High-handed police action at Hindraf rally — Indian diaspora reacts

Monday’s press carried reports and photographs of a foreign woman tourist in the Kuala Lumpur centre on Sunday who was the victim of indiscriminate police tear gas attacks which aggravated her asthmatic condition.

In the era of globalization, the earth has become a global village and it is impossible for Malaysia to disregard international reactions to local events if we are to enhance our international competitiveness whether in attracting tourists or foreign investors.

Peaceful demonstrations do not scare tourists. It is high-handed police actions and the mishandling of peaceful demonstrations as happened with regard to the Hindraf rally in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday which drive away tourists and investors.

For example, in countries with a very flourishing tourist industry like the United Kingdom, Australia and United States, peaceful demonstrations are quite common and do not have any effect in scaring away tourists.

During question time this morning, I had asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Ministry, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Chik whether there had been adverse reactions from the Indian diaspora or whether the Ministry is expecting any from the police mishandling of the Hindraf rally.

Although Ahmad Shabery replied in the negative, the truth is otherwise. The Indian media have reported adverse reactions to the government handling of the Hindraf demonstration — media like Hindu India, Hindustan Times India, Times of India, CNN-IBN India, Zee News India, News Today India and The Tribune India.

Malaysiakini has the following report:

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been urged to take immediate action concerning the state of the Indians in Malaysia.

The premier’s intervention was sought by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and other politicians in the state following the mass rally held on Nov 25 in Kuala Lumpur.

According to the Hindu newspaper, Karunanidhi wrote to Manmohan on Tuesday asking him to employ the necessary measures regarding the “sufferings and bad treatment” of Tamils in Malaysia.

Karunanidhi said the people of Tamil Nadu were disturbed over the happenings in Kuala Lumpur.

If Malaysia is to optimize our potential to attract world tourists to Malaysia, the country and government must be prepared to adopt the best international practices on democracy, human rights, accountability and good governance.

This morning, DAP MP for Bukit Mertajam, Chong Eng and I were at the Selayang magistrate’s court where some 50 people were waiting to be charged for an illegal assembly in connection with the Hindraf demonstration.

Yesterday, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz labeled the Hindraf demonstrators as “penyangak” when he said:

“Some 20,000 penyangak (crooks) who participated in the rally would not jeopardise our viewpoint of the entire community.”

The people I met at Selayang Court awaiting to be charged for an illegal assembly in connection with the Hindraf rally on Sunday are mostly respectable and law-abiding Malaysian citizens, business people, technicians, contractors, clerks and even executive and management officers.

How can Nazri call them “penyangak” which according to Kamus Dewan means “pencuri, penjahat”.

Nazri should apologise for his language in condemning the 30,000 decent and respectable people from all over the country to peacefully and collectively express their cry of desperation for justice as Malaysian citizens.

(Speech on the 2008 Committee Stage debate on Ministry of Tourism in Parliament on Wednesday 28th November 2007)

  1. #1 by k1980 on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 4:06 pm

    The real “penyangak”
    Originally regarded as a reformer when he followed Mahathir to power in 2003, he vowed to wipe out corruption “without fear or favor.” And said he would seek to rid the country of racial and religious polarization. However, the prime minister has been accused of “sleepwalking” through his term, while his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, is resented by many critics as having gained inordinate power. Khairy has said publicly tht he enjoys the prime minister’s protection.

  2. #2 by justice_fighter on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 4:14 pm

    Live crime alert!! Please help!!!

  3. #3 by messy on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 4:17 pm

    the real penyangak is nazri and his BN MPs…
    they are the one who do not adress the issue…
    disgraceful MP…how many people does it need to convince BN that the indians are suffering?
    how many people does it need to have electoral reform?
    30k? 100k?….say it the exact number and we will come out hand-in-hand…

    but the issue here is not about the number of people but the issue here is to handle the issues that are brought up!

    listen to the people not your BN MPs…

  4. #4 by grace on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 4:50 pm

    Nazri will say this: Who cares? They are all stupid people!!!

    Nazri, the no brainer will not bring the country any progress!!!
    He still thinks that Malaysia is THE place to invest.
    We are going mexico way in no time!!!
    When the time arrives, Thailand will built a wall to prevent illegals from Malaysia.

  5. #5 by mendela on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 5:11 pm

    The use of tear gas and violence on the peaceful protestors is this UMO-led gomen was very scare.

    When Gomen have no more tricks to play and no more lies to tell, desperate people will resort to violence!

  6. #6 by sani on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 5:15 pm


    You call this high handed? It is actually quite anti climate, after Storm Trooper Mahathir, burn the courts + run riot at the Royal Houses.

    Since Badawi, is not as capable as his former good friend + sifu, he just take it out on the Rakyat lah. Further more, the media can make him looks like a romantic hero.

    As for the tourists, most of them now are either from ex Communist, still Communist + The Middle Eastern nations. They won’t know anything except police actions.

    Without people like YB, not only will the Thais be building a wall, but the Indonesians will send us home by the boatful, as well, in no time.

  7. #7 by Jeffrey on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 6:12 pm

    “….//….The people I met at Selayang Court awaiting to be charged for an illegal assembly in connection with the Hindraf rally on Sunday are mostly respectable and law-abiding Malaysian citizens, business people, technicians, contractors, clerks and even executive and management officers…//…” – YB Kit.

    Are they are all going to plead not guilty?

    In 2001, a group of seven university students (dubbed the ‘ISA 7′) were involved in a protest against the use of the ISA against a number of human rights activists. These students were arrested, charged with illegal assembly and were acquitted off the charges at the magistrate court. How did they do it?

    From the little I know, prosecution has all cards in its favour under the Police Act.

    All it has to prove is that you are assembling with 2 others with intent to carry out some common purpose without sanction of a police permit of which the only defence is that you happened to be there for some other innocent purposes not otherwise associated with the assembly and its purposes, and even in this defence, the onus is you to prove it.

    In today’s The Star Hindraf’s secretary V K Regu was reported to have said that “it was wrongfully claimed that the gathering on Sunday was a Hindraf organized rally as it never sent out any form of invitation for the gathering and even the SMS messages calling for the mass gathering did not originate from the movement. He said the publicity actually came from statements by the police and the Government against Hindraf’s decision to hand over the memorandum” to the British High Commission…..

    What does this really imply in terms of defence – was this a rally not organized by anyone in particular and that everyone was there because only of the publicity from statements by the police and the Government against Hindraf’s decision to hand over the memorandum” to the British High Commission …..that there was no assembly for a common purpose and that all just happened to be just onlookers to see, as a matter of interest, the publicized hand over the memorandum” to the British High Commission?

    The other fact – that can be proven and cited – is that since 1999 onwards, police permits under the Police Act 1967 for public assemblies were by and large withheld by the police to NGOs but generously handed out to pro-government demonstrations, and even for those without permit, no attempt was made to break them up.

    I wonder whether if assuming Hindraf for example owns up that they organized the rally – for which its tantamount to its organizing officers admitting that they have committed the offence of unlawful assembly – whether they could, by class action to the courts, proceed “upstream” and challenge the police selective granting of permits to pro-government demonstrations or withholding of permits to anti-government or anti British government demonstrations, there being in both first and second instances no rational differentiating factor if all are peaceful demonstrations guided by the spirit of article 10(1)b of the Federal Constitution on right to assemble…..bearing also in mind that under article 8 of the Constitution there should be equality before and equal protection of the law, a constitutional safeguard.

    Yes, we agree to treat oranges and apples differently if, comparing anti government and pro-government demonstrations, the former is proven more violent and inimical to public order than the latter but if both are peaceful for the purpose of the Police Act (guarding against breach of public order and security), then shouldn’t one orange be treated exactly like the other orange – ie whether pro or anti govt demonstrations both treated alike if there were no differentiating criteria proven that one is, by character, more likely to breach public order than the other demonstration?

    Central to the issue is that whether pro government or anti government, this is not the rational criteria for authorities to differentiate, discriminate and apply selective treatment when both types of demonstrations are peaceful. The object of the law making an offence of unlawful assembly is its propensity to breach public order and security – not whether the objective of assembling is more pro or anti government in flavour.

    That being the case they should not give permit if judging by circumstances (say a demonstration against certain minority group) the pro government demonstration is likely to breach public order, and they should give permit if judging by circumstances (say a peaceful march to the Istana) though anti government is peaceful.

  8. #8 by AnakTiriMalaysia on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 6:35 pm

    When MTUC picketed to demand a ‘decent’ minimum salary & COLA, BARISAN NASIONAL government said it is politically motivated,

    When the Lawyers marched, the BARISAN GOVERNMENT said it is politically motivated

    SAme tooo when the 2 most recent demos, the BARISAN NASIONAL labled it as politically motivated..

    so BARISAN NASIONAL WOULD LOST many votes this coming election……..ALL MTUC members vote for opposition

    ALL people that can see that INDIAN and CHINESE communities is marginalised, will vote against BN

    WELL, maybe the lawyers too….


  9. #9 by greenacre on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 7:38 pm

    A beehive cannot be build by a single bee. It takes thousands of bees to gather the honey and build the hive. This nation had been build on the sweat and toil of many races. No single race can claim that they did on their own.this fact shall not be forgotten by the powers be.

  10. #10 by Godfather on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 8:43 pm

    …..except when the powers that be suffer from delusions as a result of too many years of stealing from the rakyat.

  11. #11 by benny on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 8:52 pm

    peaceful protes but fired with tear gas and chemical mixed water canon.AND calling as democracy

  12. #12 by undergrad2 on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 9:06 pm

    Right! Paranoid, delusional and conflicted which is enough for them to lose many of their state and Parliamentary seats.

  13. #13 by ktteokt on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 9:10 pm


  14. #14 by sj on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 9:12 pm

    I bet that AAB himself does not even know what is Hindraf doing and what causes the riot hahah. That is why he just threathened to use ISA. Hell even the Bersih riot he doesnt even have a clue what the people of Malaysia are asking for.

  15. #15 by sj on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 9:12 pm

    oopss sorry not riot, is called rally peaceful protest.

  16. #16 by straight talk on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 9:30 pm

    Sdr Kit,

    Nadzri is the penyangak. [deleted] The Pm is the leader of the penyangak. He steals the wealth of the country while sleep walking throughout the 4 years. Remember the concluding statement by Bodowi to Mahathir “Your son got more than my son’ as reported in the Sun. Even in Parliament MP’s can’t speak out for the people. The MIC is to protect the Indians. However the MP’s cannot open their mouths to speak for the people they represent. The UMNO penyangak will take them down..suspend them. This is the meaning of consultation the BN way….UMNO’s way or no way. Hello UMNO you got your calculations wrong this time.

    The DAP should keep up the pressure and make available all your questions in Parliament for the masses.

  17. #17 by kwkean on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 10:32 pm

    Of course he will not scare to call the protester ‘penyangak’, why not? The people who voted him and WILL AGAIN VOTE for him in the next general election are those orang kampung who only read UMNO/BN control media. Like the hell they will know what is going on other then the news feed to them by the government.

    Same with ABB, he WILL WIN again in Kepala Batas. Same goes with Najib as well. Look at the territories which UMNO penyangak won in the last general election, mostly came from kampung area where people don’t suff the net to gain information. Elder people like my mom don’t even know what is Internet, how the hell they will know the true color of our minister.

    Malaysia is different compare to Australia where you can even see John Howard losing in his own area. This is why UMNO is so confident to win again in the next general election. If our people in the kampung area still won’t wake up, you can forget about voting them out.

  18. #18 by Godfather on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 10:33 pm

    Taxi Nazri says:

    “Mind your own business. We are going to beat our minorities any way we deem fit.”

  19. #19 by Joetan on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 10:38 pm

    SHAME ON YOU NAZRI!!!! I dont know how you can be a minister when you dont even know how to speak in public. If you label those who fight for their rights and cry for justice as penyangak than I believe a lot of ppl would rather be labeled so than to be labeled GOOD CITIZEN by you. You and your UMNOputras robbed the rights of the non malays and by right you and UMNOputras should be labeled as PENYANGAK and not otherwise.

  20. #20 by mendela on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 10:38 pm

    To side track, BTW, who will believe the Bodowi’s coridors here and corridors there would one day succeed? All such corridors are just white elephants meant for Bodowi and his cronies to squander Malaysian coffer clean and dry!

    Remember few years ago Bohowi was talking big on developing a big Malaysian bio-pharmaceutical hub? Even my Japanese friends are telling me Bodowi was just talking c*ck, only empty talks and empty promises! Where is the hub now?

  21. #21 by thinkingahead on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 - 11:19 pm

    Uncle Kit,

    This is the first time i posted my comment here after a year or so reading your blog as an update for myself as i’m currently oversea pursuing my studies in Australia. And other national newspaper too.

    I am really disappointed of what had happen in Malaysia recently. I thought that all these while, i’m living in a peaceful and democratic country, but with things going the other way recently, not anymore…

    This was my own experience that i would like to share…

    While i was on my way to the university in the early morning, i saw large group of people walking on the street, carrying banners, showing their dissatisfaction towards their government, guided by the police, clearing the way so that they can march peacefully without any interference, no water cannons, no tear gas, no road blocking (no traffic congestions)…nothing. This is what i call a democratic country, the very basic rights that every citizens have so that their voice is heard.

    Contrast to what had happen in Malaysia, its totally a different situation. When the Malaysian government said its a democratic country, on the face of it, it is. When it comes to practice, its the other way round. They does not walk the talk at all, its a slap on its own face.

    The common ground between the two is that of a democratic country. The difference is that, one practice democracy, the other does not.

    When i was watching live on TV of the parliamentary sitting of the Australian Parliament, no shouting, no insulting words were use, no time wasting, i can see a very constructive debate on certain issues by both the government and the opposition, so on and so forth…this is what i called first class.

    Contrast to what i saw on Youtube (the only source i have, i’m not sure whether there is live telecast of the parliamentary sitting in Malaysia). and again, its a totally different scenario.

  22. #22 by harrisonbinhansome on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 12:21 am

    In my previous commenteries, I wrote -‘police is UMNO and UMNO is the Police’ is emperiacally founded whenever UMNO (tacitly) sanctionced demonstrations-the Khairy Jamaluddin led thugfest, not even a single arrest and not even a body scathed and when K.J. stole the limelight protesting against the Military Junta outside the precinct of the Myanmar Embassy, the result is the same, with or without police permits.

    But whenever the NGO comprises the opposition parties applies a police permit, whenener UMNO deemed subversive or marring their image, it will be pre-meditatedly rejected to substanstiate an illegal march or assemblies hence with the power to arrest.

    Kuala Lumpur is a huge money spinner for tourists and foreign expats, and having witnessing firsthand accounts of police brutalities, assigned by UMNO to provoke, arrest and manhandling
    peaceful marchers, words and pictures and vidoes are spreading like meteor and imminently the cynosure of tourism will be wiped off the tourist circuit one day, in juxtaposition.

    And with the UMNO leashed media acting as mercenaries inventing
    falsehood and lies, it was negated by the videos captured firsthand
    on sight. How could anyone beleive in the local media when every police hurt was splashed over the headlines like a hero and every marchers beaten and mauled merited no mention, this is not journalism, it’s propaganda. Venal press is worse than useless press.

    Whenever I thought of whether UMNO will be civilised, I was answering myself , will a leopard ever change it’s spots?

  23. #23 by undergrad2 on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 12:37 am

    “Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been urged to take immediate action concerning the state of the Indians in Malaysia. The premier’s intervention was sought by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and other politicians…” Malaysiakini

    India is just as equally guilty of marginalizing its minorities – and worse. The treatment meted to her minorities especially the Sikhs since Independence is legendary. The world has not forgotten the massacre of Sikhs following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, the genocidal attacks against Muslims especially in Gujarat. Whenever the Sikh community sought its rights, it “faced bullets, detention and hardships. Freedom of expression and the right to dissent were always denied”. See here http://www.hinddunet.com.

    What has India done to stop the harassment and discrimination against Hindu minorities in Bangladesh since 1947? Nothing! When killings of Hindus occurred in 2001, the Indian government reacted by repatriating hundreds of thousands of Hindu refugees fleeing persecution back to Bangladesh. The reaction of the Indian government and Hindu fundamentalist organizations to the atrocities on Hindu minorities in Bangladesh is contemptible. Go to http://www.hrdc.net.

    Now for the Indian government even to express concern for the continued marginalization of the Hindu community in Malaysia is hypocrisy at its height. The Indian government has been guilty of oppressing and marginalizing its own minorities and has not only ignored the plight of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh but by sending oppressed and persecuted Hindu refugees back to Bangladesh it has contributed to their sufferings.

    The record of human rights abuses by the Indian government is perhaps only surpassed by that of the Chinese government which currently is in first place.

  24. #24 by thinkingahead on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 12:57 am

    Walk the talk, BN Government! Practice what you have said!

  25. #25 by malaysiatoday.com on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 12:58 am

    When I was in Kandy Sri lanka, I often saw their secondary students went to the street for peaceful demonstrations against their own school authorities or government policies.

    No panic and no shops closed due to the presence of a hundred of students. They marched like a band around the city without causing any “damages”. Actually their demos are quite entertaning and fun for foreigner like me.

  26. #26 by smeagroo on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 1:19 am


    But hey, Loud Mouth Nazri cum Megaphone would love to be a towering dude and he did in the blink of an eye. Yea even jasin one eye dude cant beat him to this.

    Let’s make Nazri as Public Enemy no. 1

  27. #27 by undergrad2 on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 2:09 am

    What happened to all my postings on this thread???

  28. #28 by Godfather on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 2:12 am

    Did you play the right ball ?

  29. #29 by undergrad2 on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 2:19 am

    I think it was the left.

  30. #30 by Godfather on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 2:25 am

    That’s why your postings went missing – you can’t aim straight !

  31. #31 by Godamn Singh on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 2:48 am

    Goddamn it!

  32. #32 by bennylohstocks on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 3:52 am

  33. #33 by ashley on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 5:53 am

    It is embarrassing and appaling that a minister can make such silly remarks. Even a child knows better. It’s time the government realise that the Malaysian public is far more intelligent than they think we are. And the whole world knows of the human rights issue that’s going on in Malaysia.

    We need to stand united to fight for our rights.

  34. #34 by undergrad2 on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 6:24 am


    Behave or your comments will be placed on hold “awaiting moderation” – I think it is an insult.

  35. #35 by DiaperHead on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 6:40 am

    Hmmmm….! Self censorship? For calling Indian Government hypocritical?

  36. #36 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 8:41 am

    What Hindraf should do is get the likes of Satyam, Mahindra& Mahindra and other Indian investors to at least voice their concern.

    They can add to their cause by getting Silicon Valley Indians and those in UK/Europe to also show their support.

  37. #37 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 8:43 am

    BTW, I caught a glimpse of Nazri ‘Penyangak’. Someone should take the video, at the right moment, he looked as arrogant as Idi Amin. In fact, they should take that photo/short clip and keep repeating all over the country during next election.

  38. #38 by Jimm on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 8:50 am

    There are always certain people that doesn’t fit in the chair that they are sitting and one good reason how they got that seat are basically [deleted].
    In Malaysia, government are trying to put majority Malays to sit on all major post to gain full control of the country direction as persented to our Malay Rulers by the government. One of the concerned issue raised to allow this action to be agreed by Malay Rulers are it’s benefitting Malays and will keep them stronger.
    In general, not all Malays in Malaysia are originally rooting from here. In our government structure today, there are a handful of ‘importer’ Malays that gained access into our ‘arranged’ system to become one of us. Why ? They have better brains that local Malays and their objective are very clear and bold.
    In Malaysia, political environment are basically the grand poker game where monies are largely and heavily bet upon each rounds.
    Of course, those that make it into the system are the current winners or having enough monies to buy their way up there.
    So, leave this guy in living in his own valued self. The paying back with take effect from his next of kins onwards. That’s written.
    Let his clowning actions entertain us and KJ everyday as these will devalue his entire roots and his next of future.
    Monies are nothing when their life will be filled with sorrow and emptiness.
    Let that clown survive another day … afterall he been paid to entertain us and his next of kins are paying back all to compensate with his clowning acts.

  39. #39 by Godfather on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 8:53 am


  40. #40 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 9:24 am


    Which is why real men like Zaid Ibrahim need to be supported by non-bumis in this country if we are to move forward. There has to be a way for non-bumis to make their voice heard on who they want to lead UMNO. In fact, Hindraf should ask the PM to appoint Zaid Ibrahim as their representative with him.

    If no one notice, we now have Chinese Malay now supporting Hindraf. Congratulation Malaysia, all is not lost afterall at least for now…

  41. #41 by cheeran70 on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 9:50 am

    Its really surprising to see how the ‘agents’ of the ruling coalition tries to raise HINDRAF’s motion as a racial issue. nazri’s attitude is no more than a pre-schooler ( I bet pre-school children are much better in their sense). His call for the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to mind his own business and not to meddle in Malaysian issue is the most foolish stuff I can see from a person who calls himself a minister. nazri can loudly meddle in issues pertaining Israel-Palestine, Thailand – Thai Separatist, Phillipines- Moro, America- Iraq etc but leaders from other country should stay out from Malaysian politics. What a childish attitude. Its normal to see the citizen become agitated or emotional over what appears to be lack of attention in whatever cause their pursue, but a person holding the chair in the cabinet should not be emotional. Leaders must present themselves as leaders by taking into consideration the agendas submitted by the grieving parties. That is not the case in Malaysia. Severe immaturity and foolishness form the ruling class here. Its sad to see a beautiful, multi-racial country like malaysia is in the wrong hands. Things would gone better if only permit was given for a peace march/protest. This is the right of every citizen in Malaysia.

  42. #42 by Ms. Chindian on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 10:22 am

    Nazri should start watching what he says. Saying that people who fought for their rights peacefuly are thugs and telling Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi to back off. If there are malays abroad being treated badly too, he would do the same as Karunanidhi. Shame on you lah Nazri, malu.
    We need more people like Lim Kit Siang to keep this country a really democratic country. Right now, its just a so called “democratic” country. Real democratic countries allow their people to have peaceful rallies. Their polis will protect the people, not harm them.

  43. #43 by budak on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 12:51 pm

    Jaguh Kampong..
    when talk infront of AL Jazeera not a proper English be spoken…
    but in own ground talk macam pan-tart ayam… :-)

  44. #44 by ahoo on Thursday, 29 November 2007 - 8:17 pm

    YB Lim,

    Thank GOD for your unwavering stands for all the nonsense in parliament. With such pathetic minister, I think they need to check their grey cells. Maybe ” on their right brain got nothing left; and on their left brain got nothing right ” !!!

    GOD bless you for your stand with the victimised.

  45. #45 by shaolin on Friday, 30 November 2007 - 11:13 am

    In Malaya’s Merdeka Declaration Ordinance clearly
    states that Peaceful Street Protests and Demonstrations
    by Malayan People are allowed… in 1957!!

    After 50 years of Indepenence, we now as Malaysian
    citizens, are Strictly Restricted and freedom to revolt in
    Street Demonstrations, is something very ABSURD and
    UNACCEPTABLE, to abide to rules and regulations set by
    the GOMEN of Malaysia…!!!

    Please Do Not take The Kindness and Softness of The
    Peoples of Malaysia as Their Weaknesses..!! The Govern-
    ment(GOMEN) will be WRONG if they believe in that!!!

    We MUST REVOLT and form Malaysia TIGER Organization

  46. #46 by Godamn Singh on Friday, 30 November 2007 - 11:36 am

    Here come Malaysia’s very own Tamil Tigers!! Will the Tamils fight for their rights and ask for a separate state? Will the Tamil Tigers ask India for military assistance?

  47. #47 by ktteokt on Sunday, 2 December 2007 - 3:39 pm

    Malaysia did not “evolved” in the last 5 decades, it has “mutated”.

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