Abdullah – retract statement that police report be lodged against Perak Speaker Sivakumar

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is right when he ridiculed the public statement by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi asking Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir to lodge a police report against the Perak State Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar.

As Mahathir asked in his blog, “If the decision of the Speaker can be considered a crime, then what will happen when the Parliamentary Speaker suspends opposition members for whatever reasons?”

Abdullah has not only made a ridiculous proposal, he had set a bad example as Prime Minister in publicly calling for an open breach of the law, as the Speaker’s decision or action, whether one agrees or disagrees with it, is protected by law and conferred immunity from civil or criminal proceedings.

This is why the Police should stop harassing Sivakumar as the police should be the first to uphold the law rather than to break it.

When I was detained under the Internal Security Act during the Operation Lalang dragnet in 1987, police officers interrogating me wanted me to reveal my sources of information on the North-South Expressway privatisation scandal which I had highlighted in Parliament and was clearly one of the real reasons for my second ISA detention.

I refused and told the police officers that they were breaking the law and referred them to the Houses of Parliament (Privileges and Powers) Act 1952 which conferred immunity to MPs from civil or criminal proceedings for anything done or said before the House or any parliamentary committee.

Section 3 of the Act states: “There shall be freedom of speech and debate or proceedings in the House and such freedom of speech and debate or proceedings shall not be liable to be impeached or questioned in any court or tribunal out of the House.”

I asked the police officers to go back and refer to the Attorney-General’s Chambers to seek legal opinion whether they had transgressed the Houses of Parliament (Privileges and Powers) Act 1952 in demanding that I reveal my sources of information on my parliamentary speeches.

I made it clear that I would exercise my right to lodge a report against the police officers for violating the law if they persist in that line of questioning.

The police officers went back to seek further instructions and dropped this line of questioning to demand that I reveal my sources of information on my parliamentary revelations about the North-South Expressway scandal.

There are similar legislation in the respective states to confer immunity from civil and criminal proceedings for State Assembly members, including the Speaker, for anything said or done in the Assembly proceedings. In Perak, for instance, there is the Legislative Assembly (Privileges) Enactment 1959.

Clearly, Abdullah had been badly advised. May be, this is why there a need to seek advice from Queen’s Counsel in a foreign land.

The police should stop harassing the Perak Speaker Sivakumar and Abdullah should retract his public statement proposing that a police report be lodged against Sivakumar

  1. #1 by evankoay on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:02 pm

    All malaysia residents support Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) &Democratic Action Party (DAP).

    this is my blog…

  2. #2 by ch on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:05 pm

    Dear All,

    Yes, it is indeed a mockery for the current Perak state government to seek legal services from a QC in England to redress the constitutional issue in Perak. It is like rushing back to the “mother” sorting advice as British ruled Perak from 1874 to 1957. The Speaker is a very powerful and important post in Parliament and State Assembly. Even in the most conservative Iran, the Speaker of its Parliament, Ali Larijani has openly went against and disapproved a few important plans of Ahmedinejad. In fact Ali Larijani openly ran down the economic plans of Ahmedinejad which he felt are populist in approach and would help nothing but to increase the country’s inflationary rate. In the previous Parliament, Ahmedinejad got away as the former Speaker of the House, Hadad Adel was his good buddy. Similarly, now Perak is trying hard to unseat Sivakumar and install a friendlier Speaker. UMNO leaders are trying to create a long lasting perception of Sivakumar that he is amateurish and lack the legal wisdom of a credible Speaker. UMNO is also trying to question the impartiality of Sivakumar, saying that he is more inclined to the Pakatan Rakyat government than he is as an independent Speaker. In other words, UMNO is trying to tell and sundry that Pakatan is trying to use the novice Speaker to get even with BN. Therefore, BN has good reason for the Rakyat to be concerned about the credibility of Sivakumar.

  3. #3 by cintanegara on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:31 pm

    Negarawan Ulung Tun Dr Mahathir, is an inspiration for all of us…. His guiding principle based on integrity and realism has done a lot of good for the nation….He is truly international statesman who shaped this nation to wonderful destiny….. Smart Malaysia must always follow his views and thoughts…..

  4. #4 by cintanegara on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:34 pm

    Smart Malaysians must always follow his views and thoughts…..

  5. #5 by frankyapp on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:36 pm

    Wow,it’s real hot.can say it’s the hottest current issue about Umno looking for QS in England to defend their questionable state Perak government. We hope this time the rule should not be for Umno it’s OK,non Umno,not OK. Waiting keenly now the reaction or answer from both the malay law and the general law associations coments on this ‘ boleh aab desicion. Hey guys,remember Mrs.Tony Blair case some years ago.

  6. #6 by Jong on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:48 pm

    To me it looks like UMNO’s psychological warfare, a show to create public perception that they must be right, they are right and legally OK for UMNO/BN to do a ‘coup d’etat’ in Perak!

    Whilst Zambry(phd?) proudly claims he was appointed by Tuanku – HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, he is begging to be accepted and be recognaised by the masses – yeah HRH’s Perak subjects!

    Perakians refer to him as the ‘MB tipu’! Meanwhile Nizar, Perakian’s PR Menteri Besar, has earned the respect of many hands down; they love the man, compassionate and with integrity.

    Rather than leaving the people’s elected Pakatan Rakyat Government alone to make serious effort managing a failing Perak state, this UMNO/BN lot behaves like organised crime syndicate, bull-dozing their way around, self above state and nation and causing more problems than help!

  7. #7 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:53 pm

    The Houses of Parliament (Privileges and Powers) Act 1952 govern only Parliamentary proceedings and not state assembly proceedings (governed by the Legislative Assembly (Privileges) Enactment 1959).

    Fortunately, the Legislative Assembly (Privileges) Enactment 1959, governing state assemblies proceedings do grant immunity.

    Perak State DAP chief (lawyer) Ngeh Koo Ham have relied upon Section 3 of the Legislative Assembly (Privileges) Enactment 1959 which provides that “No MEMBER shall be liable to any civil or criminal proceedings, arrest, imprisonment, or damages by reason of any matter or thing which he may have brought by petition, bill, resolution, motion or otherwise, or have said before the Assembly or any COMMITTEE.”

    Ngeh relies on the fact that V Sivakumar who is State Assembly Speaker does not lose his status as a state assemblyman just because he is also speaker, and that the word “committee” would include the Speaker, V Sivakumar either chairing or attending not just the Perak State Assembly but also the committee of Rights and Privileges hearing against Zambry and his exco members in which the latter were suspended.

  8. #8 by frankyapp on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:55 pm

    Hi,cintanegara,are you still asleep in aab beloh land or a blindly followed tdm fan in fantasy island.tdm is good in fictitious act,liken our sandiwara show.All smart malaysian should be awared and be very careful of the past,the present and future tdm.Cintangera,be fore warmed .I know tdm,I don’t deny he has contributed to our country . But at what price we the rakyat has to pay and endured.

  9. #9 by yhsiew on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:11 pm

    PR must get the Perak state assembly dissolved as soon as possible, otherwise BN will try all sorts of methods to hold on to power (e.g. lodging police report, seeking advice from Queen’s Counsel in a foreign land etc). I wonder what BN is going to do next if they fail to get advice from Queen’s Counsel.

    As the Chinese saying goes: “The longer the night, the more bad dreams you will have.” PR must cut short the night to NOT allow bad dreams foil their plan; that is, dissolve the state assembly immediately once the opportunity arises.

  10. #10 by Kasim Amat on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:17 pm

    I am not going to comment on Mahathir’s comment about the police report. However as we all know, we respect our Sultan and we love our country. For those who have high regards for our Sultan and for those who are loyal to our country, we know what we should do. We should support UMNO and support what Abdullah said. In fact, the one who set bad example is Sivakumar. He has no respect of our Sultan and Constitutions at all. he should be thrown to jail immediately! Let’s pray all the PR government will fall in the next couple of month and let justice prevails.

  11. #11 by grace on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:17 pm

    Aiya, I am not surprise that Pak Lah blundered again,very much expected of him.
    They give him all sorts of nicknames not without reasons.

  12. #12 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:30 pm

    Talking about throwing Speaker Sivakumar into jail, for “disrespecting Sultan and Constitutions”, the Bar Council has highlighted a provision of our Federal Constitution – which is Article 72(2) – that says that “No person shall be liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said or any vote given by him when taking part in proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of any State or of any committee thereof.”

    This effectively means the Constitution grants Speaker Sivakumar immunity and throwing him into jail – by the way – would constitute not respecting the Federal Constitution on the thrower’s (not throwee)’s part! :)

  13. #13 by ahoo on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:32 pm

    Be prepared to be in for a long haul to the crisis in Perak ! How can an illegitimate govt becomes legitimate ? Furthermore, we are in the midst of watching the biggest soap opera in town, as it had been announced that the results of the umno youth election won’t be made known until after the Bukits’ buy-election, can someone confirms this ?

    They still think that we are all living up on the trees and have no interest nor are serious of the political happenings in Malaysia. That they can still fool us by their antics. Can’t blame pak lah at all because his team of advisers may have ill advised him and furthermore they hardly practised real law as for them to be an ‘apple polishers’ is more rewarding than pursuing the real role of a lawyer.

  14. #14 by vincent on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:32 pm

    What ever position you are, moron is always a moron. May god bless him.

  15. #15 by boh-liao on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:42 pm

    Sad though it may be, the rakyat are watching the dumb comedy unfolds.

    The BN are showing their dumbness and double standard. BN-controlled House of Parliament and State Assemblies can suspend and fine opposition members as they please. However, when PR-controlled State Assemblies suspended BN state assemblymen, the BN politicians and machinery cried foul and demanded actions to be taken against the person or people who are in power to do so.

    How can the nation progress? Time to get rid of the unscrupulous politicians permanently.

  16. #16 by wesuffer on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:43 pm

    abdullah had his own bahasa call bahasa mimpi.
    he is mr 3am.

  17. #17 by monsterball on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:53 pm

    Abdullah is a confirmed low IQ… hypocrite…. and Mahathir who is 10 times more worst….loves to expose him….for personal selfish… ulterior motives.
    A devil is after another…for face saving…..personal glory and protecting family’s wealth.
    Spinning round and round….turning inside out…tossing upside down..are all we are going to expect from UMNO…to confuse Malaysians…with the hope…that they will gain back confidences from voters.
    From Dollah….he is also a proven..confirmed liar…not keeping his promises to be “People’s PM”.
    It’s the usual sweet election talk. After that….we have seen and heard enough …don’t we?

  18. #18 by homeblogger on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 5:59 pm

    Ah… as I am under standing this is the problems : You sees, ther boyses in the forth floor, they giving the wrong advizes to the Prime Ministrator becoz they are not so goods in the Inglish languages. Even mor diffeecult to under standing law Inglish. That’s why here in boleh-land, they wan to all make us going back to everythings in Malay mah. Then oni they is not look so stupeed likes they are make the PM looks now.

  19. #19 by gycgocnt on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 7:02 pm

    ridiculous, BN stop practicing double standard to PR state government, from budget allocation, school visit, opposition ceramah permit, parliament seating. Now BN/UMNO still wanna intervent to Perak Speaker decision making, do remember, the collapsing of Perak Governemnt is done by your within ‘constituency’ as u claim. Now speaker also exec his power within this ‘constituency’. Moreover u ask police to quizz in this situation, as a minor citizen in Malaysia, i wonder how PDRM can intervent in this episode?? PDRM case is just focus on criminal but not politics or the vilidity of constituency. Today our police also become a gunners of government, if u dont know the scope of works of PDRM, get back to learn the Constituency of Malaysia…

  20. #20 by sheriff singh on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 7:14 pm

    Rumour has it that the 4th floor boys are planning a “coup” for the lame duck to remain in office. This should be exciting.

  21. #21 by sheriff singh on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 7:18 pm

    Respect is a two way thing : People Ruler

    Whoever does wrong must make it right to earn it.

  22. #22 by m.a. on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 7:34 pm

    The speaker has his own immunity. Please respect that.

  23. #23 by Godfather on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 7:38 pm


    If Abdullah has low IQ, what hope is there for people like cintanegara and Kasim Amat ?

  24. #24 by ktteokt on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 8:33 pm

    Thanks to Mahathir, we end up having an IDIOT for a PM for five years!

  25. #25 by sheriff singh on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 8:47 pm

    Tomorrow somebody will give the usual excuses: it was taken out of context, he was misquoted, he was only defending the rulers etc etc

    Lame ducks shouldn’t quack anymore.

  26. #26 by homeblogger on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:25 pm

    sheriff singh Says:

    Today at 19: 14.57 (2 hours ago)
    Rumour has it that the 4th floor boys are planning a “coup” for the lame duck to remain in office. This should be exciting.


    Indeed. I’d rather have Sleepy-head as PM than Rosmah.

  27. #27 by anna brella on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:54 pm

    A somewhat mild mannered PM who does seem to respect democracy (even though a little late) or an iron fisted T. Rex-like one who clearly does not and rides roughshod over everyone/thing when in power?

    Now that’s a really difficult choice for me I have to say.

    “Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.

  28. #28 by wanderer on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:57 pm


    If Abdullah has low IQ, what hope is there for people like cintanegara and Kasim Amat ?


    One simple solution, send them down south, we cattle quarantine
    bay specially suspected ‘mad cows’.

  29. #29 by shah pinang on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 10:08 pm

    Kasim my lame man, you are back! why the hiatus period? you went to 4th floor is it?? stop making suggestions there la. see what you have done. now you Pak Dolah dreaming of becoming menteri Kanan.Shame on you. He doesn’t even know left and right.

    # Kasim Amat Says:
    Today at 17: 17.43 (3 hours ago)

    “For those who have high regards for our Sultan and for those who are loyal to our country, we know what we should do”.

    1. Vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the next election.
    2. When we need to korban big cows, call the MACC. if not they’ll get mad cow disease.
    3. For the love of the Sultan, we should lock people like you up in the asylum! Then the Sultan can breath easily and happily ever after without hearing you guys shouting ‘Daulat Daulat Daulat lompat, sebat,kami nak kaya cepat ….Tuanku!!! every now and then.

    “We should support UMNO and support what Abdullah said”

    What did ‘the great leader’ Abdullah say? EVERYthing must report to police.Because you support UMNO- I am making a police report against you Kasim at my nearest local police station. If I were you, better find a good ‘Cockney’ lawyer.
    *am not swearing-i swear!*

    “he should be thrown to jail immediately! Let’s pray all the PR government will fall in the next couple of month and let justice prevails.”

    Yeah Kasim. Let Justice PRevail.

  30. #30 by MyPeoplePower on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 10:40 pm

    Bodoh Zambry,

    Why your legal counsel go to seek help from Queen Counsel?
    Why not you request Queen Elizabeth to endorse that you are the legal MB Perak? Kakakah!

    Bodoh Zambry in Bodohland!

  31. #31 by distantmalay on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 10:52 pm

    kugan case any outcome ???
    anyone charged yet ????

    why take so long ?
    the cows already came home.

  32. #32 by Onlooker Politics on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 11:22 pm

    Zambry Abdul Kadir’s getting Nizar involved in the tic tac toe game of Perak power struggle will very soon be seen to be the most effective way to cause bankruptcy problem to many businessmen who are waiting for the Land Office’s endorsement in the land property caveat registration requested by the bankers as a normal procedure to release bank loan to the businessmen.

    It is sad to find that not only a good MB like Nizar but the genuine businessmen will also have to be victimised in the coup attempt plotted by several BN covets who wished to fulfill their selfish gains in the political ambition!

  33. #33 by vvick on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 11:25 pm

    Polis is Raja for PM ! Hikayat Pak Pandir-semua nak report polis pulak! aiyoo…..bolehland. Total mess with understanding of law and order.

  34. #34 by vsp on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 11:49 pm

    UMNO going to London to seek the opinion of a QC? What a joke! If they were so confident that they are right and claimed that the Sultan action was constitutional, why go back to the former colonial master for succour? I thought they always said that we have our own lawyers who are qualified to argue any local cases?

    This proves that the coup leaders have not taken into account every eventualities that may arise from this power grab. They thought that by relying on the Sultan’s power to deny Pakatan request is enough. Yes, nobody deny the Sultan’s prerogative in this matter, but the Sultan is a constitutional monarch. He must also follow the proper constitutional procedure of ending a state government. Instead of him issuing a diktat and humiliate the MB in double quick time, he should have allowed the democratic process take its course. Now suddenly they found out that the position of the Speaker is still valid and they they are now in a constitutional quagmire.

    Why had the Sultan have to act in such haste? Sultan Azlan was the former Lord President and he should have known that to act in haste is to invite trouble.

    I posit that the sultan had been blackmailed by the coup leader. If it is true that Raja Azlan is a commoner and his claim to the throne were on shaky grounds, it would expose him to blackmail if he does not agree to go along with the coup d’état. Remember what happened in Kelantan years ago. The Kelantan sultan was not on good relations with Mahathir at that time and there was an attempt to discredit the status of the sultan. Suddenly they found someone who claimed that he should be the rightful heir to the throne and a lawsuit was initiated to contest the Sultan’s position as the ruler. Sound familiar in this situation?

    Another ammunition that the coup leader can use against the Sultan is substantial stake of the royal house in Gamuda. Gamuda relies on the federal government for big projects. At this time of the world’s financial crisis, Gamuda’s foreign projects are in serious trouble. Also there were talks about some hanky panky in some projects that Gamuda was involved in East Malaysia’s states.

    With these potential traps that the Sultan was subjected to, it’s no wonder that the sultan have taken the gamble to put his reputation on the line.

    So now the question is: who is the real traitor and criminal to put the Sultan to blackmail? The traitor should be stoned to death.

  35. #35 by One4All4One on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 1:32 am

    What else can we say about the kasim amat, the cintanegara (but not really cinta negara) fellow and the likes?

    Both of you have again and again exposed yourselves, and proven beyond a grain of a doubt, to be no more than the sycophants dancing to the music and songs of your political masters from BN-UMNO. You guys seem to be incorrigible parasites feeding off the waste of those plunderers, crooks and cheats.

    Sorry guys, unfortunately for you, the audiences here are not interested in your dances nor acts. You are just making a mockery of yourselves and reflecting the idiocy of the fools and clowns you worship and represent. Wrong place and forum for you guys.

    Wondering why don’t you just go to their blogs and sing praises to them? Sheer waste of time here! Perhaps you are appreciated there.

    We don’t worship any masters here. For we have very independent thought and stand. We are neither subservient to nor lording over anyone. We are the free people with very clear principles and conscience. We are not shackled to servitude and human worshipping.We prefer to chart our righteous direction rather than to subject ourselves to the lost and pretentious.

    We express our thoughts without fear or favour, and to add a little more, without being obsequious or pander to blind authority.

    You have to change in order to suit yourselves here. Or you will be changed!

  36. #36 by klaikw on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 1:43 am

    Speaker said u out and u out ok Bodoh Zambry, bising apa lagi.

  37. #37 by Bigjoe on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 8:41 am

    The scariest part of these thing is HOW EASY so many of the police officers lie. In Sivakumar case, they initially lied about which case he was being investigated for AND even tried to deny him the right to counsel!!. Breaking the law is second nature AND the only redeeming thing is they do it so badly!!!

    You wonder why AND they you realise that even the PM, who has been in govt for decades, don’t understand basic concepts of proper rules and procedure!!!! Who can do something for decades AND then lose sight of basic rules and concepts?? O

  38. #38 by Jong on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 9:05 am

    For the benefit of those who have not read NH Chan’s article \Perak: the judge has made the judgement\, click here


  39. #39 by blablowbla on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 9:24 am

    i recall you all back to the PULAU BATU PUTIH case against singapore last year,why didnt the PAK BODOH seek advise from Queen’s counsel???

    It shows how selfish,fool and how evil they are ,especially against their own ppl!

  40. #40 by sotong on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 9:48 am

    Decades of bad politics overruling good policies…..when is this going to stop before our country reach a point of no return.

  41. #41 by wesuffer on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 10:48 am

    abdullah dont want quit. want become senior minister !
    senior minister still can at back door to control PM.
    as lee kuan yew

  42. #42 by StevePCH on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 11:10 am

    PL need to berpencak silat a bit before he retire. BN is and has been setting rules that can favor themself. in the end , whatever they set it will backfire.

    It is because the will of fire, people’s power will prevail. Malaysian is growing to be more matured and not the stupid Yes Yes Rakyat as we were instilled with the fear since young of racial conflicts.
    We are now best pals, neighbors , relatives , colleagues and business partners. There are no longer colors in these relationship, BN failed to see through the color division that they had created and failed to understand the Berlin wall of racial politic in Malaysia had crumbled.

    By creating the biasness on the execution of fairness in both MACC , PDRM, JAC , business opportunities and education, BN is putting the final nails to their coffin beforee the next GE. GLCs , Cronies LC like UEM Renong , GAMUDA , etc are the only ones benefitting from the false so called “development” by building bridges , highways etc. Thereafter robbing billions from Rakyat.

    We are fed up with these. MACC , JAC or whatever “Independent” Police commisions are useless . These are headed and operated by BN goons. Who appoints the judge ? BN . MACC? BN PDRM , JAC ? BN and retired judge all of which involved BN.

    I really do not know what Pak Lah is so proud about MACC except that it is their newest tool to suppress PR. The rest is crap !!!

    There is only one way and that is to let PR to govern. A change in government is the only way to stop all this crap.
    So YB Kit, I really think you are only wasting your time calling for sleepy head to retract his statement. He is too sleepy to do that.

  43. #43 by cintanegara on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 11:19 am

    Wesuffer, For your kind information, DAP is the ONLY party, practising nepotism without regard to individual’s merit. Furthermore, they are interested in the ‘Senior’ positions as practised by their fellow ‘Advisor’ from the tiny country…. Don’t be surprised to see additional positions as such being established in DAP:-

    1. Senior Chairman
    2. Senior Mentor
    3. Super Senior Mentor
    4. Super Super Mentor
    5. Senior Secretary General
    6. Mentor Secretary General
    7. etc etc etc

    It is of course no surprise to witness that all positions are held by both father and son…..

  44. #44 by StevePCH on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 12:11 pm

    cintanegara , what about , Mukhriz – MAHATHIR , Krismuddin Hussein ONN , Khairy Ahmab Bohdowi , Najib RAZAK ? you do understand the word NEPOTISM don’t you ? and many more saudara saudari UMNO. Pt Klang Late Zakaria , son and daughter in law … ???? endless in BN … Chua SL . Chua TY ,
    Before you point your fingers at other remember, 3 fingers are pointing back at you and one pointing upwards.

  45. #45 by cintanegara on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 12:23 pm

    At least, Mukriz and Hisham came into picture when their fathers no longer hold key positions in UMNO. DS Najib seriously involved in politic after his late father passed away….They are not like Ipoh Timor. Chief Minister of Penang, ADUN From Melaka, Puchong, Jelutong and many many more…..

  46. #46 by Anti-Monarchy on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 1:21 pm

    Cintanegara, you clearly have lost the plot here. If you have any sense which I doubt you have you would realise that the comments regarding PM,DPM etc point to one thing only….CORRUPTION!!

    And Kassim Amat, I think you are in the wrong blog mate!

    Of course the latest joke now is UMNO Perak is seeking legal advice from a QC. Apart from the fact they are so desperate to get someone to say that they are right and that they have a strong case against the opposition and the speaker, just imagine the amount of tax payers hard earned money that have been wasted and will be wasted? Yes folks..the fact the 6 or so representatives that have gone (or will be going to England) at the expense of the tax payers money.

    Not to forget ,normally a QC would charge about GBP300 an hour and a case as complex as this (for UMNO of course) would cost a lot more more.

  47. #47 by shah pinang on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 6:36 pm

    News headlines:

    Pak Lah proud of judiciary reforms

    Changes in the judiciary and forming the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) are among the achievements that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is proud of.

    Let me calm myself down……before I laugh myself to death!
    I am sorry YB Lim, I am just not as polite/eloquent like you-
    or rather I just cannot comprehend how on earth can I respect this kind of leader(s)??! He is an absolute joke to this country- he is empty in the head, empty promises,empty speeches, semua kosonglah! and all of of his supporters are either a nincompoop or blinded by $$$$$……or both.

    # cintanegara Says:
    Yesterday at 16: 34.38

    Smart Malaysians must always follow his views and thoughts…..

    first, please do everybody a favour by changing your ‘cintanegara’ nickname. Clearly, you do not ‘cinta’ your ‘negara’. People who cinta his/her negara MUST NOT/DO NOT follow their leaders blindly. If you do, you become…..like Zambry. Kesian dia. Educated and all. Then ‘follow the leader’ – become ‘smart’ like you. *pun intended*

    cintanegara Says:
    Today at 11: 19.24 (5 hours ago)

    Wesuffer, For your kind information, DAP is the ONLY party, practising nepotism without regard to individual’s merit.

    secondly, as pointed above, you demonstrated your ‘nincompoop’ness very well by contradicting your statements….just like that!

    cintanegara Says:
    Today at 12: 23.43 (4 hours ago)

    At least, Mukriz and Hisham came into picture when their fathers no longer hold key positions in UMNO.

    by your own definition/admission- this is STILL nepotism! It doesn’t matter the father pencen ka whatever.Did you know Hang Hisham is related to Najib ‘the punisher’ ???!

    anyhow since UMNO also do it-DAP is NOT (allegedly) the only party practising nepotism.
    Khairy, the son in-law-in 4th floor will be very disappointed with you- for selectively NOT mentioning him in your ‘nepotism hall of fame’ list.

    IF he/she merits it, there’s nothing wrong to have a ‘father/mother and son’, ‘father/mother and daughter’ (in-laws included) team. competency is something tangible that can be assessed and evaluated. So if you have earned it, you deserved it.

    by the way ‘cintan”egara’ (sounds more like viagra to me) , try not to see things ‘through rose-tinted glass’-well in your case UMNO tinted glass-and an expensive one too!

  48. #48 by undergrad2 on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 6:06 am

    Jong Says:

    Yesterday at 09: 05.18
    For the benefit of those who have not read NH Chan’s article \Perak: the judge has made the judgement”


    If I’m not mistken that was his opinion and not a judgement since the guy no longer sits on the bench. The only bench he is now sitting on is the bench at the park in Ipoh under the pomelo tree.

  49. #49 by KennyGan on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 8:30 am

    Here’s something of interest to readers. Apparently the illegally minted Perak govt has lost no time in reverting to the old ways.


  50. #50 by pjboy on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 8:44 am

    Dear YB,
    if it is BN-speaker, it is the LAW. if it is opposition to BN, it is against the LAW. this is BN-Law. It is “Saya tak suka dicabar” LAW. only BN is allowed to go against the royals & they will be known as hang tuah. if it was others, it is derhaka ie known as hang jebat. BN has lost it. Pakatan need to take stock, re-group & re-strategise. Stop all the politicking. Let BN do it, the Rakyat will know what to do in the next GE. Pakatan must find ways to create new opportunities for Rakyat, stop witch hunting (unless provocated by BN & cronies) & start to really work together. The rakyat supported Pakatan not only to send a strong message to BN (which do not go into their thick skull in the first place)…so to stay alive for next GE, Pakatan must move. Do the right thing right. Hope I make sense.

  51. #51 by StevePCH on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 9:02 am

    shah pinang,
    Your right. LGE sacrificed for the sake of the old lady and underage girl and ended up in jail. He earned the respect of Rakyat.
    Is it nepotism ?
    KSD and family members won on their own.
    They did not inherit any “stronghold” seats like UMNO’s putras.

    Wee Ka Siong should quit for lying about the alleged problem between the Board of Governors and PTA of SRJKC Sin Ming Puchong. Mr. Chai was the Chairman of PTA before appointed to the chair of the Board. He enjoys great support from the PTA.

    Wee Ka Siong as the arrogant deputy EDUCATION minister should quit and stop all his bullsh its.

    PL will just enjoy his last month as PM and make things worse only, retracting the statement … we must be daydreaming YB.

  52. #52 by taiking on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 9:06 am

    Cant see any logic in cintanegara’s statement. Justifying the unjustifiable. Comparing incomparables. Like dinasours are not animals and the fine black sand of langkawi is actually pulverised diamond.

    Those Tuan McBullys forgot that umno culture of money politics cannot be nationalised. Cant blame them for trying it in Perak. At least it is all in the open now – the fact that Tuan McBullys’ ways and culture do not and cannot represent malaysia or malaysians is now written all over the country. Not just in perak. And that how oddly and absolutely out of place they are in this country. A thumping majority of people in perak surveyed (I was given to understand) want a state re-election and do not accept the cowboy mb.

    They are people who have little respect for the laws in the first place. They only uphold them against their opponents. To them everything is about their pockets and preserving power. How ironical that they should now seek the views of a QC on the position of their power.

    Desperation I say. Desperation is what that is bugging them right now. Desperation which is driven by perakians’ rejection of them. the cowboy mb and their ways.

    Its back to politics. Having a QC telling them that the cowboy mb is indeed the proper mb will change little. Not even a court pronouncement will change anything. Its politics. Umno played the politics of power-grabbing. Its a bad move and voters are enraged. Voters are now playing the politics of rejection.

    High legal opinion and lenghty court judgments – fold them up and store them away Tuans. They are of no use now. You fellas started this nasty round. Hold on to your balls Tuans and stay put wherever you all may be so that you all can face whatever political backlash that may come your way.

  53. #53 by StevePCH on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 9:20 am

    Malaysian Insider reported Bar Council slamming the police for questioning Perak Speaker.
    She mentioned about the separation of powers in legislative assemblies.
    I do not think PL, NTR , PDRM care. All this while UMNO is the power. nothing to separate for them.

  54. #54 by One4All4One on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 - 11:24 am

    Sorry for the digression. Think the following would be of interest and worth debating:

    Privatisation of Public Facilities/Utilities in Malaysia.


    FEB 25 — First, take a one-sided concession agreement, in favour of yourself of course. Then get a federal gvernment guarantee. Throw in an enormous profit margin, of say 50 per cent over 30 years, and you’ve got yourself a triple-A rated sweetheart deal.

    Welcome to Malaysia, where privatisation has often favoured concessionaires over consumers and taxpayers, and indeed the federal government itself.

    Water assets, toll highways, power plants: the list of infrastructure deals with deliciously generous terms handed out under the previous administration of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad just grows longer.

    Yesterday, for example, it was revealed that Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd effectively collects a toll from every passenger who goes through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. (themalaysianinsider)

    One wonders what the outcomes would be like if all those deals were NOT privatised but handled by the government directly in a wholesome and responsible way?

    Also, what if the projects were to have been developed jointly with private companies, but leaving the government to manage them? Would it then be more favourable to the rakyat in terms of rates the rakyat have to pay for using those amenities?

    Concessionaires should no and cannot be left to hold the government and the rakyat at ransom.

    But it seems that agreements and contracts always favour them more than to the government/rakyat. Hence, it can be said that the government/rakyat had been at the losing end all these while!

    Such kind of lop-sided arrangements create instant millionaires and even billionaires within certain favoured group of companies or individuals. And they are even left to milk the country (read: the rakyat) for many many more years to come.

    Easy money for the concessionaires. And the contracts and agreements even PROTECT AND GUARANTEE THEM HUGE PROFIT MARGINS FOR A LONG TIME TO COME!

    The questions to ask are :

    WHO are those people drawing up the concessions?

    HOW much profits do they make actually for the whole duration of the concessions?

    The answers to those questions are some of the main reasons why BN-UMNO cling on to power to control the country by hook or by crook.

    The rakyat are always the ultimate losers. BN-UMNO and the concessionaires are always up against the rakyat.

    Time to change all that? So that the rakyat would not be robbed and taken for rides again and again. Period.

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