Shad Faruqi’s article on Perak crisis becoming a “hydra-headed monster” should be compulsory reading for Najib and Cabinet

Professor Shad Faruqi’s latest Star weekly column “Reflecting on the Law” on Put interest of the nation first and how the Perak crisis has become a “hydra-headed monster” should be compulsory reading for the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his Cabinet.

Shad Faruqi has made many points which I had tried in the past three -and-a-half months to communicate to the Prime Minister and the Barisan Nasional leaders but to no avail.

For instance, Shad Faruqi started his article thus:

“THE Perak political crisis can be likened to a malignant cancer that is voraciously spreading to the lymph nodes of our other institutions – the Sultanate, the judiciary, the federal executive, the civil service, the police, the law officers of the Crown, the court registry, the Anti-Corruption Com­­mission and the Election Commission.

The longer we wait, the farther the affliction will spread. It is time, therefore, to stop this madness, this divisiveness, this polarisation.”

One consistent point I had made for over three months is that the constitutional and political impasse has precipitated a new crisis of confidence in credibility, legitimacy and integrity of all the key national institutions of the country, whether the police, election commission, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency, the civil service, the judiciary or the monarchy and impaired Malaysia’s international image and competitiveness to face up to the world’s worst economic crisis in a century.

In March, I had invoked the imagery of “Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns” to deplore Najib’s failure to act boldly to end the protracted political and constitutional crisis in the face of the world economic crisis.

Shad Faruqi is now invoking the same imagery when he said:

The country as a whole is more important than the fate of Barisan or Pakatan in Perak.

In Rome, Nero played the fiddle while the city burned. We should not allow that to happen to us.

Perak politicians have no right to paralyse the rest of the country or to distract us from the many urgent and daunting tasks staring us in the face.

Najib should take heed and he should take responsibility for the unethical, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab he had orchestrated in early February by agreeing to dissolve the Perak state assembly to return the mandate to Perakians to elect the government of their choice.

In February 20, I had called for the swift and democratic resolution of the Perak crisis to avoid months of stand-off and stalemate in the Perak political and constitutional crisis – in a manner which could be accepted by all Perakians without poisoning the Malaysian body politic for years and decades so that national energies could be mobilized to face the looming economic crisis.

If my proposal for a snap Perak state elections to held within 30 days had been acted upon by Najib, the Perak political and constitutional crisis would be behind the state and nation for more than two months!

As Shaq Faruqi has perceptively pointed out, the courts cannot supply any satisfactory solutions to the Perak political and constitutional crisis.

Najib should not drag his feet any longer but rise to the occasion to agree to the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly so that the crisis could be behind all Perakians and Malaysians within 30 days.

  1. #1 by k1980 on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 5:22 pm

    According to The Star, Page 16, the Rural & Regional Ministry allocated RM1,100,000 for 22 “hard-core poor” families in Penang, that is, RM50,000 per family. However, the identity of these 22 families are kept a secret. Even the BN assemblymen in Penang do not know who the 22 recipients are…. Malaysia Boleh or is it Performance Now?

  2. #2 by sheriff singh on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 5:42 pm

    Najib passes the buck and says it is all up to the Sultan.

    The Sultan passes the buck and says the Royalty are above politics and will not interfere or show any preference even though he may have started this mess and has the power to correct it but won’t, at least for the moment. He leaves it to the ordinary mortals to untangle this mess.

    Zambry the Illegitimate, will not do anything ‘cos he will be commiting political suicide and why would he want to do that? He’s got a good thing going for him at the moment.

    Nizar, the Legitimate, wants to do something but can’t because the Courts say “no” and the Sultan says they are above politics and Zambry is the one at the moment ‘cos he holds the majority, frogs and hee-haws included.

    The Police tells Nizar not to come anywhere near the illegimate ones because they have to protect them in their illegitimacy.

    The Elections Committee won’t hold by-elections to solve the impasse because maybe someone told them not to do so and they are more than happy to oblige. Besides, the courts say they can do their own thing and thats final.

    Siva the legitimate Speaker, can’t do anything because no one, the State Secretary, the State Legal Adviser, the Clerk etc etc will listen to him.

    The courts creates confusion and controversies by their strange decisions without giving any reasons and thats final. Even when they say Nizar is the rightful one, he can’t however act. Only the illegitimate ones can act and continue with their illegitimacy.

    The MACC wont act because why should they? Let sleeping dogs lie. Maybe the problems will go away soon. Besides, they are “team” players and the referees have given the team possession of the ball.

    The people are frustrated but can’t do anything because no one wants do the right thing. All they can do is to scream “Referee, Kayu”.

    And they all lived in confusion and frustration ever after.

  3. #3 by LG on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 6:16 pm

    Perak crisis – A good eye-opener

    What an eye-opener the Perak crisis is to many Malaysian to see how corrupt, power-crazy and hypocritical BN/UMNO and how biased are the so-called neutral agencies that are actually pro-UMNO or subservient to UMNO like PDRM, MACC, EC, State Secretary, State Attorney, Chief Secretary, Attorney General, IGP, even the honorable Judges like Ipoh Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim, Ipoh High Court Justice Datuk Balia Yusuf Wahi , Court of Appeal Justice Ramly Ali, Court of Appeal president Justice Alauddin Mohd Sheriff, the Chief Justice Zaki, main-stream medias like TV1, Utusan Malaysia, NST, etc.

    The longer the crisis prolong the more UMNO’s dirts are exposed. Even the PM’s slogan of 1Malaysia is becoming a joke as in Perak there are 2 MBs, 2 different sets of excos and 2 Speakers. And “People First?” when the PM even don’t take heed to the desire of the majority of the Malaysians who want the Perak to have a general election to end the crisis.

  4. #4 by chengho on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 6:47 pm

    Perak crisis-what crisis if not instigated by PKR and Anwar
    let’s wait for court decision ,exausted all the legal mean that what PKR want from day one…. then we can go to ballot box….

  5. #5 by YK Leong on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 7:03 pm

    The simple answer to all our desire and need is love, peace and happiness. Najib, the answer to all our problems of today has always been so simple that many people find it hard to believe. But this is still Najib’s solution, even in such confused and complicated Perak as we live in today.

    It is just that simple: If Najib is the “people Prime Minister”, if Najib has all our problems in his heart, Najib will love and care for the Perakians by doing the honourable thing.

    Let the Perakians choose a new mandate for themselves

  6. #6 by KennyGan on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 7:51 pm

    How Najib handles the Perak situation will determine whether he floats or sinks. And if he sinks, BN will sink in tandem.

    A court decision in favour of Zambry as widely expected will do nothing the end the crisis. It will just make the people angrier at the kangaroo court decision by Umno’s puppet judges.

    Any reasonable leader can see that dissolution is the only way to resolve the crisis. However there are no reasonable leaders in Umno except for Tengku Razaleigh whose voice cannot be heard by Umno.

    A Malaysian Insider columnist, Leslie Lau has wrote that Umno’s stance is softening to a snap election. However this appears to be a figment of the writer’s imagination as there are no signs of a “softening stance”.

    Umno attitude is still ‘Might Makes Right’ and ‘Majority Rules’, never mind if the majority consist of 3 morally tainted defectors.

    But never mind, Perak will be Umno’s graveyard.

  7. #7 by milduser on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 7:55 pm

    Its a few millions Ringgit question if the the frogs are paid for their role. So, its not only a political issue but financial !

  8. #8 by JasonLee on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 8:00 pm

    BN got no guts to dissolve Perak State Assembly, no even Behrang, Changkat Jering and Jelapang for that matter, that’s for sure !

  9. #9 by a2a on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 8:26 pm

    Where you see the little children, tell youself that your vote to right party will give difference future to the little children.

    Yes, it is every vote count.

    Your vote is your children and their children future.

    You want them have a land of democracy and justice, make sure you vote the political party love and defence democracy and justice.

    Ask yourself do you want to free youself and children from corruption and injustice.

    Isn’t it enough for Malaysian 52 years of racial created by the BN?

    Isn’t it enough for Malaysian 52 years of injustice and unfairness created by the BN?

    Enough is enough.

    Tell yourself you do anything to defence democracy and justice, not just for you, but for all of our children and all our beloved Malaysian who love democracy and justice.




  10. #10 by safeworld on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 9:42 pm

    If a lie repeating hundred times, someone will believe it is truth. What if a decision make by the learned one open to be scrutinized, the truth will surface in due course. So, please wait and see…

  11. #11 by vsp on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 9:44 pm

    Najib makes a mess of Perak and he conveniently pushes the blame on others.

    Now he blames the PR for playing a political game by forcing by-elections for which he was responsible for initiating the process. In the first place it was Najib who was using the MACC to pressure Fairus Khairuddin to throw in the towel. This was before the 2 bukit by-elections. Perak was scalped by him and this was a trophy that he took home with him that endorsed his ascendancy to the PM during the UMNO general assembly. So proud and overconfident was he that it was predicted that the next state to fall was Kedah. So the MACC was unleased to claim more victims. In Selangor, the MB was investigated about cows and car, and in Penang Fairus was hounded. The 2 bukit by-elections was then days away and there was talk about BN winning 2 out of 3 seats that were at stake.

    Unfortunately, Najib was humilated and got a big slap on the face from the voters. Najib got the message that he would lose if there were further by-elections. So when Fairus announced his resignation, the MACC quickly dropped the charges and the Election Commission declared that Fairus do not need to resign. The investigation on Khalid, the Selangor MB was quickly withdrawn. Next, more resignations from the Pakatan were expected in Selangor, i.e. in Lanjan and Kota Kota Alam Shah that would necessitate by-elections. To forestall another 2 by-elections, Manoharan was released from ISA. Toyol who was hounding Elizabeth Wong for her resignation suddenly became dumb.

    Instead of BN hoping to regain their credibility with Najib’s becoming the PM and by using the MACC and Election commission to force cross-overs or by-elections, the 2 bukits fiascos had turned their grand strategy into horror and election-phobic.

    Never in the history of this nation has there been any PM that had caused untold miseries to the people as Najib. Even before claiming the crown he has been engaging in a number of unprincipled schemes and plots to ensure his ascendancy. Unfortunately, he has overplayed his hands and everything has turned out against him so that his reign would be the shortest. Najib will be remembered as the man who is sly and unprincipled operator of the black art.

  12. #12 by boh-liao on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 9:58 pm

    Ho, ho, ho …..
    Why worry? No problem
    Give BN a hoe
    let them dig a hole
    the longer they dig
    the bigger the hole
    enuf to bury BN
    six feet under the ground

  13. #13 by raven77 on Wednesday, 20 May 2009 - 11:56 pm

    It’s a good thing Najib did this to Perak for in doing so….he is dead anyway….if elections go ahead..BN and UMNO are wiped out….if no elections…economy of country is wiped out…’s a stalemate created by Najib that’s turned out to be suicidal….only God could have devised such a situation [deleted]

  14. #14 by hee haw on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 12:16 am

    Snap General Election is coming soon.
    Don’t know when, don’t know why but it is coming soon.
    You tell me how this can happened.

  15. #15 by wanderer on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 1:34 am

    Eunuch chengho, how heavy is C4’s balls?

  16. #16 by ekin on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 2:07 am

    To Mr Pathetic Laksamana Cheng Ho,

    “Perak crisis-what crisis if not instigated by PKR and Anwar
    let’s wait for court decision ,exausted all the legal mean that what PKR want from day one…. then we can go to ballot box….Perak crisis-what crisis if not instigated by PKR and Anwar
    let’s wait for court decision ,exausted all the legal mean that what PKR want from day one…. then we can go to ballot box….” – What happened to your eyes? How come you could see things in the opposite way whereas everything had shown it is your lovely BN UMNO started the crisis? I suspected you have alzheimer’s old are you? Do you need help? I know a very good neurologist that can help you. Do you want it? HA HA

    Don’t forget, Perakians voted for PR to be their leader. Who stepped in and messed it? Don’t tell me you don’t know. Even the blinded knows! PR was doing a very good job for the 9 months! Even our roads paved and cleaner, decorated, extended! Business even better! But now? Everyone is terrified! Why? Extra here and there! Extra locks! Extra precautions! Why? Going out of the house worst than going into warzone. At least you know who are the enemies at war but you won’t know who will come behind you to slash you, stab you, rob you and rape you!

    That’s the reason why TDM said it will be a clean sweep for snap poll!

  17. #17 by passerby on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 3:46 am

    # chengho Says:
    Yesterday at 18: 47.58

    Perak crisis-what crisis if not instigated by PKR and Anwar
    let’s wait for court decision ,exausted all the legal mean that what PKR want from day one…. then we can go to ballot box….#

    Remember when you are young and naive,your friend would trick you by pointing at the sky and ask you to look and when you look up, your friend would either slap the back of your head or steal your thing.

    Najib is stupid and naive to fall for this trick and got smacked at the back of his head by DSAI. And it even made a hollow “bong” sound too!

    I remember reading DSAI saying that once he got the required No. of cross-overs, he would go for a vote of no confidence and then a re-election. There is nothing dishonorable in the strategy.

    Najib is stupid trying to follow that without calling for a re-election. This only show how dishonorable and greedy he is. As the ruling govn., Najib should not stoop so low using dirty tricks to coerce the three frogs to cross-over. Unfortunately, umno are just a bunch of thieves and crooks trying every dirty means to stay in power.

    chengho, why don’t you ask your boss to clear him name first before becoming the pm?

  18. #18 by Joshua on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 6:54 am

    The end is here as confirmation of LOST Malaysia not 1Malaysia is failed judiciary

    and the rotten system of profligacy of RM30 trillions
    in some 27 Police Reports as ignored:- as lost Police in its direction.

    There are too many dramas with evil intention for 52/46 years within M’sian rotten system resulting in profligacy of at least RM30 trillions and no good for every one as the scourge of RAHMAN is tailing off.

    STOP the rot or M’sia go into oblivion.

    So the best solution is Interim Government of Good Governance – IGGG. for the common good at a time of global turmoil.
    When the executive, the legislative and the judiciary [now firmly confirmed] have failed to put things into proper order then it is left to the YDP Agong to do his duty. This opportunity is still available as Sultan of Perak spelt out the role of the Monarchy recently but nothing is done unfortunately..
    Article 39 of FC the YDP Agong as the Government has the power to appoint any deserving Prime Minister and the IGGG to replace the illegal Government with that rotten system.

    So if the YDP Agong also fail, then according to the Rukun Negara we are left to believe in the God to help the nation out in this time like that. I pray that more people would believe in the Rukun Negara.

    I will keep on writing until I helm the IGGG.
    Joshua Kong

  19. #19 by ctc537 on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 7:07 am

    They have to accept the fact that if one wants to practise democracy, one has to listen to the wishes of the voters. Pure and simple.

  20. #20 by Joshua on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 7:25 am

    We know there are too many departures in practices when the Fed Constitution (FC) is concerned where the agenda of the elite under RAHMAN had misled the nation through and through.
    We know that the political crisis would need a properly conduct of the re-election of the state which is provided in the Perak’s constitution. Many state laws can be over written by the FC as it had been seen in Sabah.
    The malayan state general elections had been conducted with the timing of the Parliament unlike Sabah and Sarawak except UMNO came to rule Sabah in 1994. Since then Sabah had its state General Elections in 2004 and 2008 in line with the Parliament’s dissolution.
    Sabah had a case of similar one (not exactly) in 1986 when a snap State general was done soon after 1985’s state general elections which caused a deadly race riots in Sabah after a midnight power grab by Berjaya and USNO. . Snap State general elections in 1986 was sort of solution to the crisis by PBS which won the 1985’s election by a one seat majority. (The tragic MM or 2M Govt was at the Federal level).

    In 1994, there was power grab by UMNO and the Chief Minister appointed initially resigned possibly based on a piece of dubious document [no vote of confidence in the Assembly]. Ask Anwar Ibrahim [exdpm] for the details.

    Now if ever Perak’s State Assembly is dissolved for snap elections as demanded in sort of democracy, would anyone challenge it as it is a departure from the status quo? Then another new legal battle go to the failed judiciary.

    Where would it end then? 1Malaysia is LOST.

  21. #21 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 8:35 am

    Anyone knows anything about the background of the 3-member Court of Appeal for the case tomorrow? I am sure BN already knows…

  22. #22 by Jeffrey on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 9:40 am

    Professor Shad is right about continuance of Perak political impasse tainting other institutions, that there is a plethora of contentious and unresolved legal issues, that even their resolution at the courts may not provide a political solution.

    How to resolve? Shad mentions Conference of Rulers or even the King or a “neutral, caretaker government” can dissolve the Perak legislative Assembly and go back to Perakians for mandate. Or “politically disinterested, towering personalities like Tun Musa Hitam or Tan Sri Razali Ismail could be roped in to broker peace”.

    However this – dissolving the Perak Legislative Assembly – is not that terribly ground breaking solution; it is what everyone else – even the untutored in constitution – is saying but of little avail so far when BN/TDM is of the view that BN would lose big in Perak state elections.

    Professor Shad says the country suffers, that “the country as a whole is more important than the fate of Barisan or Pakatan in Perak”, that “Perak politicians have no right to paralyse the rest of the country.

    What does this exactly mean? Does PR have to give in for the sake of the country where BN cares not a hoot?

    Prof Shad said “warring factions should negotiate and accommodate.There are four more years to the next general election.

    What is disconcerting is that Shad suggests “Barisan and Pakatan can agree to share two years each at the helm”. This is not correct.

    If that’s the case and I were BN, I would buy some more crossovers and launch similar dawn raid usurping power in other PR controlled states of (say) Selangor, Penang etc, force and stalemate and then in line with the solution in Perak share two years each at the helm of the other Pakatan Rakyat controlled states as well.

    This talk by Shad of “compromise” in political stalemate for sake of country is glib because a compromise means the party that is innocent is forced to compromise with party that is guilty of power grab and if compromise happens everytime it means the guilty party is always rewarded – and encouraged – for its aggressive and wrong action.

    Over time such compromises will aggregate to significant gains by the guilty party at the expense of the innocent one.

  23. #23 by Raja Chulan on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 10:36 am

    Dear readers,

    There are only two (2) guys who can undo the mess in Perak.
    They are Azlan and Najib.

    They can undo this mess by taking such actions that are fair and in the best interest of the people of Perak and all Malaysians.

    Vested political, financial or personal interest must stay out in their actions to find the correct solution.

    Will they?


    Raja Chulan.

  24. #24 by boh-liao on Thursday, 21 May 2009 - 2:23 pm

    Perak crisis has become a “hydra-headed monster”
    Perak crisis too is like a big fat sh!t
    that hits a moving fan
    big sh!t, small sh!t, micro sh!t, nano sh!t
    flying everywhere and every which way

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