Before telling the world the true Malaysian story, let Malaysians know the truth of what is happening in Malaysia – beginning with the story of Altantuya C4 murder

In his recent visit to New York, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said Malaysia’s message of reforms and transformation needs to be told to foreign investors consistently or risk being overshadowed by countries like China and other emerging economies.

First things first. Najib should allow the true Malaysian story to be told to Malaysians first or the credibility of the Malaysian story to global investors by Najib’s spin doctors would come under a great discount.

In the era of instant communications, it is both imprudent and self-defeating to believe that it is possible to mislead global investors about what is happening in the country.

Recently in less than three months, Malaysia suffered three grievous blows undermining Malaysia’s international competitiveness, viz:

  • World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2009-2010 – dropping three places from 21st to 24th ranking;

  • World Bank’s Doing Business 2010: Reforming Through Difficult Times – falling two places from 21st to 23rd placing.

  • Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2009 – worst ranking at No. 56 and score of 4.5, as well as the worst single-year drop in 15 years in CPI ranking by nine places from No. 47 last year and fall of 0.6 CPI score from 5.1 last year.

It is because “global investors” are privy to the “true Malaysian story” that the country has suffered these grievous blows to our international competitiveness.

A good start to tell the world the true Malaysian story is to let Malaysians know the truth of so many dark secrets of the Malaysian story, stating with the true story of the C4 murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The Prime Minister and the authorities concerned just cannot pretend that the re-appearance of private investigator P. Balasubramaniam after 18 months and his video explanation for his two Statutory Declarations contradicting each other within 24 hours in July last year in connection with the Altantuya murder case, followed by the Malaysiakini interview with Bala’s lawyer, Americk Singh Sidhu, do not exist.

A response is warranted from the Prime Minister and the authorities concerned, for to continue to ignore the most damaging disclosures and allegations which have surfaced and taken the Internet by storm would gravely impair the credibility, integrity and legitimacy of the office of Prime Minister and key national instutions in Malaysia – further causing the “true Malaysian story” to global investors to be taken with more than a pinch of salt.

  1. #1 by mendela on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:04 pm

    China is a communist state with absolute powers given to its authorities, but yet its police can still be jailed. Care to comment about Boleh-land?


    Police jailed for torture

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    Four police officers were jailed for less than three years for torturing a high school student who later died, state media said, in a verdict that sparked anger on the internet.
    The officers, who included a former county-level police head, received terms of from one to 2 years following the death of student Xu Gengrong in Shaanxi province, Xinhua News Agency said.
    The charges against the men included criminal abuse of power and using torture to extract a confession.
    Xu, 19, died on March 8 after police tortured him in a bid to get him to confess to the murder of a female student.
    Angry internet chatroom entries responded to the sentences by calling them too light, condemning police brutality and lamenting a lack of rule of law.

    Some comments called for life in prison for the officers, or even the death penalty, alleging corruption in the verdicts.
    Xu’s case was one of several involving prisoners or crime suspects being killed or mistreated in custody this year.

  2. #2 by k1980 on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:04 pm

    The “true Malaysian story” will come out as soon as PR takes over the federal govt. Until then, we have to be contented with fairy tales such as Altan c4ed herself, Kugan poured a glass of water into his own lungs, and TBH took a shortcut home by leaping out of a window on the 14th floor

  3. #3 by Godfather on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:06 pm

    Are you kidding me ? Najis to tell the truth ? Rosie will never allow that to happen, especially since the seat hasn’t really be warmed up yet. What is clear to international investors is that there are two parallel information systems in Bolehland, and both don’t meet for the simple reason that the mainstream system is totally controlled, like the North Korean media, by the ruling coalition. Editors are being told what to write, and what not to write.

    Investors know that they get a more accurate description of what is happening in Bolehland from sites like Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini and Kit’s blog.

  4. #4 by mendela on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:12 pm

    Astro is owned by Ananda, a Mahathir crony.
    Currently Astro’s History channel is repeating the very Mahathir interview and all his lies, day in and day out.

    What a f#@king channel. What a f#@king satelite operator!

  5. #5 by k1980 on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:37 pm

    Why hasn’t Bala been c4ed yet? Someone has been paying him thousands of $$$$, and Altan was killed just because that someone refused to pay her that sum of money

  6. #6 by OrangRojak on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:42 pm

    It’s not all bad news for business, presumably. I suspect the French with their subs and the British with their dodgy arms and construction deals:

    can smell a ‘good business environment’ from the other side of the planet. I don’t think they refer to enormous profit as “making a killing” for nothing.

  7. #7 by taiking on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:46 pm

    Jib has no qualm letting people know of his belief that every problem about the country could be fixed by engaging in wayang merely.

    Oh dear. Oh dear me! He is obviously much worse than the sleepy head he replaced. And a great deal stupid-er too.

  8. #8 by Dap man on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:47 pm

    The deafening silence from Najib, Nazim, Deepak, Suresh and Rosmah is telling.
    Not a single denial or comment.
    Which simply means Bala is telling the truth.

    This is a major national murder-cum-kidnap-cover-up sponsored by no other than the police.
    Now, who will investigate the police when the criminal is the police and UMNO.
    The country will suffer if Najib continues to remain as PM.

  9. #9 by yhsiew on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:52 pm

    Bala will not give up after the recent interviews. He will come up with more interviews or “surprises” to achieve his purpose of raking in more $$$$$$$$$$$……..

  10. #10 by -ec- on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 4:55 pm

    in order to be the same as the rest of the world, now nr is announcing gst.

    1. why this is announced after budget being table to the parliament? should gst be discussed as part of budget also? is that nr’s tactic to avoid discussion in parliament?

    2. we now pay 1% less on income tax, but have to pay 4% for gst? is that why this is not part of the budget? is this the way to fill up the budget deficits for all these years??? if the country resources is well managed, why gst? why now?

    3. the people need to be informed about gst also. it is a broad base consumption tax. depends on the coverage (look at sg, hk, ph, tw, jp etc), it could affect almost everything that we buy.

  11. #11 by boh-liao on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 6:17 pm

    Yup, in any ‘wei ji’ there is a business opportunity
    Someone (maybe RPK) should write a script fr de SD of Bala
    And find a producer n director to make a movie out of it (PR’s project?)
    Bet u it will b an instant blockbuster – international intrigue, beauty n politicians, spicy sex (threesome?), money, jealous wives, vanished immigration record, C4, murder, orchestrated trial, dark forces, etc
    Let’s hv a contest 2 pick de best title of de blockbuster, OK?

  12. #12 by OrangRojak on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 6:27 pm

    Alien versus Predator

  13. #13 by adoionline on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 6:47 pm

    Dear Kit Siang, we certainly appreciate your bluntness. In a land infested with dissemblers and spin-doctors in high office, it’s not only refreshing to hear a few truth-telling voices – it’s essential if this land is to ever be reclaimed from criminal hands!

  14. #14 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 6:52 pm

    Typical UMNO stupidity, notwithstanding a Ph.D. holder.

    Rais: “We need better spin doctors.”

    Hello, just speak the truth with love and sincerity. All the spinning only makes Malaysians fed-up and giddy.

    No matter how you spin, Rais, dear fella, Altantuya is in the fourth dimension and spinning is a 3-D thing. It won’t work. The 4th dimension requires only TRUTH-TO-TELL.

  15. #15 by frankyapp on Thursday, 26 November 2009 - 11:51 pm

    Altantuya was c4ed,not because the masterminds were unable to pay her but was carrying the guy’s baby. Bala is pretty smart,he knows this,and may have evidence as well.Now he’s squessing these guys’s balls to get $$$$$$ from them,knowing pretty well,they won’t dare sue him to prevent the smoke turning into fire.Bala should be pretty careful,least he be c4ed too.

  16. #16 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 4:47 am

    Yahoo: “Couple crashed White House state dinner”.

    At first I thought it might have been our PM Najib and Rosmah. Ok, this time I was wrong! Because someone wrote that they had nothing to do on their US trip….just eating Nasi Lemak with Malaysian boys and girls or something like that.

  17. #17 by ReformMalaysia on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 6:11 am

    If PI Bala was offered RM5,000,000 to retract his Statutory Declaration 1 and disappear, Malaysians must be wondering how much being offered to Saiful(‘sodomisee’) & three Perak’s Political frogs to sell their dignity/principles….

  18. #18 by Jeffrey on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 7:59 am

    ///If PI Bala was offered RM5,000,000 to retract his Statutory Declaration 1 and disappear, Malaysians must be wondering how much being offered to Saiful(’sodomisee’) & three Perak’s Political frogs to sell their dignity/principles…./// – ReformMalaysia

    Consider this:

    1. No matter how much in aggregate, would it not be correct to say they can all be covered in just one deal or fractional part thereof? So it becomes no big deal??? And:

    2. So what’s the big deal in Altantuya aka Aminah asking for US$500,000 (RM1.7 million) that he had to forfeit her life for????

    3. RM1.7 million is drop in the ocean of money made by those who have connections. It is, as Aminah said, “humanitarian assistance”.

    4. Therein lies the heart of grasping the theme of the Malaysian story, so to speak: what is it (what factors rational or irrational) that make some people not pay even something tantamount to loose change but (literally) blow up by C4 the issue?

    Think about it.

  19. #19 by Jeffrey on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 8:02 am

    Sorry typo>>>”…that SHE had to forfeit her life for????..”

  20. #20 by dawsheng on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 9:16 am

    A response is warranted from the Prime Minister and the authorities concerned, for to continue to ignore the most damaging disclosures and allegations which have surfaced and taken the Internet by storm would gravely impair the credibility, integrity and legitimacy of the office of Prime Minister and key national instutions in Malaysia… – LKS

    The world is watching, Najib!

  21. #21 by dawsheng on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 9:26 am

    Not only it demonstrate how successfully the BN government control the MSM despite all the buzz in cyberspace, all you have to do is bury your head in the sand and the problems will go away, if this not a brilliant display of political maneuvering than what is?

  22. #22 by mauriyaII on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 11:04 am

    One scourge after another seem to be upon Malaysians and wonder why we are subjected to such pestilence. We had a master dictator in the guise of a Malay who roughshod all and raped the country of its wealth and power for his family and cronies. He still claims to be the messiah for the progress of the country. His telling amnesia on major finacial disasters in the country and his insistance on playing the racial and religious cards for scoring brownie points from his rabid followers is disgusting to say the least.

    Next comes a sleepy head who was at the centre of food for oil scandal when Iraq was being occupied by the self-pontificating Americans. His son was no better. He amassed a lot of wealth in supplying dual-use technology parts to rogue nuclear nations. The worse part was that the sleepy head was not even able to reform the judiciary or the police when he had a overwhelming mandate from the rakyat. He is one useless PM that Malaysians had to suffer in silence.

    The worst of the lot is the current PM with a lot of excess baggage, some of which stinks to high heavens. He and his wife have been accused of being implicitly involved in the C4 murder of the Mongolian model, Altantuya. RPK revealed quite a bit about their role in that dastardly and despicable murder. Now PI Bala has amplified some more, even implicating Najib’s brother, Nazim. Looks like Malaysians are at the mercy of a murderous family.

    Not withstanding all the scandalous revelations, the MSM as usual is deaf, blind and revels in playing the oxymorons that they are. The editors and the journalists in these MSM are a utter disgrace to journalistic ethics. They fear their positions and perks would be taken away if they favour reporting the truth as it is. These misfits have given to spinning that they are unable to see the truth anymore.

    At the rate the image and crediblity of our ruling class is sinking, Malaysians are in for a bad time.

  23. #23 by albert308 on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 11:53 am


  24. #24 by alaneth on Friday, 27 November 2009 - 9:45 pm

    We all know how ineffective cover-ups are now in the Information Age. They have to to maintain stability & peace.

    But thanks for the internet, the rakyat knows very well & will use the General Elections to vote the bad boys out. Najib said before the last GE during the Hindraf uprising that the “rakyat should not protest on the streets, but to use the ballot box instead…” – we did just that!

  25. #25 by monsterball on Saturday, 28 November 2009 - 4:52 am

    Anyone who have read what Bala said will know he is not lying.
    Trained to be an investigator…he must have a strong memory.
    Inspite of being in two minds..worrying about his family safety…he could master his own mind to be clear and calm.
    The lawyers interviewing him…3 of them all said Bala is not lying.
    Yes…such damaging news to Najib….yet not one comment.
    Trace the events..Bala made affidavit accusing Najib…then made second affidavit he lied..followed by Najib’s swearing by the Koran..he does not know….dead Mongolian model.
    Now Bala came out after 14 months said so much much more…giving so much prove he was forced ..whole family threatened to make the second affidavit…and the first one is true.
    What he spoke now…all to 82 questions….so clear that Najib and his wife are behind the scence…with Najib’s younger brother….ordering things.
    Such damaging evidences….why is Najib so quiet?
    Leave it to Lee Kuan Yew….he will make sure Bala goes to a long long prison suing him to fast court case…to protect his good name.
    Why are UMNO buggers afraid to sue so call rumor mongers?
    But some judges are on the take…that’s why RPK ran away….to fight for a free man.
    And Bala’s confessions came from his blog.

  26. #26 by boh-liao on Saturday, 28 November 2009 - 9:56 am

    Freedom fighters: RPK, Bala
    To free de nation fr de yoke n tyranny of Umno

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