factory is not in an Islam country. After that, don’t ask and don’t tell where it went before it reaches your hand. The value is not in the notes and coins. Value is not tangible.

  37. #38 by penang lim on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 8:55 am

    Hi folks , Please don’t be taken in by this bullshit – this is a ploy to discredit the Penang state govt – remember to give them the boot during the next general election – only then this nonsense will stop

  38. #39 by monsterball on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 9:13 am

    So gambling money is sinful to take.
    What about stolen money from tax payers and from our National treasures?
    Race politics by racists UMNO B crooks..spearheaded by Mahathir for 22 years have poisoned millions of Muslim minds and still some are not able to be logical and practical yet.
    They are robots and cannot think for themselves…but it is on a decline ..which all corrupted crooks know very well.
    The rich getting richer and poor getting poorer are clear signs of massive corruptions….and not once Najib dare to walk the talks but keep flip flopping as much as he can.

  39. #40 by k1980 on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 9:29 am

    Those fools are not in need of the RM100 senior citizen appreciation award.

    Q: Which is the best sauce in the whole world?

    A: Starvation


    “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”
    — Mark Twain (1835-1910)

    “The only thing dumber than a fool is two fools.”

  40. #41 by sotong on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 9:29 am

    Yeah…we should have masks and gloves to ensure muslim do not breath in non-halal air and touch non-halal goods!!

    No worm would go this low to score cheap and dirty political points to divide the ordinary people…maybe accept a few who continue to play the divisive and damaging politics of race and religion, including the one who has governed for more than 2 decades.

  41. #42 by sotong on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 9:36 am

    Saidin Chik, bagi lah wang itu kapada orang bukan Islam atau Islam yang miskin…habis cerita!

  42. #43 by AhPek on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 9:46 am

    I wonder where the money comes from in building all those places of worship?

  43. #44 by dagen on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 11:32 am

    I am not going to comment on this matter. Its too juvenile and stupid of umno to create an issue out of the RM100 cash aid matter.

    About RPK’s recent expose (i.e. the several “rahsia” documents) and NUJ’s ranting on umno’s inaction, I think umno is truly stuck.

    What action? Breach of OSA? If so then the actions if taken would immediately confirm the true status and authenticity of those documents. That is to say (1) they exist and (2) they are indeed confidential. The implication flowing therefrom is this: What is so confidential about abuses and corrupt acts by public servants? Quite the contrary, they are info of great public importance.

    Taking action against raja petra would only excite him further and he would surely blog more and reveal more. Like the namewee issue, this is another own goal scored by umno. BTW, the cash aid issue will shortly turn out to be yet another own goal by umno.

  44. #45 by Taxidriver on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 12:17 pm

    What would have been the outcome had LGE told the senior Malay citizens that they would not be given the RM 100 as the money was from non-halal source, and instead gave the senior non-Malay citizens RM 200 ????????????????????????????????

  45. #46 by frankyapp on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 12:26 pm

    Frankly what do Umno really wanted ? They live in glass houses,yet they keep throwing stores at others. They are a kettle,yet they accuse the pot of being black. And worst of all they eat shit and at the same time accusing others of eating shit too. Now what does it makes ?

  46. #47 by Cinapek on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 12:36 pm

    UMNO is capable of fighting their political battles on only race and religion, They know their governance record is crap and can be ripped to shreds in seconds so they resort to these cheap tricks at the expense of the poor and old.

    This red herring won’t work. Race and religion tactics are too one dimensional and predictable. It is not sustainable. It is easily countered and discredited. In fact PR should goad them to use this tactic more and see them drowning in their own filth and reveal them for what they are for all to see.

    The latest BTN controversy is a good example. The man one heartbeat away from the No. 1 seat wanted to play the race card by excusing his lack of action to punish the two racist principals as due to his lack of authority to punish senior civil servants has emboldened the BTN Deputy Director (who also fancies himself a senior civil servant and hence immune to disciplinary actions as defined by No.2) to say the things he did.

  47. #48 by Jeffrey on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 1:03 pm

    If it were wrong from religious perspectives to receive cash aid from non-halal sources, what about receiving cash/money from earnings of the Bank?

    The Commercial Bank is a financial intermediary. It makes from the difference between interest paid by it for fixed deposits and those earned from lending. Interest is haram for being usury.

    If receiving gratuitous aid from haram sources were wrong, wouldn’t earning and receiving money from non halal sources like banks that make money/profits from such non halal means of interest differential to pay staff be also wrong? Does it mean that believers cannot work in a Commercial Bank?

  48. #49 by lcclck on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 2:04 pm

    Sesiapa menfitnahkan orang lain, Tuhan akan tentukan.

    Sayangnya ramai orang menjerit : Saya percaya kepada Tuhan tetapi sebaliknya selalu membuat sesuatu seolah tiadanya Tuhan keran Tamak, Rasuah, Buat Fitnah, sungguh berbohong, dan pada mulutnya saja mengikut ajaran Tuhan, nantinya Tuhan pasti menghakimkan semua orang yang mulut cakap percaya Tuhan tetapi kelakuan sebaliknya!

  49. #50 by otl on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 2:12 pm

    First of all, i do agree that do not turn the cash aid to either religious issues nor a political issues.

    How was the views and comments from National Fatwa Council about this issue? Do they agree that cash aid is from non-halal source?

    A good example is, the taxes that Federal government get from gambling source, alcohol drink source, are it necessary to separate the account? Can it spend on building the infrastructure, paying government staffs salary, scholarship and etc?

    This may be headache for both the state government nor the federal government, if we talk about the source of income/taxes is halal or not.

    It depend on which angle you view for this issue. There is no right or wrong. Once again I urge all of us, don’t make this an issue.

  50. #51 by otl on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 2:13 pm

    Taxidriver :
    What would have been the outcome had LGE told the senior Malay citizens that they would not be given the RM 100 as the money was from non-halal source, and instead gave the senior non-Malay citizens RM 200 ????????????????????????????????


  51. #52 by waterfrontcoolie on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 2:52 pm

    YB, can you ask the Minister of Finance, how much was collected from the gambling tax? Please set it aside and use it only for those who do not feel bad about using it. This is a lot fairer and also no spiritual repercussion spill over can be effected to those who feel bad!

  52. #53 by HJ Angus on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 2:55 pm

    it is quite impossible to differentiate between halal income and haram income as far as the government is concerned.
    I will not be surprised if those gullible folks were “persuaded” to return the Penang state monies in return for RM200 from UMNO? After all, that is their MO for buying voters.
    This single currency, tainted or otherwise, is one good argument for Malaysia to remain a secular state.

  53. #54 by BoycottLocalPapers on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 2:59 pm

    What about the Sultan who gambled and lost a lot of money at a casino in London?

    I read that this Sultan refused to pay for his losses and asked the state to pay for his losses instead.

    Why Perkasa is not complaining?

    Why there was no coverage in the mainstream media about this Sultan?

  54. #55 by k1980 on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 3:31 pm

    Let’s say the proprietor of a non-halal restaurant which serve alcoholic drinks deposit his earnings in a bank. Saidin Chik happens to withdraw some money there and so some of the “tainted” notes came into his possession. So what does Saidin Chik do next?

    A. Wash the tainted money in holy water
    B. Donate the tainted money to charity
    C. Organize street demos to protest against the Penang CM
    D. Return the tainted money to the state govt
    E. Change the RM into Arabian currency so that he can use it

  55. #56 by Jeffrey on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 3:51 pm

    ///It depends on which angle you view for this issue. There is no right or wrong. Once again I urge all of us, don’t make this an issue./// -#45 by otl

    It is not we who make this an issue.

    It is those who first asked LGE to answer allegations that Penang State Govt’s financial source to fund its poverty eradication programmes were from gambling/non halal sources that Muslims would not want to be associated.

    The questions here are addressed to such politicians – to test the internal consistency, logic or illogic, sincerity or hypocrisy in what they say or raise by these issues in the first instance.

  56. #57 by dawsheng on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 3:52 pm

    This is the very evident that UMNO is politically bankrupt. It further reinforced the opinion that the party is devoid of capable leaders who can foster the spirit of 1Malaysia championed by PM Najib. It is most unfortunate that these political rejects reacted foolishly by prostituting Islam on the ground of morality to pit against the Penang state government in their quest to regain power, when it was open secret the UMNO led government thrive on Haram businesses. In parallel, it exposed the hypocrisy on the part of the National Fatwa Council as mentioned by otl in his comment #45. Consequently, the plan to demonize LGE administration will backfire and the 1Malaysia campaign will remain a futile attempt to keep BN in power. As such, we can conclude that UMNO members are not united under Najib’s leadership, and his future as PM is threaten by members who do not believe that supports from non-muslim is necessary to avoid defeat in the next general election.

  57. #58 by monsterball on Saturday, 2 October 2010 - 10:12 pm

    Political bankrupt UMNO B crooks are.
    Stolen money distributed to cronies…not halal…but distributing donations from a gambling house to poor Muslims are halal.
    I wonder what do they call all the donations given by Genting Highland Berhad.
    UMNO B keep playing race and religion politics at the expense to keep Muslims poor and depend on their handouts…programming these less educated Muslims treat UMNO B as their Savior.
    UMNO B is so cunning and cruel in their politics that was spearheaded by the devil reincarnated..Mahathir and on going because they solely depend on race and religion politics to disunite and divide to rule…to continue their so call successes in using billions stolen to buy voters loyalty.
    How long do some Malaysians need to understand and wake up to the TRUTHS?

  58. #59 by oct on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 8:11 am

    Please ask Berjaya, Magnum, Carlsberg, Genting, Banks & all Pubs not to employ Muslims as the salary paid by these employers are not halal. In addition, also ask all Muslim contractors not to undertake jobs from these companies as the money used to pay for their work are also not halal. These Uno followers don’t have a brain of their own to think. It makes the world laugh at Malaysia & shame us for our Muslim mentality.

  59. #60 by lee wee tak_ on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 10:13 am

    holy crap, the kopi money taken by the road warriors should be return, all taxes collected by BN federal and state governments over the decades should be reversed into a consolidated fund for non-muslims only…gosh, do an audit to ensure all religious funding over the past 50 years did not utilised any haram taxes….and OMG the interest charging banks…all muslims can’t work there, can’t deposit there, can’t borrow from there….

    OMG! Let’s right this wrong!

  60. #61 by lee wee tak_ on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 10:15 am

    all “haram” taxes collected by BN federal and state governments over the decades should be reversed into a consolidated fund for non-muslims only…

  61. #62 by Loh on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 12:27 pm

    I am sure getting shares at par, when other pay at market value, and selling them off later at market price is not halal. The profit made is non-halal. That is worse than gambling where one might lose. Some 53 billion ringgit worth of shares have been alloted to Malays, at par value, and 51 billion ringgit of them have been sold by them at market price, with billions of ringgit in profit. These haram or non-halal money could have gone through their body system. But some Malays might be keeping them awaiting clarification from Muhyiddin, and would be very pleased to return them. I am sure Selangor government would be happy to accept those haram money, just like the federal government does.

  62. #63 by k1980 on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 1:12 pm

    The lawyer brothers in Banting had deposited the loot they got from soosilawati into banks, so the bloody money has been circulating throughout the country for the past 2 months.

    So all those “pious, god-fearing” dungus who fear having mental anguish and emotional distress by handling the blood-tainted money mentioned above should donate to charity ALL the money such as salaries, bonuses, dividends, they have accumulated for the past 2 months.

    Do it quickly or else the ghosts of soosilawati and her companions will start disturbing you in your sleep at night. Warning has been given.

  63. #64 by Loh on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 2:24 pm

    Those who protest against LGE for using money that might have accrued from gambling and other taxes should also protest against the federal government for making Malays collect haram money through the NEP schemes, such as the 30% listed companies shares compulsorily given to Malays below market price to allow them to make profits. That profit is not earned, and so is much worse than interest on money deposit at the bank which are at least used by the bank to allow investments to be carried out by others who were willing to pay interest as part of the cost to their business operation. The 30% share compulsorily acquired for Malays is worse than gambling. Investors buy their shares at market price may lose their money when prices fall, much like betting on card games where one could lose. Getting shares at discount to sell at full price is sure profit, and it is like gambling with unfair advantage of seeing the card open before bets are placed to make profit. That is worse than gambling, and more haram than the element of haram in actual bets taking. UMNO has implemented the haram policy for the past 40 years, and Muhyiddin, Mamakthir and Ibrahim Ali want the haram process to continue and so they are against NEM. The so-called Pemuda Pulau Pinang would be wasting their time protesting against Penang state government even if the money did come from gambling sources if they did not at the same time protest against the federal government for using taxes earned from all sources, haram and otherwise which have been used to make it possible for them to lepak at the airport rather than to work and sweat for their money. Oh, no, they never have to sweat while collecting money. They certainly did not care whether money given to them or their parents were haram.

  64. #65 by PoliticoKat on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 8:43 pm

    By this logic all mosques in malaysia are actually Haram. Why because at least a good 45% (if not more) of the money used in their construction came more non-halal sources… (the non-malays).

    In this myopic world, all Malay businesses should also stop doing business with non-malay, non-muslim customers. Their money ain’t holy enough.

    Perhaps Saidin Chik, would prefer an UMNO led Penang, who would not give him any benefits and instead keep all that haram money for themselves. Making the supreme sacrifice of spending all that cash on themselves.

    Really have things become that bad in Malaysia? Does the country really need 2 currencies? RM for non-Malays and dinars for Malays?

  65. #66 by Loh on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 9:29 pm

    Saidin chik might genuinely want to spend only halal money. But Muhyiddin in makin ghis remarks shows that he does not know revenue for government expenditure came from all sources halal and not so halal. It would be worse if he pretends not to, and chose to politicize the running of Penang state government with religious issues. Muhyiddin is certainly not fit to be a MP let alone a deputy prime minister waiting for the other heart beat to stop.

  66. #67 by Loh on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 9:33 pm

    ///Dr Mahathir Mohamad is responding well to medication at the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, where he is warded since yesterday for treatment of chest infection. The doctors are happy with…///— malaysiakini

    Are people rejoicing with the news?

    If so, which aspect?

  67. #68 by Loh on Sunday, 3 October 2010 - 9:34 pm

    ///Dr Mahathir Mohamad is responding well to medication at the Epworth Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, where he is warded since yesterday for treatment of chest infection. The doctors are happy with…///– Malaysiakini

    Are people rejoicing with the news? If so, what aspect?

  68. #69 by Taxidriver on Monday, 4 October 2010 - 6:56 am

    We should be happy Mahathir is responding well to treatment. We ought to give him that chance to admit all his wrong doings against the Malays, country and Malaysians and repent before he expires. Whatever punishment therefrom is up to Allah.

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