Road carnage – disappeared from Abdullah’s radar screen in his last 100 days as PM

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is in his last 100 days as the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia.

His silence and indifference to the latest road carnage in the express bus North-South Expressway (NSE) crash in Tangkak which killed 10 and injured 14 on Sunday, taking place in his last 100 days as PM, is in sharp and sad contrast to his anger and outrage at the Jalan Kuala Lipis-Marapoh three-vehicle accident which killed 14 on 30th November 2003 during his first hundred days as PM.

This also signifies another major failure of Abdullah with regard to his First-Hundred-Days-as-PM pledges– to end the road carnage on Malaysian roads.

I can still remember Abdullah’s furious and emotional outbursts five Novembers ago, when he expressed his frustration and upset at the number of road fatalities recorded under Ops Sikap V, with 25 road deaths on the first day of Hari Raya and the death toll which rose to 104 in the first six days of Ops Sikap V.

Malaysians were told in Abdullah’s First 100 Days, that the road carnage which claimed over 200 lives in every15-day Ops Sikap operation before a national festivity was unacceptable and that new rules and regulations would be introduced to end the road carnage in the country.

Five years down the road, the authorities have claimed as a “resounding success” the latest Ops Sikap VII for this year’s Hari Raya holidays covering the 15-day period from Sept. 24 to Oct. 8 although the fatalities numbered 208, 17 fewer deaths compared to last year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri festivities – which also marked the disappearance of the road carnage problem from the radar screen of the departing Prime Minister and his Cabinet!

Will Datuk Seri Najib Razak take on board the serious menace of road carnage in his first 100 days when he takes over as Prime Minister in March and ensure that this time, there would be effective Prime Ministerial leadership and concrete results to break the back of the grave problem of road carnage not only during national holidays but all-year-round?

  1. #1 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 3:19 pm

    Abdullah cuts such a pathetic figure. Obviously, he was never cut out for a PM. The tragedy is such a monumental disgrace and speaks of Tun M’s perpetual failure to raise leaders to succeed him.

    Only one point left to be said: Tun M is individualistic, egocentric and devious. None of his Deputy PM’s (and there were 4 in all) were able to work with him; neither was his chosen-successor PM! It speaks volumes of the man, Tun. The records condemn him as a mean mentor.

    Lo and behold, Tun M is now rooting for Najib. No surprise. But Malaysians know too well that Najib’s gonna be a goner even before he taakes his PM’s oath. Look at the way Tun snoops on Najib, browbeats and bullies him even before he is in the PM’s seat. If najib knows what is good for him, he shouldn’t even touch Tun M with a ten-foot pole. Sorry, I think Dr. M’s legacy is finito.

  2. #2 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 3:21 pm

    “snoops” shud read as “swoops”.

  3. #3 by i_love_malaysia on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 3:36 pm

    AAB is most likely thinking of how to spend his retirement now, so where got time to think of road carnage!!!
    He wont be like TDM, writing in blog which I dont think he enjoys much as he may be seeking treasure in the book as he claimed.
    He no longer needs to worry about winning election whether in the party or GE, so he is not responsible for any thing right now!!! He is the most carefree PM of the world right now!!!

  4. #4 by homeblogger on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 3:37 pm

    Because 5 Novembers ago, with all the hype and hoopla about his administration bringing change, it was “lights, camera, ACTION!”.

    And in his mind THEN …

    “now show more emotionnnnn…. try to show it in the eyes but with conrol…. now just a short burst of temper to show manliness…. adds to the coool but strong-silent persona… Is the camera on my good side? Now just a few strong words… determined look… steely gaze… forceful promise….”

    In his mind NOW …

    “aiya … who cares… sudah kena piak on the muka… pegi lah… I already have my billions in Australia… peduli apa? Ini Najib punya problem lah…”

  5. #5 by monsterball on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 3:44 pm

    If you remember they are great actors and hypocrites..then nothing will surpise you.
    I stopped believing in Dollah…..when I realised he is no different …comparing to Mahathir mentalities.
    “People’s PM”…my foot.

  6. #6 by Yee Siew Wah on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 3:48 pm

    Instead of resolving the current crisis all over the country, he is probably dreaming how to spend those $$$$$$$$B when he retires. Poor rakyat.

  7. #7 by bobiee on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 3:49 pm

    No lah – Pak Lah is not concerned about grave issues during his final days. He’ll use his final days by flying overseas with the Airbus and attending functions. Never mind about road safety and Malaysian safety as a whole – landslides, flash floods and danger during this monsoon season. In whatever situations Najib seems more commanding and dominating. What a pity lah to our PakLah. By the way he never dreamt to be PM in the first place.

  8. #8 by jus legitimum on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 4:48 pm

    In Europe,it is compulsory for coach passengers to use seat belts and coach drivers are legislated against driving beyond a certain speed.Back here in Malaysia,the transport authorities are quite lax as far as these two rulings are concerned.The bus drivers here not only break the maximum speed but even overtake the smaller and powerful 2 to 3 litre cars.The trouble is there is no proper enforcement system to check on errant express bus drivers.So year in and year out,road carnages occur and now it has become a pathetic situation.It looks as if whenever anyone is out on the road these days, it is a matter of self care and self protection and at the same to pray to God to be able to come home in one piece.Anyway my condolences to all the victims of the bus mishap near Tangkak.

  9. #9 by william62 on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 5:07 pm

    YB Lim,
    Please be alert with what has happened yesterday, it seems that The Utusan is so happy about that!

    KULIM 9 Dis. – Setelah sekian lama berasa tertipu dengan janji manis Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), sekumpulan 1,000 penyokong parti pembangkang itu di kawasan Parlimen Padang Serai bertindak keluar parti untuk menyertai MIC semalam.

    Mereka menyerahkan borang keahlian MIC kepada Setiausaha MIC Kedah, S. Ananthan pada satu majlis di Padang Serai dekat sini malam tadi. – Utusan

  10. #10 by k1980 on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 5:46 pm

    There was a hell of a long queue to the Pearly Gate of Heaven as GrangPok Loh tiredly trudged up. Suddenly he heard a loud sad wail of dismay from the people in the very front of the queue. “Apo jadi, kawan?” he asked curiously. From the front, his old nemesis GrandPok Mahatir yelled back, “They are not accepting the 30% quota for bumis, you old dollop! We have to go below decks!”

  11. #11 by taiking on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 6:18 pm

    They have their shoes and socks, trousers and underpants, shirt and singlet all on fire at the same time. Their moustaches and hair too have caught fire. They will soon be good as toast. Butter and marmalade may save the day for many but not them. No not now. Not this time.

  12. #12 by jjireh99 on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 6:36 pm

    actually, we gave up on dollah long time ago, since March 08. he is in such a pathetic stage (he deserves it) but I don’t think he cares a hoot what happens now. Why don’t the whole of Malaysia give him a piece of our mind and remind him that he is still a paid civil servant for crying out loud! But, I still think he doesn’t care what we all think of him. Thick skinned-eh? Just like that devil incarnate toyol! Well, no point pulling our hairs in disarray. It’s actually a waste of us rakyat’s energy and intelligence. Just look at the cyclists incident. Like I said, lack of inertia! I just don’t understand why we expect anything from this guy even if he were to pull up rabbits after rabbits regarding reforms at the 11th hour! No big deal. Don’t, don’t and I say don’t ever praise him for anything if he ever does something out of the ordinary just before he leaves office. I think we should also cut 50% of his salary for inaction of the lowest degree once he steps down, YB Lim. Any motion in parliament to start the ball rolling?

  13. #13 by k1980 on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 7:08 pm

    Hell to pay if this is true:

    The husband of Eng Yee Peng, who died in the landslide at Taman Bukit Mewah, Bukit Antarabangsa on Saturday, had alleged that the rescue team failed to respond positively when he sought their help to save his wife.

    A Chinese daily report claimed that the husband of Eng had sought help from the rescue team but was given a hoe and asked to dig and find his wife on his own.

  14. #14 by Johnny Cheah on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 7:27 pm


  15. #15 by Loh on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 7:54 pm

    ///His silence and indifference to the latest road carnage in the express bus North-South Expressway (NSE) crash in Tangkak which killed 10 and injured 14 on Sunday, taking place in his last 100 days as PM, is in sharp and sad contrast to his anger and outrage at the Jalan Kuala Lipis-Marapoh three-vehicle accident which killed 14 on 30th November 2003 during his first hundred days as PM.///

    He was then one month into the job and accident was an opportunity for him to show that he cared. It was an over-reaction since anger and outrage could hardly change the environment that made road accidents common scene.

    If AAB cannot make changes to effect reforms that involves only making his party underlings to go along with doing the right things, he has no capability to reduce the rate of accidents on the highways which involve too many parties, including getting motorists to acquire the right mindset. AAB might have now realized his own limitation, and has learnt to fade away, quite unlike his predecessor TDM who is utilizing his last breath to ensure that his son get in line for power to serve his family. What use is it when he could not go back to India and claim his roots?

    All American Presidents traced their roots to the birth places of their ancestors, many generations into the past. TDM is Malaysian Malay who has severed his tie with India, the birth place of his grandfather. That is why he wanted non-Malays to pay the same price he did. He could have maintained his link had he accepted the fact, and did not play racist politics. Greed had clouded his thinking, but it is cruelty that he insisted that non-Malays should forgo their links and languages or face the discriminatory treatment he initiated.

  16. #16 by melurian on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 8:27 pm

    i remember vividly beginning 2008 there’s jpn scholar killed in express bus accident. her frens started a petition with > 1000 ppl signed and handed over to the transport ministry. wat happen to the petition? at least this year the accident rate is much much lower than previous one, maybe coz konsortium kena banned……

  17. #17 by pizi87 on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 9:38 pm

    lack of consistency i guess

  18. #18 by One4All4One on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 10:30 pm

    What can we conclude about the current standard and quality of governance, administration, management, planning, enforcement, public service delivery, maintenance, accountability, integrity, transparency, decision making, human and manpower, resource utilisation, etc., etc. in the country?

    There is something intrinsically and organically wrong with certain parts or the whole system of governance and administration when so many problems and situations are recurring and repeating themselves.

    The failure of the administration becomes manifest when matters which should have been resolved and considered fully overcome and settled rear their ugly heads again. Natural calamities and disasters aside.

    Malaysia is a land endowed with rich natural resources and a pool of multi-talented, creative and capable people of multicultural and multi-ethnic origins. Thanks to history.

    It is sad that because of not-so-intelligent policies, misconceptions, communal strife, political miscalculations, parochial mindsets, abuse of power and positions, corruption, cronyism, greed, wastages, attitude problems, special privileges, religious and social posturing, misguided quotas and subsidy allocations, etc., etc., the nation’s resources and talents could not, were not and are still not being utilised to their full and proper potentials.

    Indeed the first world infrastructures which mushroomed over the past twenty years belie the third class mentality of the people.

    One does not have to go far to witness proofs unfolding right before our very eyes, unless one chooses to turn a blind eye.

    Poorly maintained roads which are riddled with potholes and broken patches continue to endanger road users. Only loss of lives or broken limbs would arouse and awaken the authorities to do the needful. Close shaves do not count! I am sure many could attest to that.

    Drains, rivers and waterways which are clogged or polluted with every imaginable or unimaginable items become breeding grounds for dreaded disease-bearing mosquitoes or they are condemned to a state not able to support any lives other than germs and viruses. And blame it on climate change!

    Rubbish-strewn roads and parks and filthy public toilets are a common sight. Hold your pee and pooh, if you have to!

    Although some government offices and departments did provide satisfactory services, it cannot be said of the remaining many.

    Polarisation and communal distrust are the products of policies and social, religious and ethnic posturing rather than by the type of school one chooses to attend. For manners, courtesies and attitudes towards others could be nurtured and developed. Vernacular schools with disciplined and dedicated teachers could only be positive assets to the country.

    Local authorities which are run by “little napoleons”, “warlords”, “political masters” and cronies are the norms rather than exceptions. Helpless traders, such as those in the morning and night markets, and small time businessmen are targets of enforcement officers. Instead of being lent a helping hand, they are compounded and sometimes have their goods confiscated, whose only crime is to toil to put some food on their tables or to raise their underprivileged children. When the rich and well-connected could get away with wrongdoings and offences without eyebrows raised and went unpunished.

    Approvals to the rich and well-connected could be obtained with ease and favour without stringent vetting or scrutiny. Perhaps leading to such occurrence such as the recent landslip which claimed lives and damaged properties. And the fingers start pointing everywhere to look for scapegoats and excuses, when it is the policies and administration which are to blame.

    University education and standards are on the decline. What is the explanation? When there are universities in this multicultural and multi-ethnic nation which are reserved only for only a particular race, what can you make out of it? Polarisation, parochialism, intolerance and ethnic strife would the natural end results. So much for promoting racial integrity and harmony. Hypocrisy, perhaps?

    The list is unending. Perhaps you would wish to fill in the rest, as I am already tired now.

    The government has to wake up and rekindle the spirit of Malaysia when the country prepared for nationhood in the years leading to Merdeka in 1957. Guys, please read The Sunday Star November 9 2008 on ” Delving into ‘social contract’ ” in an interview with Tan Sri Dr Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman. It is really an eye opener.

    Good night!

  19. #19 by OrangRojak on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 10:33 pm

    @k1980: “The husband of Eng Yee Peng…”
    An awful experience for the man given the hoe, but it’s far too early to type condemnation from the safety of our PCs. There was more than one collapsed building, I imagine, and more than one missing person. It must be a dreadful scene, and the ‘rescue team’ are not superheroes, they’re just guys with spades and wellies doing a grim job. I didn’t pick up my spade and go there to help either.

    That story (true or not) reminds me of the death of my father-in-law last year. I was very fond of him. He was a keen church-goer, and had a christian burial. I’d never seen a burial in Malaysia before, and was struggling with the distance his family maintained at the graveside. As the cemetery workers started shovelling the soil back in, I asked one if I could borrow his spade so I could throw one spade-full in. I thought I did quite well with “ni gei wo, keyi ma? yi dian dian”. So I was quite pleased when one of the workers gave me his spade. As I lifted the shovel, I noticed all the workers put their tools down and walk away, lighting cigarettes, while my in-laws all looked on curiously but politely not saying anything. Shovelling dirt is a lot easier in a cool climate.

  20. #20 by dawsheng on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 10:39 pm

    Aiya…! Small matter lah! Why make an issue out of it, compare to other countries, the death tolls is still very low.

  21. #21 by toniXe on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 11:09 pm

    that is so pathetic isn’t it ? But how much and what is the truth nobody seems to know. everything is through the eyes of the Police and press and they are all humans .

    maybe you can stop talking about AAB and just wait for him to disappear as he will soon be, no need to waste time on him no matter how disastrous and torturous even to hear his name !

    such a tragic fact

  22. #22 by lofuji on Tuesday, 9 December 2008 - 11:59 pm

    He is held to ransom la by none other than his own party.He admitted in the interview with Nades and Terence.Said ‘what for 90% voted for me,it makes no difference’ or words to that effect.That sentence said it all. A PM who got no power.Ruled by warlords and lil Napoleons! That is why people like the BKT Bendera slimeball and the Zakarios guy in Klang dare to do things so openly.This is UMNO ma -U must Not Oppose, not even the PM. We need a miracle or Nostradamus to save Malaysia.

  23. #23 by GilaPolitic on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 1:22 am

    Two major deadly tradegies i.e. landslides killed 4 and injured 17 and the road carnage in the express bus North-South Expressway (NSE) crash in Tangkak which killed 10 and injured 14, happened in last weekend. Dont blame Pak Lah for such misfortune of act of human negligence of the authorities like local councils, housing ministry, transport ministry and relevant interested parties involved in housing projects and transportation system.

    Tun Dr M in HardTalk interviewed said: “‘The government is corrupt today.” His direct open mind talk on money politics and corrupt practices in UMNO leads BN is also the main causes contributed to the many tragedies on the roads and people living at hillslope housing projects. Hence, the rakyat should blame to BN government for lack of enforcement to clean the corrupt practices and money politics caused social problems and inefficient in civil services.

    Another tragedies are waiting for Malaysians to suffer due to ACT OF HUMAN (not GOD) greed , corrupt, selfish and crony in the poor leadership of the ruling parties to get rid of the epedermic diseases infecting the nation. The best solution to cure is to put the CAT system and remove the corrupt and greed leaders.

  24. #24 by mut on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 1:45 am

    If Najib makes it as PM, I would think the Altantuyaa affair would haunt him. I still do not believe the official version after what transpired in court, especially the way the authorities sought to keep out Bala’s SD, with the defence team’s collusion. I expect the deal to be “the defence doesn’t mention Bala’s SD, both of you get off the hook – whether by end of the trial or through the appeal process”. Maybe I am thinking too much. Razak’s press conference stunt to clear Najib was a laugh. Not so smart for a think-tank boss…. oh ya Malaysia maa…….

    But whoever holds the key to the whole case has the keys to the Kingdom. Najib would just be a puppet PM, with no real power.

    I must be reading too much conspiracy theories.

  25. #25 by chengho on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 4:44 am

    This is the enforcement of road transport dept or no enforcement of road transport dept. our highway is a race track for most drivers with no respect for other peoples no respect for safety . you cannot blame AAB for any single accident even lightning strike you tend to blame him.

  26. #26 by taiking on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 8:41 am

    Najib will not be PM despite the handover agreement. And if he became PM he will be the shortest term PM in our history. He is rumoured to have many hidden skeletons, which he denied publicly. If those stuff were true he would be a mere sitting duck. His enemies could so easily expose any one of them and he would be finished.

  27. #27 by negarawan on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 9:22 am

    This is shocking! UMNO releases real terrorists but continues detention of non-terrorists Hindraf Five under ISA. Read on…..

    JI man with links to Sept 11 plotters freed

    Wed, Dec 10, 2008
    The Straits Times

    By Leslie Lopez, South-east Asia Correspondent

    THE Malaysian government has released without publicity more than a dozen Muslim extremists linked to the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terror organisation.

    They include Malaysian Yazid Sufaat, who is believed to have abetted the Sept 11 attacks in New York.

    A senior Malaysian government official told The Straits Times that the Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipino detainees were freed over the past month after a government advisory board at the Kamunting Detention Centre in Perak decided that they were no longer security threats.

    Yazid Sufaat: From bright student to key JI operative

    YAZID SUFAAT was a key operative of the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) terror network and was often tapped for several important assignments by the radical group’s leadership.

    These included hosting key Al-Qaeda operatives such as Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi – the two hijackers of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on Sept 11, 2001, regional security officials say.

    Yazid, who grew up in the small town of Paloh in Johor, was a bright student and a gifted athlete.

  28. #28 by monsterball on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 9:47 am

    Is that not showing….what a bloody racialist party UMNO is.
    Keep playing religion…UMNO is saying..all Muslims in Malaysia are angels reincarnated….which makes their own half past sixes members…feel so happy ad great…….keep voting for them…with no brains at all….no need any reasons….involving race and religion.
    What is worst of all….are the low class MCA…..MIC… Gerakan lapdogs to UMNO.
    Jailing Freedom Fighters…releasing Muslim terrorists….keeping terrorists happy…..not to attack Malaysia…maybe their brand of governance by our county.
    We are not impressed…as we want good management….not how to agree to disagree with murderers.
    UMNO crooks behaving nice guys… an art…true Malaysians do not need to learn. Productivities is the name of the game.
    12th election have thrown most hypocrites out.
    13th election..we will throw the most corrupted UMNO..”munafiks” away for good.

  29. #29 by madmix on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 10:19 am

    Some one attacked me for suggesting a boycott of buying hillside units saying that i was heartless for saying “I told you so”. That is not what I meant. What I meant is if you stop buying, no developers will build. Today FOMCA says exactly the same thing: Boycott hillside development!
    There are thing which we as consumers can do to mitigate events. In the case of express bus tragedies, there is little we can do to influence bus companies, RTD etc; but we can help ourselves: BUCKLE UP YOUR SEAT BELTS when in an express bus. These are lessons we learn from tragedies which we can do to mitigate losses.

  30. #30 by AhPek on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 10:43 am

    On paper if you stop buying,no developers will build.But then again there are still many suckers out there.
    This is like saying if you stop the buying the killing will stop.But the killing hasn’t stopped!Why?You don’t find people willing to give up their desire to have mink coats or fur shoes.You don’t find people willing to give up their taste for shark fin soup.So how?

  31. #31 by PSM on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 10:45 am

    The DPM & PM are more interested in ensuring that
    1/ The “succession” plan goes ahead
    2/ The ISA is “not amended”
    3/ UMNO stays in power to continue to rape the country & the people

  32. #32 by AhPek on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 10:46 am

    Should be “It looks good on paper to say if you stop buying,no developers will build.”.

  33. #33 by Jimm on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 12:01 pm

    on the logical part of the story will be …
    the last accident in Merapoh involved mostly Malays … and AAB knew that he need to put his name up to gain more support from Malays ..
    the recent accident in Tangkak involved mostly Chinese … “who cares ” respond from umno … that’s normal. they rather go to Bkt Antarabangsa because of their VVIP ‘partners’ are involved in the incident. Most likely , they are checking their kept secret by these individuals are not found by public … monies … in briefcases again …
    Well, God is great .. He knew waht to do always to handle evil people like those umno …

  34. #34 by taiking on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 12:53 pm

    Jimm you are probably right. Laying somewhere beneath the rubbles are evidence which cannot be allowed to see the light of day. After all PR people were barred from getting near to the scene were they not.

    Back to the main topic. Actually it is not possible for badawi’s radar not to pick up the recent bus accident. Its the best machine we have got here. The umno government would not buying anything less than the most expansive and most advanced. Perhaps the radar was not serviced regularly or may be it has broken down due to abuse or wrong use.

  35. #35 by izrafeil on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 1:24 pm

    Aaargh… yes, about a year or two ago, Sept if I am not mistaken, there was an unusual nationwide crackdown on bus drivers,,, random urine test were conducted … the entire crackdown lasted a mere one month… then quiet… up to now….

    Malulah JPJ or who ever in charge of these buses or is it MOT?

  36. #36 by homeblogger on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 2:32 pm

    chengho Says:
    you cannot blame AAB for any single accident even lightning strike you tend to blame him.


    dude… we are not blaming AAB for every accident that happens on our roads. For that, we have to thank a million morons who drink, smoke and use their handphones while they drive, not to mention the idiots who paid a bit of kopi-money to get their licenses and the thousands of Tokyo-drift wannabes who think with their backsides.

    YB Lim’s article is about AAB’s REACTION (or lack of it) to the recent deaths as compared to when he first came into the job, all fired up with good intentions that fizzled out into incomprehensible incompetence.

  37. #37 by cto on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 4:37 pm

    madmix Says:

    Today at 10: 19.52 (5 hours ago)
    Some one attacked me for suggesting a boycott of buying hillside units saying that i was heartless for saying “I told you so”. That is not what I meant. What I meant is if you stop buying, no developers will build. Today FOMCA says exactly the same thing: Boycott hillside development!
    There are thing which we as consumers can do to mitigate events. In the case of express bus tragedies, there is little we can do to influence bus companies, RTD etc; but we can help ourselves: BUCKLE UP YOUR SEAT BELTS when in an express bus. These are lessons we learn from tragedies which we can do to mitigate losses.


    Attacked you? No.

    Challenge your wise words or rather wise crack? Yes.

    I suppose you subscribe to the thinking that all women should stop carrying handbags. No handbags, no snatch thieves, right? Afterall, I myself could not phantom why women would burden themselves with a handbag when a good old fashion wallet safely tucked away in the pocket would do. Besides, if the snatch thieves don’t get to the handbags, women have the tendency to misplace and lose them. Handbag manufacturers are to be blamed for the existence of snatch thieves. Victims have themselves to blame cos’ Mr Madmix said “I told you so”. Stop buying handbags and we get rid of the snatch thief problems.

    The current IGP probably subscribe to this line of thinking and therefore concluded that there is nothing that he or the police should do. Women who carry handbags are responsible for spawning the snatch thief industry. The police force are not responsible for the problem.

    Somehow, I think not and Malaysian consumers should expect more from the authority and government.

  38. #38 by cto on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 4:46 pm

    Correction – should be “Challenged …” and it should be “fathom” .

    Still thinking of the opera that I watched.

  39. #39 by cto on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 4:56 pm

    AhPek Says:

    Today at 10: 43.19 (6 hours ago)
    On paper if you stop buying,no developers will build.But then again there are still many suckers out there.
    This is like saying if you stop the buying the killing will stop.But the killing hasn’t stopped!Why?You don’t find people willing to give up their desire to have mink coats or fur shoes.You don’t find people willing to give up their taste for shark fin soup.So how?


    I suppose we can kill all the minks. After all, minks are weasels. Then the killing stops.

    Likewise, kill all those big bad sharks. Then people will not live on shark fin soup alone. And the sharks can be at peace.

  40. #40 by i_love_malaysia on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 5:19 pm

    Digress a bit here,

    For those who proposed that the Chinese & Indians and other minority races to give up their mother tongues etc. because they are minority in the country and thinking that this will help our country to move forward need not to look farther than Indonesia and other countries to see that unity does not come just because every one is speaking the same language. There are many many other factors other than language and culture that affect unity!!!

  41. #41 by k1980 on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 5:37 pm

    Look at the Indians and Pakis– they are of the same stock and speak the same language Urdu and yet they are prepared to shower nuclear warheads on each other

  42. #42 by i_love_malaysia on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 6:09 pm

    People fight even over ideology e.g. Chinese Communist party against KMT in China!!!
    So, it is most unfortunate that those who think that Satu Bangsa, Satu Bahasa, Satu Ugama, Satu Budaya, Semua Makan Pedas, Semua Pakai Sarung & Songkok will have peace forever in Malaysia is more or less buying the idea of racial cleansing!!! I wonder what will the majority race in the world i.e. Chinese will say based on the same argument that other minority should follow the majority!!!

  43. #43 by i_love_malaysia on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 6:12 pm

    Based on population growth projection, Indians is going to be the majority race in the very near future, so what will the indians say???

  44. #44 by AhPek on Wednesday, 10 December 2008 - 6:43 pm

    India’s total population will exceed that of China’s before 2030,five years earlier than previously forecasted!

  45. #45 by gnustiy on Thursday, 11 December 2008 - 12:44 am

    Taking bus back to Penang this coming weekend. Really keeping my fingers cross so that the tragedy will not happen. Feeling damn insecure…

  46. #46 by frankyapp on Thursday, 11 December 2008 - 1:32 pm

    Hey guys,what can you expect AAB to do ?First,he’s a lame duck,so what’s the fuss ?He’s a sleepy eye PM,so why are you guys so pricky ? We know he’s in “bolehland”,dreaming and enjoying his last 100 days as PM,so why rock the boat ? Even if we can wake him up,it’s no use.Why,cos he’s toothless .Let’s the toothless tiger rest in peace the rest of his limited days.We should instead a wake this new tiger in waiting who I believe is armed with a full set of iron teeth. Ha Ha Ha,you guys know who I mean,ok.

  47. #47 by Taxidriver on Thursday, 11 December 2008 - 4:38 pm

    Mr ng’s trademark comment: We know the rakyat’s dissatisfaction. We are listenning. Different groups have different views and expections. Some can be implemented fast ( p/ports-formerly 2 wks. Now, ready on the same day ) Others will take a longer time ( corruption- it involves many departments, and we must have concrete edvidence. We need people to come forward to report such cases ). The opposition can say many things. We are the govt. We have the mandate from the rakyat…… Taxidriver’s comment: why waste your time making so much noise. The writing is on the wall – ” CEMERLANG GEMILANG TEMBERANG

  48. #48 by FY Lim on Friday, 12 December 2008 - 1:07 pm

    Well, the Bukit Antarabangsa landslip and the tour bus tragedy in Johor in which 10 people were killed happened within days of each other.

    What I am disappointed is the treatment given to both cases.
    There were showers of support, with hotels providing free food and top national leaders visiting the landslip site in which 4 people died. Yes, I agreed that we need to show our support in times of disaster and lives lost and I have no arguments about that.

    However, I am deeply saddened that none of our national cabinet ministers and especially the MCA President who is the Minsiter of Transport had showed no interest in the bus tragedy that killed 10 people of which 9 are locals.

    Only the Perak and Penang state Exco send their condolences and demonstrate their caring attitude by giving to the next of kin RM1,500 each.These are the poor people who could only afford to take bus to commute and yet no one in the Federal govt. cares.

    Dear PM , where is the concern to show that you are the PM for all Malaysians.

    Why the different treatment accorded to both tragedies.

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