Clarification – Guang Ming report of 49 BN MPs on Taiwan junket are given RM500,000 each and that I knew of the “mysterious sponsor” incorrect and misleading

This is to clarify that the Guang Ming Daily front page report today quoting me as saying that the 49 BN MPs on Taiwan junket are given RM500,000 each and that I knew of the “mysterious sponsor” but it is not the time to reveal his identity is incorrect and misleading.

When answering the Guang Ming reporter who telephoned me on Tuesday, I had said that the BN MPs’ junket to Taiwan, allegedly for agricultural study tour but clearly to foil Anwar Ibrahim’s “916” plan, sparked a lot of talk and rumours in the country.

I mentioned that among the rumours was that the BN MPs would be given RM500,000 each. In reply to the question by the Guang Ming reporter whether I knew the person paying the money to the BN MPs, I said that a name was mentioned in the rumours but it would not be right for me to mention him.

I did not say that the BN MPs in the Taiwan junket had been paid RM500,000 each or that I knew who was the person who paid them.

  1. #1 by vchi on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 6:26 pm

    You should request Guang Ming to print a retraction.

  2. #2 by yhsiew on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 6:27 pm

    Rumors are rumors – don’t take them so seriously!

  3. #3 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 6:48 pm

    Hmm… i remember it does stated as rumors…

    BUT the golf sets are real lol!

  4. #4 by boh-liao on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 6:55 pm

    Yes, the Guang Ming reporter must retract the incorrect and misleading article.

    Now PKR wants to send a team to Taiwan to study the BN MPs who are on study tour there. There is rumour that the BN might have an idea who among the BN MPs intend to hop.

    When the PKR team meets the potential hoppers in Taiwan, will they be meeting MPs that look like panda bears? Remember the incidence behind closed doors 10 years ago?

  5. #5 by boh-liao on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 7:14 pm

    Ramlang Porigi, one of the four witnessing imams of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s swearing ceremony last month has been transferred without specified reasons.

    Lucky for Ramlang. Just transferred, not disappeared.

  6. #6 by Freddy on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 7:31 pm

    i’m afraid if guang ming doesn’t retract, then it will lend weight to racist ahmad’s claims that he was misquoted by sin chew!

  7. #7 by Richardqed on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 7:32 pm

    Guang Ming Daily should apologize for this inaccurate reporting.

    Additionally, you would not want to be discussing rumours of any nature with a reporter, amongst all people, unless there is any proof in hand. Prevention is better than cure. Whether this case is a genuine mistake or not, there is also no telling that there could be certain people who may be partial to your political enemies, and may be out to sabotage your good name.

  8. #8 by hiro on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 7:48 pm

    What’s wrong with our journalists these days? It’s not just those increasingly unpopular journalists from NST and likes, but now a Mandarin paper. Sigh…

  9. #9 by kerajaan.rakyat on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 8:17 pm

    YB Lim,

    Mereka patut mohon maaf kepada YB.

    Harap Dr Lee Boon Chye, YB Saifuddin Nasution,
    YB Fuziah Salleh dan YB Tian Chua akan berjaya
    dalam misi mereka ke Taiwan hari ini.

    Semoga Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat dapat ditubuhkan
    sebelum akhir Sept ini.

    Hidup RAKYAT.. Hidup Pakatan Rakyat

  10. #10 by nkeng11 on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 8:19 pm

    Like that also can kah?

    You did not say and some one says you say
    You say and some one say you did not say
    They say you say that you did not say
    Who says they say and can they confirm what you say?

    Please lah

  11. #11 by katdog on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 8:22 pm

    Quoting rumours is pretty unprofessional. There are all sorts of rumours spread by all sorts of people. For example, rumours that Singaporeans are buying up land in Johor so that they can control it. Rumours that Malay’s in Singapore are marginalized.Rumours that Anwar is puppet for foreigners.

    Please do not quote rumours. When making any statements to reporters please only quote reliable information.

  12. #12 by Blue.kinetic on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 8:33 pm

    YB Kit, this time i have says on you. My thinking is a credible and respectful leader like you should not say something based on rumor. A previous incident of accusation on Malay paper not quoting Badawi’s apology doesn’t not look good as well due to overlooked. This sorts of mistakes will eat up your credibility. Back to this, Each people has his own perception against other that might be influenced by the way we speak, tone, body language..etc. Maybe this reporter has mis-interpret YB or bra bra bra, but again, YB should not spread rumor in the first place.

  13. #13 by Better Future on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 8:47 pm

    LKT, please hold a meeting with all DAP leaders in Malaysia becareful on reporter of any newspaper. The just too good to twist the words coming out from Pakatan Leaders. I wonder why each time any BN leaders make racist comment no police report was make. I really start to worried that Malaysia is going to have trouble soon as I heard Ahmad Ismail is going for road show and also BADAWI seem like loosing control in both UMNO and Barisan.

  14. #14 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 9:02 pm

    its easy to lure YB LIM into trouble by giving him false alarm. He might post and even distribute everyone and get his a_s sued for good lol.

    Uncle Lim pls take note, it happens alot well i still have faith in you. Take precocious on your moved, u might heading straight into anemies liar before you know it.

  15. #15 by damianyeow on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 9:17 pm

    Let’s be realistic & differentiate rumours from facts. Firstly, even the idea of organising “an agriculture study trip” right in the smack of fasting month in, of all places Taiwan where halal food is not known to ‘exist’? and what is the real purpose of the trip? No need to answer, even the illiterate Ah Beng, Ahmad & Anand sitting at the coffeeshop knows… but with our tax-payers hard-earn-money?
    One week there for what?, what free ahh , no need expenses, I wouldn’t be surprise the half million ringgit price-tag of these BN reps when we all know morally-wise they are all worth 50sen.
    There is one & only purpose of this trip, without doubt, is to buy
    these bunch of goons out. If anyone out there, following M’sian politics, don’t already know this I suggest you to turn to the comic section, please don’t read local political news, to complicating for you……
    Here’s a thought, since the Army chief have spoken, why not leave them there to rot in exile. What a fresh start 50 corrupted MP’s down, wah liao we have a new government,no more in-waiting
    DS Anwar pleasssssssse step-in now & save this beloved country before it rots beyond repair to become SoMaliaya-sia

  16. #16 by tuanlokong on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 9:25 pm

    YB Lim Gua Caya Sama Lu….You have shown persistants and keep it for a very long time. I read your articles everyday. Keep it up

  17. #17 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 9:26 pm

    ah sh!t not mean precocious but “precautious” jaja…

  18. #18 by lopez on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 9:37 pm

    never mind the bonus lah, it is only fair that each of them do a report of their findings of the trip and their master informed the tax payers if their trip has benefited them and the nation.

    better still let the people of their respective constituency report whether their MP has benefit them and the nation.

    Perhaps it is good to know their objective and all to know so we can judge them fairly.

  19. #19 by alancheah on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 10:46 pm

    Viva Pakatan Rakyat.

  20. #20 by pjboy on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 11:17 pm

    This is getting better & better each day. Looking more like a Star Wars saga. The 4 PKR reps are like the Jedi Knights going to Taiwan to rescue the 49 BN MPs that are about to be seduced by the dark side. Wonder who will be the Sith in Taiwan waiting for them…

  21. #21 by ChinNA on Thursday, 11 September 2008 - 11:26 pm

    How come the four MPs need to go Taiwan?
    I am wondering if the Pakatan’s Rakyat version of the BN’s Taiwan Trip?

  22. #22 by waterfrontcoolie on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 12:51 am

    I believe Malysians to-day do not need politicians to guide them in their thinking! So YB, It is time PR reps. think twice before engaging the tongue. This is especially so,when the majority of the printed media do kow-tow to the power that be.Many a time, members of PR appear rather ‘foolish’ in handling their public relation
    exercise.Jsut reacting to issues which appear to be set up by BN itself.

  23. #23 by m.r.ang on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 2:52 am

    Good Day YB LIM,
    Is Guang Ming another BN fool. I suggest you don’t entertain their reporters by phone in future.What are they up to. Either they are deaf or they don’t know how to write.Maybe they are under instruction form those Barisan Najis bastuard.

  24. #24 by akarmalaysian on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 2:57 am

    Does he think we are so cheap, and worth just RM50,000?” some of them were quoted as saying in a report in Nanyang Siang Pau today.they were responding to spp datuk yong’s its not 50k…now 500k?…….now this is real sh*t.if its true…500k x 49=24.5 mil??? it sounded more or less on the money thats spent on the monsoon cup.sigh…..if its true…wat to do….thats our government eye see.

  25. #25 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 3:06 am

    Erm.. akar… wah lao.

    This thread was “Clarification” of misleading and incorrect claim from the previous thread and press qoute lah. Its just a rumour i guess, u the have source from the claim meh?

    Its late u start blur u should get some sleep lol.

  26. #26 by cksp on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 4:22 am

    All this PAKATAN topguns tailing BN MPs to Taiwan is a shameful act of desperation. Goodness.

    And if I may recall, during one of the Parliament sessions, YB Karpal from DAP was making fun of someone… nonstop asking “KATAK DUDUK KATAK DUDUK!!!”

    And to imagine, just within few month’s, all of you trying so hard to furiously catch FROGS into PAKATAN net… YB Karpal will never have a chance to participate in Parliament in future, as he will have a hell of a time shouting at too many KATAKs to SIT DOWN…

  27. #27 by kentutoyol on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 4:52 am

    This is the problem,

    When we spread rumors, we are giving what we do not have.

  28. #28 by Jeffrey on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 6:44 am

    What’s the purpose of telling GM reporter a rumour that each 49 BN MPs on Taiwan junket was given RM500,000 by a “mysterious sponsor” named in the rumour unless you intend the reporter to:-

    1. disseminate the fact of the rumour’s existence as distinct from the rumour being a fact; or since it is a contravention of journalistic ethics to report an unconfirmed rumour, then to

    2. follow the lead/trail of that rumour, do some investigative journalism to get to bottom of it and report whatever truth about that.

    One can’t blame a not so experienced reporter for not appreciating the nuances and subtleties of the above distinctions since based on YB Kit’s national stature, he is viewed a “serious source” of information.

    This will give ammunition to Ahmad Ismail to say the nuances and context of his historical reference to ‘Pendatang’ has likewise not been construed and reported accurately by Sin Chew Daily’s reporter!

    So what is the point of 4 PKR leaders flying off to Taiwan to meet their BN ‘kataks’ who had earlier agreed to defect in time for the Sept 16 takeover?

    First of all will these defectors be allowed to meet the 4 and if they do would they not blow their cover there before 16th Sept? And if they were prepared to blow their cover there before 16th Sept, why go to Taiwan in the first place?

    Does this imply the PKR is not sure that these kataks will not renege on their commitment to defect? Don’t tell me PKR also believes that the Kataks might be given some form of financial remuneration in Taiwan not to defect? Whatever happens to the talk that have agreed to defect to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) based on principles? PR is in a dilemma: if kataks hop back to BN, PR can’t blame BN for using financial enticement because it raises prospect that they have agreed to defect to PR in the first place due to the same consideration!

    Frankly, RM500,000 for each of 49 or RM24.5 million for all is, even if true, a small money well spent to foil PR’s Sept 16th takeover plan from the other side’s perspectives…When one is in power, even one politician can make RM250 million per deal, let alone the aggregate. What is RM500,000? Even RM 2 million per head is well worth it! In times like this being courted by both sides, politicians could get rich, if they are not already. :)

  29. #29 by pulau_sibu on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 7:17 am

    BN government is like ‘ant in the hot pot’. they will be burnt soon.

    umno seems to be in great problem. ahmad must be subjected to the backing of powerful guys in umno. we must not doubt that the whole party is full of racists and that may grow even worse. his 3-year suspension is just by name. tsu koon and other component parties are slapped at the face.

    it would be more interesting if mahathir’s readmission into umno is denied. abdullah would know that the guy is going to destabilise him further. i meant to threaten him as opposition leader (soon)

  30. #30 by lew1328 on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 7:29 am


    Once rumors being spread for hundred or thousand times, it becomes real… YES (Is that’s applied to 916? Ya)

    I think most of the people here choose to believe it and it’s part of our life… nothing to hide cos we’re not ‘Katak dalam tempurung’ any more.

  31. #31 by pulau_sibu on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 7:40 am

    Sabah PKR files ACA report on allegation of BN mps to Taiwan receiving RM50,000


    The Sabah Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) lodged a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) today over the allegation that each of the Barisan Nasional (BN) Members of Parliament who joined the study trip to Taiwan had received RM50,000. Party Youth chief Abdul Razak Jamil filed the report at the state ACA office at 3.05pm.

    “Although BNBBC (Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club) deputy chairman Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin has denied the allegation, we don’t know the truth, so the ACA should investigate,” he told reporters after lodging the report.

    He made the report based on Sarawak People’s Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee’s statement in the local press on Tuesday that the MPs who joined the trip were given RM50,000 each. The two SAPP MPs, Datuk Eric Majimbun and Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui, did not go on the trip.

    The group left for Taiwan on Monday to study agricultural projects there and are scheduled to return home next Wednesday.

  32. #32 by chinymin on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 8:52 am

    In the first place, why RM50,000.00 is given to each MP as alleged? They are supposed to make a study tour and not to enjoy there, right? Something is wrong somewhere! ACA must investigate this thoroughly, be it true or false, as there is no fire without smoke or rather, no smoke without fire, whichever you like it.

  33. #33 by Bigjoe on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 8:57 am

    This is why they have Press Secretaries. Dealing with tabloid papers is a pain and a whip need to be applied to them now and then to make sure they toe the line. As senior leader, you should only deal with top responsible senior journalist, not out of control, will do anything to get ahead tabloid juniors…

  34. #34 by king cobra on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:10 am

    Dear Pulau Sibu ,

    “Sarawak People’s Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee’s”
    no lah……
    Yong Teck Lee of SAPP belongs to Sabah Progressive Party , not Sarawak People’s Party.

  35. #35 by baochingtian on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:10 am

    Blue Kinetic, may be “bla bla bla” is better than “bra bra bra”

  36. #36 by yhsiew on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:12 am

    Lodging a report with the ACA over the allegation that each of the BN MPs who joined the study trip to Taiwan had received RM50,000 may not be valid, as BN can say that the amount is for the MP’s expense in Taiwan such as accommodation, golf fee, transportation fee etc. But I wonder why RM50,000, shouldn’t RM20,000 be more than enough to cover one MP’s expenses?

  37. #37 by baochingtian on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:13 am

    Have a meeting with the reporter in the presence of their chief editor and others and clarify things out to the public. Best is to put on a recorder whenever talking to a reporter, a portable recorder definitely helps.

  38. #38 by baochingtian on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:15 am

    yhsiew, someone pointed out to someone yesterday that it’s RM500,000 – half a million and not 50k.

  39. #39 by baochingtian on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:19 am

    i know why so many of us made mistake in the RM50k. Basically, RM50k is already deemed too much, what’s more it’s Half a Million. People just can’t imagine half a million expenses for a person on study trip at the expense of the tax payers’ money.

  40. #40 by baochingtian on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:24 am

    MPs can go fly kites in Taiwan and comes back t join PKR. That again, may be there’s bond with BN already ‘cos given a free study tour worth half a million. Ayse, things are not that simple…

  41. #41 by ch on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:24 am

    Dear All,

    It is unfortunate for YB Lim to be misquoted by the reporter and Guang Ming should correct the mistake before the alleged sponsor slap in a legal suit. Ahmad Ismail had also said that he was misquoted by the Sin Chew reporter and we all know how the issue went about.

  42. #42 by anakMCI on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 9:33 am

    May be this is a plot by Racist Ahmad too

    It is good that YB clarify this immediately
    I hope this will not have untowards effect

  43. #43 by Freddy on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 11:17 am

    sidetrack sikit ….

    current oil price at about us$101/barrel.

    pump price should be at around rm2.16/litre. take into account, we pay high taxes for cars and no subsidy (as claimed), this is cheat!

  44. #44 by ADAM YONG IBNI ABDULLAH on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 11:30 am

    quote and unquote yb lim ” i mentioned among the rumours …..”.

    (para #3 as posted ).


    1. it is a telephone interview and not a press conference and with all this misquotes and no other witnesses around except between yourgoodself and the purported gm reporter, you should have been wiser.

    2. as stated, “among the rumours,….” it is most unwise for yb to state rumours as an piece of relevant information for the press. certainly, rumours are still rumours until verified.

    i would not blame the guang ming reporter, as you had quoted guang ming reports of the blur blur taiwan trip. lest you had been carried away by this blur blur rumours.

    the point is, yb have to admit his own mistakes in making statements based on rumours as much as now yb claimed that you had been misquoted. truth hurts. and the truth is you did made a blur blur statement without checking the facts. and that should not have been from a leader of your calibre.

    anyway, someone will use that against you and dap for sure.
    we learn everyday, and especially over the mobile interview without the presence of any other witnessess.

    this issue differs from that of ahmad ismail, as the bigot spoke in a public audience and statement heard by more than one reporter.

    thank you.

  45. #45 by AsalUsuLMalaysiaHacked on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 12:08 pm

    Freddy Says:

    Today at 11: 17.31 (39 minutes ago)
    sidetrack sikit ….

    current oil price at about us$101/barrel.

    pump price should be at around rm2.16/litre. take into account, we pay high taxes for cars and no subsidy (as claimed), this is cheat!

    HAHAa…. thats what makes our AAB infamous by MRzzZ… accountability eh? lol

  46. #46 by delCapo on Friday, 12 September 2008 - 1:36 pm

    The MPs are on the way back from taiwan

    916 is back ON people!!!!!!


  47. #47 by ktteokt on Monday, 15 September 2008 - 10:04 pm

    Did they bring back some “advanced technology” on how to plant SWEET POTATOES?

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