Zambry – seek legitimacy as Perak MB through state polls

Yesterday, the illegal and illegitimate Perak Mentri Besar Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir admitted that people were wondering whether he was truly the Mentri Besar and lamented that his position was considered illegitimate and illegal – undoubtedly by the majority of the people in Perak and Malaysia if they are given the opportunity to have their say.

Zambry should seek legitimacy as Perak Mentri Besar through a new snap state election in Perak as he will never gain legitimacy through the immoral, illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional power grab orchestrated by the new UMNO Perak chief and the Prime Minister-in-waiting Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Unless the Perak State Assembly is dissolved to return the mandate to the voters of Perak to elect the state government of their choice, Zambry will go down in Perak and Malaysian history with the dubious reputation as the “usurper” and illegal Mentri Besar who has no popular mandate or legitimacy to be the head of government because of the immoral, undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional power grab orchestrated by Najib.

The Perak political and constitutional crisis sparked by Najib’s immoral, illegal, illegitimate and unconstitutional power grab had dragged on for too long and it is the responsibility of all the political leaders in both Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional to end the political stalemate of two Mentris Besar to restore the people’s confidence and mobilise state and national energies to face the worst global economic crisis in 80 years.

The Perak political and constitutional crisis can be ended in 30 days if the Perak state assembly is dissolved to return the mandate to the voters of Perak to elect a new government of their choice – as the 12th national general election last year was held within three weeks of dissolution of Parliament and the state assemblies.

This means that the Perak political and constitutional crisis could be ended even before the Umno party elections, which is the other political factor creating uncertainty in the country, at the end of next month.

Is Zambry prepared, together with Datuk Seri Muhammand Nizar Jamaluddin, to jointly agree to an end to the Perak political and constitutional crisis in 30 days through the dissolution of the Perak state assembly and the holding a new state election in Perak?

  1. #1 by k1980 on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 2:11 pm

    Zambri: Haiyah, ki si lang! Lu sudah tau BN tak boleh menang cukup seats to form the Perak state government, and yet lu pester me day and night to hold state polls. Lu ingat gua boh otak kah?

  2. #2 by pulau_sibu on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 2:38 pm

    Can Pakatan start to create a fight for UMNO by proposing in the parliament that abdullah should stay on? He is not good, but Najiv would be even worse. If Anwar will not take over, it would still be better to have Abdullah there instead of having Najiv who created all the damages for the country.

  3. #3 by One4All4One on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 2:40 pm

    As long as BN (read : UMNO) is not confident of winning the elections, they are not prepared to give in to demands that fresh state-wide elections be held.

    After orchestrating and successfully grabbing back the Perak state government, they are trying all means, hook or crook, behind closed doors, or resorting to unconstitutional means to stay on to bask in the glory of winning, which had eluded them since losing terribly in the 12 GE March 2008.

    BN-UMNO had been so used to and taking for granted that they are the only masters in Malaysia. Indeed, the power that they had been holding on to for such a long period of time had afforded them to gain control of and abuse national coffers, machineries and apparatus at the very whims and fancies. Moreover, power is addictive.

    It also afforded them to position and posture themselves as untouchables and “princes” of the land! The others as pendatang.
    What shameless claims and stance.

    They really cannot bear to see another alternative government, which of course would disrupt their covert plans and selfish interests in all and sundry. For them the stake to lose would be hard to stomach. That is the only real reason to hold on to power.

    Other matters, like allegiance to royalty, constitution and respect for the people are secondary, and only serve as conduits and fronts.

    A bunch of so-called elites managing the national riches, serving primarily themselves, giving out crumbs occasionally or whenever deemed necessary to quell uprising or revolt, is the order of the day.

    All these nonsense must be changed. The rakyat must take back what was due to them. Period.

  4. #4 by ALLAN THAM on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 3:17 pm

    BN made history again by putting a MB who pleas with people to recognize him as legitimate MB. It is a real joke and only Joker will do so.

    In the first place if people want you you need not to pleas with them. Please remember that power from the people. With the people cooperation where you put your face.

    Zamry! If you are real PHD holder you should have refuse to be an MB to save your future. People now will spit you as you are not worst than the robber. the conventional robber rub money but you rob people power and you rob democracy.

    It is a pity that a young guy and suppose to be a PHD holder has been trap by the BN dirty tactic. You have been play out by BN and you no longer have the future after this grab of power.

    You are the tool of the corrupt and you have submitted to short term gain by holding on to the hollow MB post.

    Can you imagine where ever you go majority of the people of Peral did not recognized you as legitimate and look upon you as a political robber rather than MB? Can you feel the shame now? What this hollow power can bring you and where is your face?

    Human being differentiate from animals by the fact that human being have the one thing what we call conscious, which include the felling of guilt and shamefulness but what happen to you. What is the difference between you now as compare with the live in the animal farms ya?

    Please ask you self before you sleep every night.

  5. #5 by frankyapp on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 3:28 pm

    My goodness,what’s happening to our country,the umno/bn ruling party first grabed the Perak state government by accepting corrupted PR’s assembyman.:Later they initiated and suceeded an illegal state government by appointing an illegitimate MB ie zambry.Umno/bn why did you accept corrupted ybs. You said you guys are clean,transparent,trustworthy but why the power grab throught dubious means.Why involved the monarchy in a unpreceeded speedy appointment of a new MB.Umno/bn do you guys really believe in demoncracy and if you do,why not ask the monarach to desolve the state assemby,call for an immediate state general election and let us the rakyat decide.Lost or win,show us you guys are sincere,fair and humble.Please be humane.

  6. #6 by peter sng on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 3:41 pm

    As it stand now, it a a ding dong bell situation, very flimsy.

    At this moment even though if it is legitimate, the BN state govt is very UNEVENLY represented; only one MCA rep.

    So to end this stalemate, return the mandate to the rakyat for the good and fairness of all parties(BN, PR & the palace), let’s have a state election.

    Whatever the outcome, there should not be any recriminations provided that the election is conduction FREE & FAIR.

  7. #7 by wanderer on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 4:16 pm

    It is about time, the sultan should summon both the MBs and recommend to the dissolve of the State Assembly. Allow the circus show to continue, all parties will end up losers…including HRH.
    Let Perakians exercise their rights, let the winner takes all! Without this mandate from the people, the State will be in limbo.
    A sultan appointed MB is not recognized, the peoples’ MB was unconstitutionally removed…Perakians suffer.
    Is ego and self interest more important than the Nation or State?

  8. #8 by Mr Smith on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 4:20 pm

    Zambry should be intelligent enough to understand that he cannot force a woman (Perak) to love him.

    She is not going to share the same bed with him, nor make love to him nor even let him touch her.

    She is saying that her man is Nazir and she does not want this Indian looking man who kidnapped her and want to own her against her will.

    How can he want her when there was no wedding before an Iman or Bilal? A wedding before a sultan is not valid.

    Let her go Zambry!!

  9. #9 by ksham on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 4:20 pm

    It takes an Indian to bring BN to its knees. If you see a snake and an Indian ……………………. Too late . Our man has balls of steel, guts of diamond, but then, it is Zamry that is wearing his underwear outside.The fool is running around like a headless chicken trying to justify his illegal position. He utters statements without engaging brain and mouth. The problem is BN owns his mouth, their backside owns his brain ,but PAKATAN is holding him by his balls. You should hear him scream in sweet agony at the pain. GIVE THE MANDATE BACK TO THE PEOPLE OF PERAK!

  10. #10 by Mr Smith on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 4:35 pm

    Correction to the above post ….\She is saying that her man is Nizar …

  11. #11 by Mr Smith on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 5:16 pm

    Here is some juicy stuff about the MACC Chairman Ahmad Said and his son.

  12. #12 by lee wee tak_ on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 6:12 pm

    His menteri besar-ship is solidly backed by the Perak royalty on the basis of a majority of 3 calon bebas – bebas to go to Hong Kong for 1 and bebas daripada mahkamah for 2 as at 9 February (hope the court upholds all semblance of fairness and justice) as well as having an unestablished and unsubstantiated share price movement of G, whom some irresponsible person spread the untruth about an unproven connection which begets clarification once n for all.

  13. #13 by 318 on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 6:34 pm

    to zambry you only get d support from najib n d palace hello don’t involve d palace ok politicians are elected by the citizen n not by the sultans or agong if you are stupid don’t that the rakyat are also stupid as u both of you n najib don’t know d word MALU

  14. #14 by LALILOo on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 6:39 pm

    More on Ahmad Said and his son that was caught and charged in Australia.

  15. #15 by yhsiew on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 8:40 pm

    Zambry’s refusal to seek legitimacy as Perak Mentri Besar through a new snap state election in Perak is predicted to spell trouble for BN in the 13th GE, as the rakyat are wary of BN’s underhanded tactics to seize power at all cost through immoral, illegal, undemocratic and unconstitutional means.

  16. #16 by Mr Smith on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 10:02 pm

    Dr Mahathir consider’s Abdullah instructions to defy the Speaker and lodge police report against him as very odd as no crime has been committed by the Speaker.

    He asks if Opposition lawmakers who were similarly suspended by the Dewan Rakyat Speaker could also lodge police reports.

    Then he wonders what would happen if Nazir occupies the MB’s chair at the next State Assembly sitting. What happens to Zambry then? What happens if the Sergeant at Arms do not obey the Speaker’s orders to remove Zambry?

    I expect this old goat to state categorically if the takeover of the Perak Government is legal or not.

    Read it here:

  17. #17 by monsterball on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 10:06 pm

    I am so sick of UMNO…spending 90% always scheming…plan to give bribes….threatening….scheming to do anything to their advantages…..never elected to work at all. It’s dirty politics…..they are best at….and with their lives..they will keep doing protecting their positions….because they are all corrupted crooks. Once UMNO falls…many will go to jail.
    If they work…it is checking longkangs and potholes.
    They know how to give tenders to their own kind…to keep going.
    There maybe still a spark of hope….that few more BN guys may feel guilty and do the right thing..soon.
    Since loosing 5 States plus one….UMNO have exposed how dirty and cunning they can be. one in the world can match up with UMNO’s highly intelligent rouges. They are real first class crooks and con men… cunning and totally arrogant.
    With 22 years of training and being educated by the devil reincarnated…..Mahathir…he lasted 22 years…exactly for those reasons.
    This shows…UMNO hero worship crooks and con men…as long as they can find ways and means to steal our money.
    They are so greedy….nothing is enough.
    Under Tunku Abdul Rahman …no stealing. He needed money…just ask….and good Samaritans will help him…mostly Chinese.
    Whole country knew that.
    That’s why he died ….a simple poor man….and all Malaysians simply love and respect him sincerely.
    It is cursing and exposing….UMNO leaders….since Mahathir took over.
    Malaysians are totally disappointed with Dollah…and less said about Najib…..the better.
    I read blogs and Malaysiakini…….totally different from newspapers.
    Bottom line….voters have to decide.
    If UMNO is voted in on the 13th election…..something is very wrong with Malaysians.
    I do not care how good UMNO keep saying they are.
    Change of government……to stay powerful with our votes to whoever manage the country….should be exercised.
    It’s long long overdue….and let not UMNO members keep thinking…..UMNO should rule forever.
    If they do….these are die hard racalists…and the cause of Malaysia’s downfall.

  18. #18 by HJ Angus on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 11:04 pm

    Well it looks as if some folks are getting some perks out of the legal battle.
    A few chappies are off to London to seek advice from a Queen’s Counsel.
    Guess teleconferencing is not a tool used by lawyers and politicians.

  19. #19 by One4All4One on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 11:11 pm

    UMNO seeking QC’s opinion on Perak impasse:
    Sunday February 22, 2009
    Zambry seeks London’s QC’s
    opinion over Perak

    What a joke!

    So many legal experts in our own backyard had spoken their piece on the Perak impasse and the constitutionality, or rather the unconstitutionality, of the case, and yet off they go to seek counsel elsewhere.

    Perhaps BN-UMNO do not trust the local experts? Perhaps they know that the local experts are not on their side simply because they understand the local laws too well to defend them?

    Pay the QC to side with them, and lo, come back with their ill-obtained prescription and declare the law is on their side?! And demand PR to step aside, because so-and-so QC said so?

    What if PR also were to stoop that low ( and silly ), to go over to seek the counsel of another QC, and come back with a PR-friendly “verdict”? Would UMNO just accede to PR’s demand to relinquish the MB post in Perak then?

    BN-UMNO is desperate. Poor, poor UMNO…they know the Perakians and the whole nation are not on their side. They know they are the sure losers. They know they are due for the dumps.
    And desperate people do desperate things.

    BN-UMNO is indefensible. For too long, they have done too many injustices to the rakyat. Lop-sided policies. Embezzlement. Filthy affluence. Plundered projects and contracts. Too much sins committed. Racists. Blasphemous. Bigotry. Piracy. Gangsterism. Corruption. Licensed daylight robbery. Abuse of government machinery and apparatus. And what not.

    Too dirty to be defended and sustained. Time’s up for them.

    Time for change and restructuring of Malaysia.Period.

  20. #20 by ekans on Sunday, 22 February 2009 - 11:18 pm

    One wonders whether it is acceptable for the BN-UMNO led federal govt to exert some kind of influence on HRH Sultan of Perak over the future of the Perak state govt which resulted in this crisis.

    Now, the federal govt also wants to push the PR-led Selangor state govt aside and muscle in on the state water supply negotiations, and in addition, to what has been done to the Selangor MB Khalid’s credibility by the MACC, also an instrument of the BN-led federal govt.

    Anyway, as being mentioned above, if Zambry really wants to end his doubts of whether he has actual support from the majority of the people in Perak, yes, he and Nizar should both seek an audience with HRH Sultan of Perak to get the state assembly dissolved, and start anew with fresh state-level elections, but may be the federal govt leader no.2’s hold on Zambry is too strong for this to happen…

  21. #21 by sani on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 12:11 am


    Aiyoh…….such thick skin creature, running around begging to the Rakyat to recognize him as the MB. The whole world knew his party lost the election.

    Some more give him a free shot at it, but takut to face the Rakyat.

    What kind of flers has BN got. Yet BN want us to believe that people like you can lead the country!!!! Mother of shameless cowards.

    If you were my son, i’ll disown you. If i am your son, i will commit suicide. Zamry!!! Zamry!!!

  22. #22 by ekompute on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 12:52 am

    I don’t understand why we are so harsh to the illegal and illegitimate Perak Mentri Besar, Dr. Zambry Abd. Kadir, when we were so submissive to the then illegitimate Prime Minister of Malaysia in 1988 when UMNO was declared illegal. We did not even ask for a snap election then, much less fought for it. So why are we being so harsh now? Is it because we were scared of the mamak then or because the mamak was more legitimate?

  23. #23 by distantmalay on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:06 am

    to the illegitimate MB of perak, why need you go around pleading for recognition ? shameful isn’t it ?

    actually it’s very simple, if you want to sleep better, just go for election.

    if MB Nizar not scared of election, why must you be scared ?

  24. #24 by passerby on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:16 am

    Zamry, the people of Perak does not accept you as the rightful MB and they consider you a crook and a thief. You did not win to become their mb because the people did not give you the mandate. What najib gave you is illegal and is no difference from receiving a share of the loot.

    The Perakian will consider all your counsel proceedings illegal and will hold you responsible for any illegal approvals and payments. Remember you are a crook and a thief and you have no right to approve or pay anything.

  25. #25 by ekans on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:19 am

    After much of the political drama & manoeuvring, Zambry’s boss, the federal govt leader no.2, had told the media that the ousted PR should accept that it has to concede, and that the people of Perak should accept this new BN state govt after appointment of Zambry by HRH Sultan of Perak as MB.
    But after all that, if Zambry admits to the media that the majority of the people in Perak are still uncertain of the legitimacy of his MB post, can this be legally used against him in the upcoming court case that was filed by the ousted MB Nizar?
    It already appears that Zambry is unable to express that he has the confidence of the support from the majority of the people while Nizar has been able to do so repeatedly.

  26. #26 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:33 am

    the cowardly illegitimate pretender to the
    post of chief minister of perak now
    runs to the uk to get a queens counsel opinion.
    and it is just that. he is seeking an opinion
    to bolster his claim that he is the rightful
    chief minister. of course all that idiot needs
    is to go round seeking a QC which has a favourable
    opinion. but PR should be careful now.
    this “favourable” opinion of the QC will be used
    to bring pressure upon PR and try to “sway”
    the people that the state government is under
    BN control.
    PR better get ready to reply to the false claims
    of the dim wits.

  27. #27 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:35 am

    oh by the way why the hell does umno
    bother to get foreigners to interfere in
    state government business?
    i thought they were all for non ineterference?

  28. #28 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:37 am

    now when the moron comes back with
    his favourable opinion obtained from
    a QC who has been bought over (and the brits are
    easily bought over by the way)
    lets see whether they give a clear written
    step by step argument as to how his
    favourable conclusion was arrived at.
    and lets still remember its just the favourable
    opionion of an outsider. and thus carries no
    weight in malaysia.

  29. #29 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:38 am

    and by the way lets dare the dumb umno
    moron to ask the QC if the sultan had
    the power to “dismiss” nizar and declare the
    seats vacant.

  30. #30 by distantmalay on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:49 am

    hmmmm……Dr. Tan Yee Kew is a quiet lady, hardly hear about her these days.

  31. #31 by cemerlang on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 2:59 am

    At least, Dr Zambry is made to wonder about his situation. A very uncomfortable situation whereby there are two sets of governance. One. the people’s elected Pakatan Rakyat. Two, the sultan’s elected Barisan Nasional. No matter how you twist and turn, you know very well that the Pakatan Rakyat is the official governing body of Perak. Just think. The many common people waited in line to tick and elect their choice representative. They sacrificed that time from the offices, from their homes, from their plantations, from their works just to carry out their right to vote. Whereas for Dr Zambry and his gang, nobody waited to tick and to choose them. The royal decree came to them and they accepted it. Between a mass of people and the sultan, in your own conscience, you should know in the name of fairness, whose decision should be considered ? The many people versus the one sultan. In terms of quantity, the people win. In terms of ethics, morals and principles, the people carry more weight. It is the voice of the people versus the sultan’s right to choose. Who would you listen to ? A mass of people or just one person ? Dr Zambry and his gang should feel ashamed for not proving themselves worthy of the people and taking away things which belong to other people. If there is any self worth left, Dr Zambry and his gang should allow an election to happen. The rakyat’s blessing is so much more meaningful because it is the rakyat that the politicians must work for because of their many problems. You don’t have to work for the sultan because he has too many workers already and his problems are not the rakyat’s problems. Simple facts. Nothing that is so royal. Nothing that is so hi fi. It is high time you all have to separate traditions and what is actually the correct thing to do. No use of being proud of your traditions which make you do something bad.

  32. #32 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:43 am

    the selangor mentri besar says he resisted
    a mob of 50 who stormed his residence and
    harrassed him for not giving them “the
    advantages umno goons received”

    these are the people PR have to watch against.
    these are the very same people who are no better
    than bn people.
    they are the corrupt type.

    in any case this is what i have long
    known would be the case. that some/a lot
    of people in political parties are just looking
    for “business opportunities”.

  33. #33 by Taxidriver on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 6:14 am

    UNMO should make a poohlis report against Zambry for ‘treason’. The sultan of Perak appointed him MB but he is doubtful of the legitimacy of his appointment. In plain words, he is questioning the power of the sultan when he goes to UK to consult a QC.

  34. #34 by Kathy on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 6:24 am

    BN shld just leave it to the people to vote again for the State of Perak. Zambry going to UK for a QC is really a disgace to Malaysians and as Taxidriver said, “Treason”.

  35. #35 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 7:47 am

    UMNO’s options on Perak are two: (1) play the Monarchy card and arrest PR MB Mohd Nizar/Speaker V Siva Kumar for not obeying Perak Ruler’s decision (I call this “Hardball Approach”) or (2) seek moral/legal legitimacy for what is perceived as immoral/illegal coup of Perak State govt with assistance of 4 political defections (I call this Soft Ball approach”).

    Signs that the Soft Ball Approach is still on the table as an option are the fact that Zamri is still appealing to Perakians/Malaysians to accept the Sultan of Perak’s decision to appoint him as MB to run the state; and the fact that UMNO is sending a senior constitutional lawyer to London to engage the services of a QC. It means resolving the issue via law and courts – no matter the delay – instead of naked force by arrests is still considered.

    It is interesting to ask : why not the Hardball Approach ? If they use force they win the battle for now bust lose the war. A government sometimes uses force (arrests & harassment) against political opponents. Ours has done so in the past. However the use of repressive methods, even if used, is often justified on the first principle – that the government is popular govt elected by majority : it has therefore moral legitimacy to rule and by extension of this legitimacy to ride roughshod over rights/liberties to enforce the will of the majority. This extension of legitimacy to violate rights/liberties is off course bunkum theory but this has (rightly or wrongly) been done and so justified.

    There is something every powerful is this idea of mandate by majority vote as an essential basis if governance based on moral legitimacy. It starts from basic concept that all men are created equal. So if equal why some men have the “right” to govern and dictate to others? Answer: well the rest consent to them to do so. Consent will waive immediate insistence on equality. The “evidence” of this consent is expressed via choosing via the ballot box. To be sure, it is not perpetual consent. It can be revoked also via the ballot box. After 308, it was PR that could prove consent – and moral legitimacy of rule in Perak. The BN now cannot prove it. It’s formation of BN state Govt was enabled by canvassing 4 political defectors of dubious credentials legitimized not by fresh mandate to show majority’s consent but by Royal fait, and fait accompli!

    The problem to BN in this Perak’s case is that the above stated first principle – the moral legitimacy of the BN state govt – is thrown wide open into question and for so long as there’s no state elections/fresh mandate to legitimize it, will forever remain so, making it also doubly difficult to resort to repressive acts/Hard Ball Approach, often justified on flimsy excuse of legitimacy based on majority mandate.

    This is the reason why BN still has time to tinker around weighing the SoftBall approach.

    Immediately Perak may be favourable to the incoming incumbent who could face UMNO Assembly with “I’ve got Perak in my bag”. However ultimately all calculations cannot just be based on favouring just the incoming UMNO president but the entire party as leader of the pack BN – and for that interest to be served, they must have not just Perak but majority of Malaysia too in the bag.

    That is the other reason why the Soft Ball Approach cannot also be discounted – a factor favouring PR at the moment.

  36. #36 by Godfather on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 8:01 am

    Barang Naik can’t afford a snap election at the moment. Not that they don’t have the resources, but Najis can’t afford to demonstrate an even worse result as compared to March 8, 2008. They will fight tooth and nail – and whatever illegal means – to hold on to what they have now. The rakyat will suffer, but we all know that they don’t care. All that Barang Naik cares about is what happens to their rights to dip into public coffers.

  37. #37 by yhsiew on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 8:03 am


    Try to get the Perak state assembly dissolved as soon as possible. This is because once the BN state government settles down in Perak, they will use money (maybe in a form of posh development or costly donation) to win the hearts and minds of the Perak people. Once that is done, it will be very hard for PR to wrest back Perak even though the Sultan may eventually give consent to dissolve the state assembly.

  38. #38 by undergrad2 on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 8:23 am

    Democracy is about the law being on your side. Right now PR is trying to hijack the position of the MB through abuse and misuse of the law.

  39. #39 by KennyGan on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 8:50 am

    Why go all the way to London to engage a Queen’s counsel? They could just engage Jeffrey Q.C. from here.

  40. #40 by StevePCH on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:04 am

    The BN federal govt. did not show much interest in developing Perak the 11 months of PR legal govt. How much fund has Perak government receive for development ? I strongly be it to be negligible.
    The same goes with Sin Min in Puchong, all the “bigger and richer” schools like “Han Min and Harcroft “received much much more funding than this small little school which had been sidelined from “development”.
    Is it wrong for the board to get PR’s help for funding when the Education ministry has neglected this school. I heard that parents , teachers and and headmaster and students had been warned not to attend yesterday’s fund raising event or “action” will be taken against them.
    This is just rediculous.
    This type of double standard government we do not need.

    BN is so scared that PR is doing a good job in Perak that they will never win Perak in the next election. That’s why the double standard and power grab in Perak.
    I agree totally with yhsiew that the state assembly should be dissolve immediately to resolve this impasse.
    Malaysians are currently suffering from an economic crisis and BN has created a constitution crisis.
    How many crisisses can Malaysian take ?
    Doomed we are I fear ! Befallen us has the Darkness !

  41. #41 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:08 am

    “Doomed we are I fear ! Befallen us has the Darkness !”

    wah sounds like yoda is giving up.
    nonsense! yoda never gives/gave up
    and neither will we.

  42. #42 by Bigjoe on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:20 am

    Sure, sure we get this. But the fact of the matter is BN is are not going to budge unless its forced on them. Najib can’t afford to have this thing boomerang back to him. He will ‘blow up’ everything before he has an election. The man is no stateman and has no morals which we know.

    What is PR end-game here? At some point the people are going to be tired of this AND become very divided. PR may end up winning the war but AT what cost?

    What happened to the idea of automatic dissolution of Parliament by May? Is PR getting carried away with publicity and making pointers they are losing sight of the war?

  43. #43 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:51 am

    Carrying forward from what KennyGan posted KennyGan Says:
    Today at 08: 50.34 (15 minutes ago) :

    As Government rules & affects our lives, it must have political legitimacy, “legitimacy” meaning it is authentic, representative and is justified in doing what it does.

    Political Legitimacy is derived from a play/combinatuion of both Legal & Moral Legitimacies. Legal & Moral Legitimacies are however different ideas…

    “Legal Legitimacy” is complying with legal and constitutional requirements. [UMNO’s quest for a QC to contest Speaker Sivakumar’s suspension of Zamri is one such example of seeking legal letitimacy to “indirectly” declare the Zamri’s appointment as MB by Perak Ruler stands on legal legitimacy.]

    Moral Legitimacy is different from Legal Legitimacy: whilst “Legal Legitimacy” concerns with complying with legal and constitutional requirements, Moral Legitimacy concerns with complying with wishes/mandate of the people/electorate determined/evidenced by the Ballot Box!

    Whilst Legal Legitimacy lends a helping hand to buttress Moral Legitimacy, it need not be so in every case.

    A clear example is what is legally legitimate may not be morally legitimate when the laws under the former cateory are either unjust, wrongly interpretated or interpreted by an unfair judge or court to bring about a subversion/derogation/defeat of the people’s will/mandate (ie Moral Legitimacy).

    In seeking Legal legitimacy BN is resorting to half way measure because where it conflicts with issues of Moral Legitimacy, the latter always will prevail as paramount!

    Let alone the quest of Legal Legitimacy itself is, in Perak’s episode, tainted by “selective” application : it is to be noted, here again, that the London’s QC is “selectively” employed to contest Speaker Sivakumar’s alleged unconstitutional suspension of Zamri when the other corollary question is not answered – why the QC’s expertise is not equally canvassed to evaluate the constitutionality of Zamri’s earlier prior appointment by Royal Fiat, which is after all, the “First Cause” leading to V Sivakumar’s subsequent alleged unconstitutional action of suspending Zamri!

    If the “First Cause” is neither legally or morally legitimate, then the question of legal legitimacy of the subsequent result that it causes – Sivakumar’s suspension of Zamri – is of superfluous importance….That is the truth that BN has failed to grasp!

  44. #44 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:54 am

    wah lau eh jeffrey!

  45. #45 by ch on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 10:32 am

    Dear All,

    I think BN is weighing all options available in order to solve the political impasse in Perak. As we are well aware there are a few options available for UMNO to once and for all settle the issue which by the days becoming an Achiles strain. The longer the issue is dragged the worst UMNO will suffer as anger grows among Perakians. A snap state election which Pakatan Rakyat had been clamouring is definitely among the options being weighed and considered at the moment but it would not be a palatable consideration at this point of time, at least after the UMNO election. UMNO has played very much often on the weak leadership of Abdullah Badawi and trying or had succesfully tried to project the perception that UMNO and BN lost badly in the last general election due to the weak and meek leadership of Abdullah. Leading to that, UMNO has clamoured for change of leadership so as to ensure more vim, vogour and vitality be breathed back into UMNO. In other words, UMNO leadership has found this “breath agent” in Najib Tun Razak and one need not to be resourceful to notice the momentum UMNO had been trying to develop on the back of Najib’s ascension to the throne. Najib has been featured prominently since May this year. On the other end, Pakatan Rakyat is trying to negate the momentum created by UMNO by trying hard to picture Najib as a corrupted, criminally tainted and questionable leader. With three by-elections looming, UMNO and Najib are presurized as the sentiment among the rakyat are against them. Lucky enough, these by-elections were scheduled after UMNO election and would be much easier to fact them with fresh leaders helming the party. The option which UMNO will eventually choose for Perak political impasse would very much depend on the outcome of its own party election that will determine the party’s leaders line up as well as the results of the three by-elections.

    We are aware that short of a sudden flip-flop decision by Abdullah on Najib’s ascension, UMNO new leaders line up are more or less been decided i.e. mostly will be from Najib’s camp. Even Jamaluddin Jarjis has been quite chirpy recently and vying for an important post in UMNO. In other words, it is who is close to you rather than who you are in UMNO will eventually decide your ascension. Similarly, it would be much easier for UMNO to get its acts back in order once Abdullah’s supporters are removed and they could then face Pakatan Rakyat in a more credible and solid manner compared to the past one year when the party was deeply engaged in internal fightings. While Najib and supporters are trying to consolidate their positions in UMNO, they are trying to break up Pakatan Rakyat by creating confusion among its leaders. One of the major success in hitting Pakatan was the win in Perak. It is now up to the leaders from Pakatan to speak and move in one single voice but then again, as much as one may eant to deny the fact, Pakatan is similarly embroiled in their own internal party in-fightings.

  46. #46 by i_love_malaysia on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 10:39 am

    Zambry – the first illegal MB in Malaysia who tried to enter through the BACKDOOR of a house occupied by legitimate owner, but too bad that the BACKDOOR was shut because Malaysian always shut the BACKDOOR due to too many robbery and thief cases and to avoid BN people like him who likes to enter through belakang masuk!!!

  47. #47 by k1980 on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 11:21 am

    Not so long ago, Tony Blair’s wife, who is a QC, was denied permission to represent her client against the Malaysian govt. Now Dollah wants a QC to represent the Malaysian govt. Has he gone bonkers?

  48. #48 by Godfather on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 11:29 am

    They have to find a QC who specialises in making illegal positions legal.

  49. #49 by HJ Angus on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 11:38 am

    I am sure they will be able to find a QC in London who would be willing to offer a favourable opinion.
    But I don’t think the Perak people are willing to pay for such a consultation.

  50. #50 by distantmalay on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 12:08 pm

    wah…….zambree goes for makan angin, and tax payers are paying for it ? he should be using his own money because he was not popularly elected.

  51. #51 by distantmalay on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 12:18 pm

    i think since he is so doubtful, he better not use wang cukai rakyat for doubtful endeavours.

  52. #52 by computation on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:06 pm

    “They have to find a QC who specialises in making illegal positions legal.”
    the godfather

    i thought thats what qc’s are for…

  53. #53 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:32 pm

    Queen’s Counsel (QC) are senior lawyers appointed by letters patent to be one of “Her [or His] Majesty’s Counsel in UK learned in the law. They are supposed to be “learned” because they have areas of specialisation (say) constitutional law and ply their trade in litigation. Besides experience in their areas of specialisation, they could, drawing from expoerience, recall court precedents, tactics and procedures off the cuff and present them ala elegant style with fanciful style, intended to impress & convince….

    To say that QCs are better than our local experienced lawyers whether in private practice or AG chambers is of course contentious.

    For one thing they may be experts in English law (upon which our laws are historically based) but they ain’t experts in local laws that have developed on their own. Everyone knows we broke off ties with the Privy Council as final appeal decades back! So what does a QC know about our Constitution or for that matter the Perak State Constitution? Probably next to nothing which is why upon a QC engagement at high costs the QC has to be briefed/advised by their local legal counterparts that engage the QC omn loical laws and their political nuances…To say that the QC could read and divine better the intricacies of (say) the Perak Constitution than our local legal eagles is equally contentious.

    So why employ QC? It is like a Public Relations Exercise, it is to add drama, colour, flamboyance – without sacrifice of legal expertise of course – to advance one’s case in the interest of proving legal legitimacy to the populace that I earlier talked about. It assumes the populace will think that anything produced by ex colonial masters must necessarily be good.

    I am neither QC nor authority on anything legal but I think it is safe to say that other than “Public Relations” aspects, it is matter of debate that the QC could argue the case better on fact and law than our local experts.

    However the QC from UK has another advantage of presenting a politically neutral image. Our legal eagles are arrayed one side or another for or against BN or PR, at least that’s the perception no matter it is not necessarily true. So when a QC argues and wins the case, the client (UMNO) can say, “hey an ‘independent’ lawyer helps us win, so our position in law – that Speaker unconsitutionally suspended Zamri- must be constitutionally and legally legitimate!”

    My advice to Paktan Rakyat is simple: play the other side of the ‘Public Relations’ game and have Mohd Nizar (in his current suit against Zamri) employ another QC (as advised by existing dream team PR lawyers) to argue on the constitutionality/legality of the “First Cause” – Zamri’s appointment as MB by Royal Fiat!

    How could PR Mohd Nizar’s appointment of QC be rejected and UMNO’s appointment of QC is Ok over issues representing both faces of the same coin (ie constitutionality of Zamri’s appointment as MB)?

    The main purpose of this drama of appointing QC by PR is to dramatise/prolong the Legal Tussel, which as long as this “SoftBall Approach” (as defined in earlier posting continues) the prrospect of Hardball Approach being taken become less and less in prospect, which is what you want anyway. Downside, costs of QC is less than cost of campigning in two by –elections in Perak that the Nga/Nga duo fought for earlier!

  54. #54 by ekans on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:47 pm

    Seeking help from a Queen’s Counsel in Britain does show a level of uncertainty on BN-UMNO’s part in battling this Perak state constitutional crisis. Perhaps, Nizar’s lawyers had put forth some good arguments in the suit filed against Zambry.
    It appears that there may have been some oversight on the part of federal govt leader no.2 (soon to be no.1) when he used defecting state reps from PR to oust PR out of the Perak state govt.
    Does this mean that BN-UMNO’s confidence is some how already a bit shaky?

  55. #55 by boh-liao on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 1:49 pm

    Zambry wants legitimacy and respect.
    Simple lah, dumb-dumb. Just suport the call to dissolve the State Assembly and go for a fresh election. No need to go looking for a QC.

    Do the right thing for Perak. Without a fresh state election, the state government will ding-dong between PR and BN in the next few years, making some frogs millionaires. This uncertain yo-yo situation will not be good for Perak. Who will bother to invest in Perak?

    Let the people in Perak decide and vote for a large majority to rule Perak till the next GE.

    Jantan or not, Zambry?

  56. #56 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 2:04 pm

    We must all recognise this important point : that Perak UMNO’s engagement of a UK Queen Counsel is “good” thing that PR should not object – and in fact should encourage – for two obvious reasons:

    (1) The first is that Perak UMNO’s engagement of a UK QC means that there are complicated legal and constitutional issues involved in Zamri’s suspension which is inextricably connected, as I said, to the First Cause of Zamri’s appointment as MB pursuant o Royal Fiat! If not complicated, why require a UK QC?

    However if Perak UMNO admits/concedes that important as well as complex constitutional issues of public importance are at stake to warrant a QC engagement on its own, it also means that all actions of Karpal Singh (in earlier wanting to join Ruler as first defendant), Mohd Nizar’s so called disobedience of Royal Fiat to stand down as MB and the latest V Sivakumar’s action in suspending Zamri CANNOT be simply treated on a lower level of simple disobedience/defiance/disrespect of Royal Command – ‘Leste Majeste’ so to speak equivalent to “Treason or Sedition, justifying use of state force (Hard Ball Approach) by the state on these players…….

    It is obvious that if Karpal/Nizar/Siva Kumar has “really” committed ‘Leste Majeste’ (forming the basis of police reports by many pro establishment group), they should be just charged. It should not involve UMNO’s having to send, at great expense, a team to UK to engage a Queen Counsel.

    So UMNO’s engagement of QC is, to me, its own implicit admission that complicated constituional issues are at stake for argument and judical determination to resove the Perak stalemate.

    It paves the way for this stalemateto be resolved by process of law/courts than the feared process of state force by arrests! It defines the parameters of how this will be resolved, and it is good it goes the QC/legal way!

    (2) The second advantage is again what is source for the goose is sauce for the gander – no double standards!

    If UMNO could appoint and get admission of a UK QC to argue Zamri’s case against V Sivakumar, so can Mohd Nizar be equally entitled to engage, appoint and get admission of a UK QC to argue his dismissal as MB against Zamri as illegitimate usurper.

    This is because Sivakumar’s suspension of Zamri is part and parcel of its First Cause, ie the sacking of Mohd Nizar and replacement by Zamri.

    They are two opposite but integral sides of same coin in respect of legal/constitutional issues for which double standards cannot be justified!

    I say, Let the Games begin. :)

  57. #57 by sightseeing on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 2:05 pm

    The relevant question for the QC should be whether the Speaker has the legal authority to suspend an illegitimate MB. There is no question of unconstitutional suspension since the appointment of Zamri as MB is unconstitutional.

  58. #58 by StevePCH on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 2:15 pm

    If the QC is truly a QC, he would ask Zambury to go comeback and hand over the govt. back to PR or dissolve the state assembly. Wasting taxpayers money to consult a QC. Furthermore, what is the Bar Council for ? UMNO had exhausted all avenues of legality in Malaysia on the Perak issues, that’s why have to fly kite.

    Connection to YB’s site is slow like Craz…….y

  59. #59 by Godfather on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 2:39 pm

    “We must all recognise this important point : that Perak UMNO’s engagement of a UK Queen Counsel is “good” thing that PR should not object – and in fact should encourage ….” Show-Off QC

    Has PR objected at all ? On what basis can PR object if Barang Naik wants a legal opinion from a QC ? Important point for whom ?

  60. #60 by Onlooker Politics on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 2:43 pm

    I am no legal expert in Constitutional Law. However, even a layman of law will find that in a court litigation, whether the plaintiff will win or the defendant will win is to a very large extent depending on the taste of the judge.

    Since the incumbent ruling Executive Power of the Federal Government of Malaysia will always have the strong political influence in order to permit the Executive’s intervention or interference in the Judiciary, it will not be difficult for de facto head of the Executive, namely Najib, to give hints to the obedient staff from the Judiciary System in order to cause appointment of the Pro-BN judge to sit in the hearing of the case of Nizar versus Zambry.


  61. #61 by Godfather on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 2:49 pm

    “PR in fact should encourage…”

    Yeah, right, tomorrow I’ll send a cheque to BN to help pay for the costs of consulting a QC in London.

  62. #62 by cintanegara on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 3:05 pm

    The majority of Malaysians appreciate and love peace and unity.. Therefore, let’s make sure this country is not ruled by a racist party which fights ONLY for its own community interests. Furthermore, good leaders are based on merit, competency and efficiency, not nepotism like what DAP has been practising all this while.

    The majority wouldn’t want to risk their future and supremacy… Otherwise, they will end up like their brothers and sisters who live in a tiny country…. despite having a composition of 14% of the country population…They are just represented by one minister of their own kind, holding insignificant position in the cabinet…..Moreover, they are denied certain positions in the military as well as in the cabinet…. If meritocracy is really being practised in the tiny country…why is this happening?

    As Malaysian citizens, we must fully support the efforts and values upheld by the Government and our leaders towards ensuring the well-being and harmony of our multi-racial and multi-religious society.

  63. #63 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 3:11 pm

    The good thing about you Godfather is that you are soooo predictable!

    Well since your latest unreasonable provocations (postings Today at 14: 39.02 and Today at 14: 49.49 ) actually make an eloquent point for me on your ‘screwed up’ attitude, which I cannot do better myself, I shall let them for this occasion pass, for now. :)

  64. #64 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 3:13 pm

    Good thing about you Godfather is that you are soooo predictable!

    Well since your latest unreasonable provocations (postings Today at 14: 39.02 and Today at 14: 49.49 ) actually make an eloquent point for me on your attitude, which I cannot do better myself, I shall let them for this occasion pass, for now

  65. #65 by Onlooker Politics on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 3:18 pm

    “Connection to YB’s site is slow like Craz…….y” (StevePCH)

    I experienced the same slow downloading problem since 20.02.2009.

    YB Kit has to get a computer software systems expert to check whether the increasing traffic has caused a slow computer throughput or whether the blogsite has been exposed to any possible cyberattack by the malicious hacker!

  66. #66 by Jeffrey on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 3:28 pm

    How does one reconcile these two statements from and within one posting, 15: 05.06 – “The majority of Malaysians appreciate and love peace and unity.. Therefore, let’s make sure this country is not ruled by a racist party which fights only for its own community interests’ with the next statement, “The majority wouldn’t want to risk their future and SUPREMACY…..”? :)

  67. #67 by Ling Mazen on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:24 pm

    Sloppy statements from a sloppy mind. This sloppy fella has a name called cintasloppiness, an arrogant ignoramus and a niinny.

  68. #68 by Godfather on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:34 pm

    Well spotted Jeffrey ! Let’s see if cintanegara understands your point. I think it more likely that this UMNOputra would miss the point completely.

  69. #69 by cintanegara on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 4:58 pm

    I’m very much pleased to vote for PR if DAP agrees to take up the position of Minister for the Environment and Water Resources and leave the ‘senior’ positions to PAS and PKR……….

  70. #70 by Yee Siew Wah on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 6:54 pm

    A great write-up by KKP:-
    “Reported in Malaysiakini, Umno is seeking the opinion of a Queen’s Counsel (QC) on the constitutional issues on the takeover of Perak state government from Pakatan Rakyat. It was reported that a senior constitutional lawyer left Kuala Lumpur yesterday for London to engage the services of a QC on behalf of Umno to advise the party on a host of questions that is roiling debate in the country.

    I thought both Najib Razak and Zambry said the takeover was constitutional and legal. If they were so sure of their position why can’t they trust a local constitutional lawyer to represent them?

    A self-proclaimed Malay nationalist party running to its ex-colonial master’s country to seek for a legal advice on the state government legitimacy is both shocking and silly. I am sure we have enough legal brains in the country to handle the constitutional issues. This action shows no difference from feudal Malay rulers running over to seek the advice of British residents and advisers in the past.”

    The last person UMNO should ask for an advice is a Queen’s Council. They should really go back to ask the people of Perak by calling for snap elections. This is the best way to show us their patriotism.
    That Mr.C4 and mamak Zambry are now so desperate as to seek QC advice now. They not only DO NOT trust or have confidence in our very own lawyers BUT also insulted the Perak Royalties intelligence who appointed them. And here is a great great apportunity for that apportunisitic “Oxfart” bum and his retarded zombies to lodge thousands of police reports on this new “MB” for treason against the Perak royalties, just like they did to Karpal , Nizar and their fellow PKR members. However, I bet my last dollar for sure, these hypocrites will pretend nothing happen and “dudok diam diam” la. This is Bolehland.

  71. #71 by Loh on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 7:05 pm

    There was a time when the Sultan of Perak could accept Nizar suggestion to dissolve Perak Legislative Assembly, he didn’t. Having appointed Zamby as the second Mentri Besar of Perak, he cannot even dismiss Zambry now.

    Zambry has not the independence to decide what is good for him or the people. He takes order from Najib. Najib decides, and he wanted Perak as example for taking over Kedah, Selangor and Penang. That might be through a new Barisan National. Remember how BN was formed after May 13 in 1969. 40 years later, a new approach of coup d’etat under the guise of absolute obedience to royalty will prove UMNO youth right.

    UMNO Perak does not require the appearance of QCs from UK in Malaysian court. But they would need the services of QCs to provide their lawyers the text to utter key arguments, and to provide a text on how the final judgment should read so that verdict can appear convincing. The UMNO lawyers and judges would be able to play their roles by the script. We know what the outcome would be. The case in Sarawak between Stepehn kalong Ningkan and the Governor in 1966 is no precedent. The reasons would be provided by the QCs.

  72. #72 by One4All4One on Monday, 23 February 2009 - 9:04 pm

    We should invite international media or observers of politics/constitutional issues to come to Malaysia to cover the exciting political events and constitutional debates as they unfold before our very eyes. All events live!

    By doing so we could achieve at least several goals:

    1. Promote Malaysia as a tourist destination and help the country
    stands out more conspicuously in the world, thus attracting
    more visitors/tourists.

    2. Stimulate economic activities in times of economic downturn,
    multiplier effect guaranteed for local businesses and industries.

    3. Give locals more opportunities to locals rub shoulder with
    international visitors and to polish their English language.

    4. Have the world understand Malaysia better and at the same time
    they would have free lessons on “democracy” and its possibilities

    We get to kill many birds with one stone! Moreover, we do not have to spend much on advertising and promotions.

  73. #73 by passerby on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 1:54 am

    The QC knows next to nothing about our laws. Their laws are based on different legal standard. Ours are totally different, more closer to the Zambawe’s standard. There are based on corruption and the interpretations and applications are so different and unpredictable. A ‘yes’ can be a ‘no’, a ‘no’ can be a ‘maybe’ and a ‘maybe’ can be a ‘also can’! The judgment is also depending on who you know or connected with.

    How do you expect the QC coming from a different training understand our legal system? I suggest that the QC come here to take a lesson from the newly appointed chief justice, when he openly said he had to bribe some chief clerk to get his file moving or something. He has to learn how to get the immigration record erased, how to nail someone for the murder done by you or cooked up fictitious sodomy charges.

  74. #74 by undergrad2 on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 9:42 pm

    Who told you QC is short for Queen’s Counsellor?? QC is short for quack counsel.

  75. #75 by undergrad2 on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 - 9:44 pm

    oooops queen’s counsel

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