Before Khairy demands that Wee Meng Chee be taught a lesson, will he surrender himself to the police for criminal charges to be preferred against him for his previous racist statements?

I had said that Wee Meng Chee can be faulted for being crude, vulgar, abusive and even obscene at the disgust and fury of his 3-minute rap video directed at the school principal of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Kulai, Hajah Siti Inshah binti Mansor, for making racist, derogatory and seditious remarks like: “Pelajar-pelajar Cina tidak diperlukan dan boleh balik ke China ataupun Sekolah Foon Yew. Bagi pelajar India, tali sembahyang yang diikat di pergelangan tangan dan leher pelajar nampak seakan anjing dan hanya anjing akan mengikat seperti itu.

However, the police has still to explain why they are investigating Wee for sedition when there is nothing seditious in his rap video against the Kulai and Bukit Selambau school principals for making racist slurs against students especially when the school principals concerned are still scot-free for their seditious statements.

I had myself been arrested and investigated for sedition and DAP National Chairman Karpal Singh had been arrested, charged and acquitted of sedition – just two examples of the gross abuse of powers and double-standards in the country.

With a new Inspector-General of Police set to take over the police force in ten days’ time, the opportunity to restore public confidence in the efficiency, professionalism and integrity of the Malaysian police force must not be missed or wasted – and there is no better start than to demonstrate to all and sundry, whether within or outside the country, that the Malaysian police is mindful that it should not be accused of being guilty of double-standards in enforcing and upholding the law.

Yesterday, Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin jumped on a line in Wee’s rap video “Nah” to justify his demand that criminal proceeding should be instituted against Wee.

Khairy is wrong as the line “You tak baca? Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?” (Don’t you know? Who made Malaysia prosperous?) is open to various interpretation and not just Khairy’s conclusion that it is an overt insinuation that Malays played a minor role in Malaysia’s economic growth and was therefore racist in nature.

There is no need to spark a debate as to who had contributed to the country’s economic development or to hark back to the oft-quoted statement by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad that the Chinese in Malaysia pay 90 per cent of the taxes in the country.

This is because the line quoted by Khairy could mean that Malaysia’s prosperity is the contribution of all Malaysians and that’s why it is completely unacceptable to tell the Chinese in Malaysia to “balik tongsan”, firstly because all Malaysians contributed to the economic development of the country; and secondly, after 53 years of Merdeka the Malaysian Chinese are 100% Malaysians who have no “tongsan” to go back to!

Before Khairy demands that Wee should be taught a lesson, will he surrender himself to the police for criminal charges to be preferred against him for his previous racist statements, whether his uncalled-for attack on the Indian community during a live telecast at the Umno General Assembly in November 2007 or his infamous outburst about the so-called marginalization of the Malays in Penang under Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon as Penang Chief Minister?

  1. #1 by Fatty Doc on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 2:15 pm

    Saudara Kit, u already clearly stated in ur writings that it is “double standard” in prosecution, so do you think they will punish Khairy, even if he surrenders himself?

  2. #2 by cto on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 2:20 pm

    After 53 years of NEP, the Govt’s own data is showing that bumis own less than 30%. Assuming that this data is correct, the answer to “Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?” should be clear to Khairy.

    Even if Khairy’s interpretation on what Wee is insinuating is correct, Wee is simply agreeing with what the Govt is trying to preach. Why is this wrong and what’s racist about it?

  3. #3 by Walinong Sari on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 2:28 pm

    To fullfill your demand ‘ half of our politicians will remain in another newly built prison

  4. #4 by rahmanwang on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 2:42 pm

    To make it clear here, not all Malays are racist.OK. Only blood sucking UMNO malays are racist. I see it’s OK to ask the headmistress to suck some banana as her mouth is big enough to have a few bananas stuffed in it. After all when she open her big mouth she offend many people. As for the DAP people arrested for sedition, it’s normal in Malaysia as BN practices 2 sets of law here. One for BN and another for NON BN.

  5. #5 by k1980 on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 2:58 pm

    The point here is that Namewee is ridiculing the the self-proclaimed “tuans”. If he is ridiculing the “pendatangs”, he would had been awarded a datukship plus a scholarship by now

  6. #6 by Peter on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 3:04 pm

    How about that garbage racialistic reporting media Utusan Malaysia and Nasir Safar and the many National Service camp trainers who were let off for uttering racist remarks? This Namewee’s video is the result of double standard by the government in clamping down on these racists and extremists.

    Till today, how many people were punished? How many people in Utusan Malaysia were called up and their publication licence threatened? None.
    Also that equally pea brain racialistic Ib Ali from Perkasa, what action has been taken against him????? None. These are facts that made our PDRM even the so called judiciary are tools and running dogs of UMNO.
    lASTLY, dont forget this opportunistic bum KJ who cunningly trying to instigate the non-Malays by playing to be moderate. Call them whatever name you Umno Malays want but don’t you realise the ultimate end to all these will be the destruction of the nation? You will have extremists from both sides trying to outdo the others and the end result will be civil war between the Umno Malays and the others which Utusan Malaysia predicts.

    The non-Malays only want equal rights to live in Malaysia as they are also born and bred in Malaysia. This is the only home they have but if push comes to shove, they will fight back, be it peacefully or violently. Do you think the Umnoputras will give a damn if a civil war breaks out? The first thing they will do is to send their immediate families safely overseas.

    Arrest all those who gives seditious speeches, be it the ex-PM’s aide, politicians, civil servants or the ordinary people. If the Najib Razak government do not act now to stop these racists, I dread to see the country’s outcome in the near future. Allah, please bless Malaysia!

  7. #7 by k1980 on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 3:09 pm

    If Wee Meng Chee’s video is crude, vulgar, abusive and even obscene, then Chua SL’s video of adultery and unnatural sex is what?

  8. #8 by dagen on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 3:26 pm

    Look idiot. Economy is not property. Economy is about participation, contribution and effort. And isnt it common knowledge that economic participation and contribution by chinese in this country works out to be something like 60+%. So namewee’s remark is factually correct! And in fact didnt dr mamak confirm this fact when he mentioned that chinese contributed to (wot?) 90% of taxes collected in the country?

    Let umno’s misfiring on this one occassion be a lesson for all umnoputras. Then again they are unlikely to learn anything.

    Wot about namewee being crude and vulgar etc. Hey that is Web culture man. The web represents freedom of expression and therefore the thrill of throwing a crude or midly (or veiled) vulgar expression (e.g. WTF) now and then must not be denied. Posting public comments in blogsites is like coffeeshop talks. Just go to one and listen to the way the folks in coffeeship expressed themselves. Boy they sure speak their minds and with loads of expletives.

  9. #9 by artemisios on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 3:47 pm

    In m’sia,

    the criminals don’t get caught
    the victims get ignored
    the ones who scold the criminals will get punished

    Suppose your neighbor breaks into your house, steals all your valuables, poop on your bed…. will you get angry? H e l l yeah you’ll be pissed off!

    So you scold you neighbor

    “you rotten piece a SH*T! Here, eat sh*t! Nah!”

    Tomorrow morning, 3 police cars will come to arrest YOU.

    Your neighbor?


  10. #10 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 4:23 pm

    I absolutely agreed that KJ attempt to justify his attack on Namewee is fundamentally wrong, full of excuses, and reeks of elitist entitlement, the worst kind, after proven wrong.

    BUT your points here are sterling. Amazing. My hats off to you great elder. I hope when I get to your age, I can still maintain my very mediocre mental standard compared to you.

  11. #11 by wanderer on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 4:37 pm

    KJ, f-in-law around you were beating your chicken chest with all sort o racist remarks…even, embarrassed your KERALA MAMAK mentor! NOW that your protective Armour is removed, you behaved like an Oxfart creep, making illogical and shallow remarks to try gaining some political points. You are a lowest of the low!

  12. #12 by Joetan on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 6:17 pm

    Malaysia ruled by UMNO is a funny country.
    The real culprit is always free from prosecution. This case reminds me of the Hamid Botak who used ISA on the chinese media reporter instead of Ahmad Ismail.

  13. #13 by negarawan on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 7:04 pm

    If any bumi make racist remarks, they only get “memo” from the department head in the worst case, and MIC and MCA keep their mouth shut.

    If any non-bumi make racist remarks, UMNO will unleashed the police force on him/her, and worst still MIC and MCA will toe the UMNO line.

    The way UMNO handles issues (domestic and foreign) with negligence, injustice, racial/religious bias, and arrogance is exactly why we have problems with Indonesia now.

  14. #14 by dagen on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 7:09 pm

    No lah joetan. The botak used the isa to protect the chinese lady. Now that is different and so that kinda makes it ok. Well somehow ok.

    And really those idiots ought to stop telling malaysia chinese to go back to china. It could happen; and going by umno’s abysml performance it will happen. I mean look it is already happening right this moment, alright.

  15. #15 by undertaker888 on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 7:29 pm

    khairy, balik hutan kalimantan.

  16. #16 by the reds on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 7:40 pm

    “after 53 years of Merdeka the Malaysian Chinese are 100% Malaysians who have no “tongsan” to go back to!” – Uncle Lim

    I totally agree with Uncle Lim! We are Malaysian! Malaysia is our home, our future! We still need a visa to visit China!

  17. #17 by dagen on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 7:49 pm

    For the last 2yr+ umno has been attacking pakatan as if they were the opposition. This is a clear indication of their level of confidence in retaining the keys to putrajaya. Of course we must not forget that umno is still a giant with limitless funds and means. So defeating it is not going to be easy.

    But going by writings on the wall, I believe umno can be defeated in ge13. The swing against umno actually started way back in Dr mamak’s time – actually towards the end of his time. If he had stayed on then umno would have collapsed by now. Luckily he decided to go and let sleepy head take over. After 22 miserable yrs under the dictator, suddenly people had hope that sleepy head could do something for the nation. Voters throw their support (in GE11) not for umno or bn but for sleepy head merely. Of course everyone was dissapointed. It was obvious that umno is rotten both outside and inside. Umno is incorrigible. Umnoputras are way too greedy and power crazy and selfish and are ever ready to sell the nation for their personal gains.

    GE12 saw the display by voters of their true sentiments towards umno. The sentiments that had started to gather during dr mamak’s time in office.

    It is significant to note that GE12 took place against the background of almost weekly street protests. GE12 result (308 tsunami) told voters several important facts.

    First, without umno the country could still go on. In fact, without umno the country would be better off.

    Second, voting opposition will not bring about may13.

    Third, the true meaning and the real power of the ballot paper and the real changes it can bring. In the past voters by and large accepted the fact umno somehow would still win the day. Not now. Not after 308. GE12 took place against the background of almost weekly street protest. After GE12, a dozen of so by-elections followed. Those by-elections were without ramped-up emotions brought about by street protests. Still (and very unlike past records) umno lost most of them. This is an indication that people wanted change. And they consciously and deliberately voted against umno in those by-elections.

    Since 308 scandal after scandal popped up. No wonder they are scared. No wonder they are behaving more and more like they were in opposition.

  18. #18 by Taxidriver on Thursday, 2 September 2010 - 11:55 pm

    //….53 years of Merdeka the Malaysian Chinese are 100% Malaysians who have no “tongsan” to go back to!

    If really got ”tongsan” to go back to, no good meh? Now ”tongsan” Economic Power House leh! Only then those racist Me…la …yu will know ta atak orang chin pun ta bole ….. ekonomi sutak ‘tongteh’

  19. #19 by boh-liao on Friday, 3 September 2010 - 1:38 am

    When KJ points a finger at someone, three of his own fingers point back at him
    Y didn’t he charge himself (loyar lazak can teach him 4 sure) or NR n HH 4 their blood thirsty racist screams, with raised unsheathed keris?

  20. #20 by dcasey on Friday, 3 September 2010 - 2:26 am

    “after 53 years of Merdeka the Malaysian Chinese are 100% Malaysians who have no “tongsan” to go back to!” – YB Lim

    I don’t agree and this is an understatement from YB Lim. Learned and competent Malaysian chinese especially the younger ones are most sought after by developed countries, China included. Look at Singapore, Australia and even the USofA. Otherwise Malaysia won’t be in such a fixed as what it is staring at now – the brain drain. Tongsan and Uncle Sam wants you! Now then contrary to what some racist malays think, it is a question instead of whether you are Malaysian enough to say “no, I don’t want to go back to tongsan because if I do it is Malaysia’s loss” Now won’t you say these racist malays are darn stupid to always bring up the issue that the chinese should go back to tongsan…

  21. #21 by dcasey on Friday, 3 September 2010 - 2:43 am

    YB Lim is right in saying that Khairy is wrong in Khairy’s interpretation of the line “You tak baca? Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?” (Don’t you know? Who made Malaysia prosperous?) to mean that “Malays played a minor role in Malaysia’s economic growth and was therefore racist in nature”. But he seems to have forgotten that Namewee didn’t say any of these words, instead this racist interpretation came from Khairy’s own mouth, thro his sick, sensitive and twisted mind. “Putting words in other people’s mouth” seems to be the jaguh kampungs’ forte these days…sigh…

  22. #22 by undertaker888 on Friday, 3 September 2010 - 8:04 am

    elite? what is so elite about this hairy guy? take away his title, the only difference between him and the monkeys is his clothes.

  23. #23 by dagen on Friday, 3 September 2010 - 12:28 pm

    I urge umno to take a tough approach in dealing with namewee for that will certainly do pakatan a great favour.

    Namewee represents the youth and young malaysians. He raps. He acts. He directs. He surfs. He uses youtube. He is iconic (just like RPK but in a different way). I challenge umno to deal with him harshly. But remember GE13 will see a large number of young voters and first time voters. Do it umno. Just do it!

  24. #24 by rexis on Sunday, 5 September 2010 - 7:32 am

    “You tak baca? Siapa buat Malaysia kaya?”

    This ingenious line is a magic mirror that will reflect who is the true racist.

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